Common Social CRM Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Customer is king and technology in business is the king-maker. Following this, almost all successful businesses use a good Customer Relationship Management System (CRM).

This plays a key role in increasing the business’s growth and focusing on various activities that range from branding on SMM to resolving customer queries in quick time to make their customers feel important and thereby grow as a business. However, there are several social CRM mistakes that you need to be aware of to run it successfully. Let’s take a look at it.

Why do these mistakes happen?

Despite what CRM can offer, many businesses still ignore its importance even now that we live in a digital and technology-based world. These businesses are either unaware or just don’t know the potential of social CRM.

With the advent of social media, business owners have developed a fear of getting negative comments about their products or services. When such comments go viral, this can cause damage to your brand.

As per marketing writers on buy research paper service, as a business owner, you have to accept that social CRM is here to stay. As such, you have to make sure that you join this all-essential game, especially to avoid making mistakes that will cause you a lot of trouble.

Not meeting the expectations of your customers

Social CRM is all about your customers and because of this, you should tailor-fit it to suit the preferences and needs of these customers instead of your business.

There are times when you could feel inspired by a certain concept but this doesn’t necessarily mean that your potential customers will feel the same way about it. When making decisions, you must always consider your customers’ interests.

Try putting yourself in the shoes of your customers. Generally, customers expect that you can make available for them platforms of their preferences. This spares them from the agony of going through the hassle of registering on a social media platform that they don’t want to join.

As the business owner, you should make available your customers’ preferred platform at a moment’s notice to deal with any issues they have. You should always cater to your customers to make sure that they get the best possible experience when dealing with your business on social media.

Lack of understanding

Perhaps one of the greatest mistakes of businesses is not having a complete understanding of social CRM even when it is already getting implemented by the competition.

A CRM system can exist in the market even if businesses don’t fully understand its impact, its leverage to increase sales, it’s effect on customer servicing, and its important role in marketing.

According to dissertation service experts, you must properly study social CRM because it can help increase your sales and boost your business’ performance. You must first understand its impact before implementing it in your business. Doing so will increase the chances of a smoother relationship with the systems that currently exist within your business.

No accountability

As a business owner, you must remember that customers don’t like dealing with or speaking to someone who doesn’t introduce himself. This makes a customer feel that they aren’t important.

As such, this situation doesn’t create some level of accountability. This is one sure-fire way to drive customers away from your business. You, therefore, need to create opportunities for accountability like a process that requires your customer service personnel to introduce themselves when dealing with your customers even on social media.

For instance, you can have your business’ Facebook messenger managed by trained customer service personnel. Whenever they receive messages, they should first state their names before they begin the conversation.

For instance, your customer service personnel’s first message can be, “Hello, my name is Nathan and I will be assisting you with this matter.” This little gesture can go a long way in supporting social CRM. Unfortunately, such gestures can often go unnoticed by businesses and as such, it limits the strong professional relationships they could have built with their customers.

Choosing the wrong tools or not using them well

Often, it is not an easy task to choose and implement the right social CRM tools or platforms. Even the most experienced IT professionals can also miss important features that leave them in predicaments that can make them lose valuable effort, money, and time. When it comes to social CRM tools, here are the most common mistakes you can make:

  • Choosing a software or platform that can’t scale – If the CRM you are currently using has existed for several years now, chances are, it isn’t completely serving your needs anymore. As your business grows, you will gain more clients. Therefore, you need to assess your existing data to make sure that your CRM solution can still handle your business needs, both current and future.
  • Choosing a software or platform that isn’t sales-friendly – When thinking about your existing CRM, ask yourself, “Does my CRM tool serve my employees who are in the field?” If the answer is, “no,” this means that your CRM isn’t serving your business well. Therefore, you should choose a user-friendly CRM system so that your sales team can experience higher engagement and place valuable data into your system.
  • Not integrating your CRM tool with social media platforms – With everything going on in social media these days, it is a proven fact that its influence matters – and this also applies to your CRM system. Make sure that your CRM tool includes social media interactions with your customers. Otherwise, you will miss an important part of the customer relationship lifecycle. If you can track social engagements and information, the data you accumulate here can provide valuable customer insights that you don’t want to miss.

Inadequate resources

Unfortunately, some businesses don’t gather enough resources when handling their social CRM. They tend to assume that social CRM is just a side tool but they still expect to get all of the benefits it has to offer.

This, of course, is not an ideal strategy. It will take a lot of data and effort for your business to get all of the benefits from this type of CRM. Moreover, aside from this fixed number of resources, you should also start filtering these social media insights and their implementation.

Not making the most out of social media

As a business owner, you should do your best to use social media as a platform to help you understand the needs of your customers. Then use the insights you gain to meaningfully engage with your customers. The collection of data is very important, but it isn’t enough.

You should also come up with methods of how you can effectively use this information to create a successful social CRM strategy. For instance, you can think of more creative ways to customize your customer experiences so you always meet their expectations.

If you can succeed in this example, you will invite positive responses that will ultimately lead to more referrals because of the amazing experience you provided. With effective social CRM, your business can improve your long-lasting relationship with your customers.

It is, therefore, important for your business to identify other ways of using social media for the purpose of CRM instead of simply looking at these platforms as channels for content distribution.


In times when online marketing is everything, businesses that can’t take advantage of it will lose to their competitors who are active using insightful data from their customers. As a business owner, you don’t want to be one of the businesses on the losing side. Therefore, you must avoid these common CRM mistakes by training your staff adequately and using the tool to its full effect.

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