A Complete List Of Top 10 Best Data Center Colocation Service

Colocation Service Provider center means a type of data center which provides various facilities like equipment space, power, server security, bandwidth, storage, cooling and networking equipment of other firms and then connect them to a variety of telecom sectors and network services with the least cost and complexity possible.

They are geographically positioned in such a way that it gets the best internet connections. Any company need to ship their servers to a colocation service provider in order to host their web sites, VOIP, IPTV, streaming of Internet Radio, etc. For this the colocation facility needs to have large internet connections as high as 100Mbps to 10,000Mbps. To ensure the business continuity of various users on such a large scale colocation service providers provide redundant UPS, A/C systems, 24/7 technical support and physical security round the clock.

Colocation has gained momentum over the past few years as this is a very good option for midsize IT companies as this facility enables the company to focus on the staff and other developmental activities rather than putting time and effort on logistical support that is required for the work to be done.

What do colocation service providers provide?

Actually colocation service providers provide the companies with equipments on a rental basis. They are listed below:

  • Rack cabinets with lockers
  • AC and DC power (depending upon the requirement)
  • Network connecting the clients through the router
  • Cooling as the servers require
  • Physical security such as video surveillance, biometric and badge access, logging, etc to the servers
  • Monitoring of the functioning and the failures
  • Redundant systems in case of any failures

Other facilities provided by them are:

  • Redundant systems ensure higher reliability
  • Full monitoring by live manpower
  • Higher bandwidth ensured at lowest possible costs
  • Low network latency
  • Special staff is allocated for work like network and facilities engineers which is otherwise not cost effective for clients on the regular payroll basis

Types of colocation service providers:

  • Web based companies: They use the facilities for cost effective redundant connections for the internet.
  • Telecom Companies: They generally use to exchange the traffic with other telecom companies which comes out to be very cost effective and helpful for them in promoting their business.
  • Big enterprises: They use this service for data back up, business continuity and as a back up for disaster avoidance.

Colocation service provider Infrastructure or the rooms have special features as mentioned below:

  • Cooling atmosphere: The rooms are well air conditioned to avoid extreme temperatures like humidity, extreme high temperatures, dew point, etc.
  • Protection from fire: Smoke detectors are present all over to detect smoke or any accidental fire cases so that immediate action can be taken with the least damage possible. Fire walls, fire suppression gaseous systems and fire sprinkler systems are carefully designed and installed in the rooms for high safety and security.
  • Windows are kept very less in number.
  • Cabinets and racks are 19” to 23” thick for data and telecommunication equipment respectively.

Colocation Service Providers are audited from time to time to make sure that they meet the required standards. All the services mentioned above may cost about $1000 per month using the colocation service providers other wise which can be around $20,000 for a month.

How to choose a colocation service provider?

While choosing a colocation service provider one should be careful of the following points:

  • Quality Internet: One should enquire about the network size and details before choosing a colocation
  • While checking the size of the network check whether it is OC3,OC12, OC48, OC192 or T3. OC192 is most preferable
  • It should have high speed connections, redundant UPS, A/C systems, technical support and physical security round the clock
  • Choose a service which includes free remote hands
  • Check the history of the colocation that is for how long the service been into the field and how is it performing. Enquire about the customer complaints if any
  • Also ensure whether the colocation service which you are opting for is financially stable and profitable
  • Make sure that it does not charge you for cross connects
  • Check if it charges you monthly for IP addresses and power/redundant power?
  • Learn about its connections that is to how many other connections does it connect to?
  • Also check on the costs it is going to incur on you when you want to upgrade your bandwidth.
  • Does it have multiple locations round the globe?

So make sure to ensure all these points in your mind before choosing a colocation service provider.


Lunavi leads the way in digital transformation and managed IT services. We help businesses develop business applications, solve traditional IT challenges, and extract ROI with comprehensive services in cloud migration, modern application development, and managed services.

  • SOC 1 and 2, HIPAA, & PCI compliance
  • Competitive power pricing and PUEs between 1.14 and 1.38
  • Biometric, key-card, and rack-level security
  • Network monitoring and resiliency
  • Multiple on-net broadband providers, burstable bandwidth
  • Always available on-site technicians
  • N+1 or N+2 redundancy


AT&T provides access to colocation services with enhanced connectivity, so you can take the next step in your digital transformation.

  • Enterprise-class reliability with multiple network redundancy options
  • Robust power density options to meet your specific needs
  • Futureproof network design as part of an integrated solution from a single provider
  • Highly secure physical locations coupled with availability of the AT&T highly secure global network and expansive suite of cybersecurity solutions
  • All data centers have certifications for SSAE/ISAE and ISO. Many centers are also certified for PCI, HIPAA, FedRAMP, and FISMA
  • Ability to reduce contracting time by leveraging existing master service agreements with AT&T


Telehouse: A leading colocation provider in USA. Our global colocation facilities and data center colocation services lead the way among data center colocation providers to keep your business and data secure.

  • Scalable Space
  • Reliable Infrastructure
  • Cooling
  • Connectivity Partners and the largest Peering Network
  • 24×7 Monitoring, Management & Support
  • Value-Added, Scalable Managed IT Services
  • Security
  • Regulatory Compliance


Rackspace Colocation allows you to accommodate your legacy applications, maximize investments in existing hardware and position your business for cloud success in the future.

  • Expand or Consolidate Your Data Center
  • Increase Scalability
  • Reduce Latency
  • Strengthen Your Disaster Recovery Strategy
  • Reduce Operating Expenses


Equinix is the world’s largest data center & colocation provider, enabling fastest application performance, lowest latency and a digital ecosystem for financial, CDM, enterprise and cloud networks.

  • The Largest Data Center Platform
  • Direct, On-Demand Connections
  • Seize Opportunity with Agility and Speed


Data Center colocation services are our primary focus. 20+ state-of-the-art colocation datacenters worldwide.

  • Colocation + Hardware-as-a-Service
  • Remote Hands for Global Operations
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Full-Time Expert Support


CoreSite can deliver scalable, reliable, secure colocation for your IT infrastructure. Cabinets, security cage or suites available.

  • Reliability
  • Security & compliance
  • Cost of ownership
  • Scalability
  • Interconnection
  • Hybrid cloud


Web Werks offer a wide range of colocation services. From rack units to half or full racks, right through to your private cage at most affordable rates.

  • Control Panel Support
  • High Memory & Large Disk
  • Risk Management


GlobalDots is helping CTOs, Heads of IT, DevOps and CISOs to improve their cloud performance and cloud security stack.

  • Most Advanced Technologies
  • 24/7/365 Premium Support
  • Competitive Pricing


H66 award-winning hybrid cloud and colo data center. Enterprise and Systems Integrators will reduce the cost and carbon footprint of IT.

  • Flexible Colocation for You
  • Connectivity
  • Remote Hands Services

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