Top 13 Best Customer Experience Management (CEM) Software

Customer experience management software (CEM) is a system that helps companies manage customer interactions and feedback across multiple channels. This software helps businesses provide superior customer support and maintain brand loyalty.

Customer experience management software collects customer feedback from various platforms, such as social media, chatbots, and email, and enables companies to analyze the data to gain insights on customers’ expectations, identify emerging trends, and monitor customer success. The software contributes to refining customer support strategies and improves customer experience.

CEM software solutions offer a range of features and capabilities, including:

  • Customer feedback management: CEM software helps companies capture and analyze customer feedback across multiple channels, allowing them to identify customer satisfaction levels and gauge how well products or services meet the customers’ needs.
  • Customer journey mapping: With the help of customer journey mapping, businesses can map out their customers’ interactions with the brand, analyze feedback, and implement changes based on their customer’s feedback.
  • Omnichannel support: Customer experience management software provides a seamless omnichannel support experience by integrating social media, email, phone, chat, and other customer communication channels.
  • Analytics and reporting: CEM software provides powerful analytics and reporting, which supports real-time tracking and monitoring customer satisfaction levels, customer feedback, and the customers’ overall journey.
  • Customer segmentation and personalization: With the help of customer data analysis, CEM software helps companies identify various groups of customers based on different criteria, such as demographics, spending habits, and interests, allowing to personalize communication and offerings based on each customer’s preferences.
  • Employee engagement: CEM software helps in employee engagement by simplifying the process and encouraging employee participation in feedback collection and improving customer experiences.
  • Collaboration: CEM software ensures collaboration within the organization to devise customer satisfaction plans and create opportunities for improvement to boost customer satisfaction levels.

CEM software plays an important role in shaping customer necessary for the following reasons:

  • Customer Retention: Happy customers will mostly return and influence their friends and family to use the brand’s services, resulting in increased customer retention and loyalty.
  • Branding and Reputation: A good customer experience will positively impact branding and reputation, resulting in a sustained and loyal customer base that helps in word of mouth marketing and promoting the brand.
  • Competitive Advantage: Brands that offer improved customer experiences have a competitive advantage over rivals, resulting in better business results.
  • Business growth: With the use of CEM software, companies are better equipped to tackle customer issues and ensure satisfactory service delivery resulting in better business growth.
  • Improved Customer Support: CEM software helps in providing better customer support as it provides a better understanding of customers and their needs resulting in improved support strategies designed to address concerns satisfactorily.

Customer experience management software (CEM) is a crucial tool for businesses that aim to provide exceptional customer experiences. The software allows companies to collect and analyze feedback and take appropriate action to ensure customer satisfaction. The CEM software offers features such as customer segmentation, personalization, analytics, and reporting, and employee engagement. Investing in a suitable CEM system can help businesses meet their customer requirements, build brand loyalty, and achieve business goals.


With Qualtrics CustomerXM, you get the power of the ultimate listening engine, predictive intelligence and analytics, and full closed-loop actioning capabilities.

  • Take actions that make an impact
  • Hear every single customer
  • Know exactly how to retain customers
  • Deliver recommended actions to the people in the best position
    to respond
  • One platform – safe, secure, and trusted


From decoding feedback to identifying priorities, the SogoCX Customer Experience platform helps you understand key drivers with the biggest business impact

  • Predictive analytics that drive impactful decisions
  • Seamless integrations for all ecosystems
  • Intuitively designed to unlock power
  • Support that has your back


QuestionPro versatile Customer Experience management software to map your customer’s journey and evaluate their experiences across touchpoints to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

  • Boost customer loyalty
  • Ask the reason behind the rating with NPS+
  • Conduct mobile surveys
  • All in one CX dashboard
  • QuestionPro CX has been awarded as Best Innovation in CX by USCXA


Verint Experience Management can provide you with the data, structure, and clarity to drive operational- and strategic-level decisions across departments.

  • Unifying the Customer Experience
  • Move Beyond the Survey
  • Deliver great citizen experiences with Verint Experience Management – FedRAMP Edition
  • Data security and compliance with HIPAA
  • Verint Experience Management amplifies digital transformation


lida CXM (Customer Experience Management) empowers brands to action customer feedback to constantly foster and deepen brand loyalty and advocacy.

  • Create exemplary customer experiences day after day
  • Unify your insights with a single platform
  • Exceptional ROI, insights and speed


SurveySparrow offline survey app is there to solve this trouble for you by helping you with instant feedback collection.

  • Customers buy from you, even at a higher price:
  • Brings a string of referred customers
  • Forgiving by nature
  • Customers become proud advocates of your brand
  • Provide feedback


Alvaria offers customer experience management solutions that maximize engagement, improve the quality of customer interactions and meet compliance requirements.

  • Omnichannel Engagement
  • Powerful Management Tools
  • Scalable & Modular
  • Intuitive Interface


OpenText offers cloud-native solutions in an integrated and flexible Information Management platform to enable intelligent, connected and secure organizations.

  • Improve customer experience
  • Leverage Data
  • Rely on market leading CEM solutions
  • Transform business at individual pace


SMG is the best experience management software with a service provider to help brands improve customer, patient, employee, and brand experiences.

  • Channels
  • Reporting + analytics
  • Taking action
  • Insights


With Alchemer, you can add actions to your customer satisfaction or customer experience surveys, even to specific questions, that make it easy to respond quickly while treating them as people. In real-time.

  • Deep Integration
  • Data Visualization
  • Custom Workflows


Alterna CX’s AI-based CX software scans through customer feedback and other CX signals and allows you to zero in on the most important customer insight.

  • Capture and continuously collect all experience data
  • Leverage machine learning based text analytics
  • Analyze experience with customized and role-based dashboards
  • Take systematic action for experience improvements
  • Flexible implementation
  • Enterprise-grade security measures


Discover the perfect Customer Experience Management (CXM) software solutions for your business with IFS today.

  • Increase response rates and reduce survey fatigue
  • Experience fast, flexible survey creation
  • Uncover deep insights at critical touchpoints
  • Make reporting of feedback engaging and actionable


InMoment’s Experience Improvement (XI) approach goes beyond traditional customer experience (CX) management and combines data, technology & industry expertise.

  • Connect with the Most Important Voices Across the Customer Journey
  • Do-It-Yourself, Full Service, or Somewhere In Between
  • Inform Customer, Employee, and Business Decisions

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