Youtube Contests: Creative Ideas & Best Practices

You all are very clear with the simplicity of YouTube which it has evolved during the decades and it’s obvious, this is the main reason why it has gained so much of popularity over the years. YouTube is so user friendly for its users with a wide range of content available on it.

Monthly more than 2 Billion people use it across the world to find stuff for them. It’s the most prominent way to grow your e-commerce business.

In the millions of YouTube channels you can find interesting and meaningful facts present out there. We can bring our viewers or subscribers by doing YouTube contests. We can also say that everyone can find their stuff on YouTube.

What Role Does Youtube Play Today?

YouTube is playing a significant role in our life today. It helps us in our everyday activities, we can instantly know about the thing we want to know with a detailed explanation and clarification. It is the best way to connect with millions of people at the same time.

YouTube is providing superior customer service to its users just like many brands. Even enterprises are using YouTube these days as a customer service platform where they can upload knowledge repository content like product videos and other how-to stuffs.

They have made YouTube as an e-commerce platform so viewers can also try to upload their videos on it. By making creative stuff they had in their mind and making money through it.

As it’s obvious you can buy and sell your ideas on any platform and YouTube is providing the best opportunity.

Why To Do Youtube Contests?

You tube contests are one of the amazing things to keep engaging with your YouTube channel viewers. This will help you to add more subscribers to your platform and this consistently will reflect in increasing your followers from 10 to 1000 to Millions.

Nowadays, online platforms are growing rapidly and YouTube is taking a major part in this growing medium. If you want to grow your YouTube channel you have to think of something different and creative which will boost your followers or subscribers. This can be done by doing YouTube Contests on your channel. This can increase engagement of the viewers which will make a door open to your further leads to grow more.

In this article we’ll be going to discuss some of the best practices for YouTube contests and how we can think creatively.

How to Set a YouTube Contests?

This can be done by clearly stating your idea behind the contest with your viewers and sharing with them all the guidelines of the contest.

While you are thinking of your contests ideas, list down the rules for the contests which will help you to explain your ideas to your contestants. Go live, prior to your YouTube Contests so viewers would find it more interesting and engaging to your contest and channel. Also mention all the rules in the description box.

In the middle of the contest, announce a prize to the subscribers. So, they find it more interesting and bring more viewers to your contest. You should promote it in the form of a video as the contestants can easily connect.

Before finishing up the YouTube contests analyze your result as how many participants are there or how many viewers and maybe how many commenters have commented on your contest. This will help you to know the outcome of your YouTube Contests and get to know how much revenue is generated.

At the end of YouTube Contests announce the winner on your youtube channel as participants feel more lively with your channel. You can also put up an interactive session with a contest winner. This brings more success to your YouTube Contests.

Publish the results of YouTube Contests on your all social media handles.

Best Practices For Youtube Contests

1. Set Achievable and Good Goals

While you are setting your goal for the YouTube Contest it should be specific, measurable, clear as well as smart.

You can identify why you are organizing it, and what its purpose is to do. Set a start and end date for the contest. To make sure that you can reach your desired outcome. That’s why your goal should be good and smart enough.

2. Do Challenges With Your Viewers

Engage your viewers with some task and ask them to share it with you. Make sure your audience feels connected with you at that time and set a prize for them.

Use the contestants’ video as the face which helps in more viewer engagement and helps you to grow your YouTube contests.

3. Let Your Already Existing Customers/Clients Know Why They Should Participate

Explain the rules or guidelines of your contest in description clearly and make interactive videos for them before the contest. Telling your already existing clients not only improve customer satisfaction but also enhance customer experience.

4. Collaborate with other Brands

Think of a valuable prize through which you can collaborate with other brands and do promotion for it and get a chance to grow your channel.

Viewers want to see new things and find relevant stuff each time while seeing the videos.

5. Work with other influencers

Get team work done with other influencers who help you to promote your YouTube Contests and traffic will come on your channel. As YouTube is growing in the e-commerce business.

6. Select a desirable prize

Choose that prize which is worthy for your contestants and you can maintain good relations with the brand. Your prize should reflect your channel in some way which makes your contest more connecting with the viewers.

Get Ready To Create Contests

Creating a YouTube Contest is not an easy task. You have to think very smartly and work on it to make it successful.

The outcomes and revenues are the most important thing while you are doing any task. You can grab that success by following all the steps of the contests which includes all the norms of YouTube and the participation of the contestants.

You have to be connected with the viewers during the time duration of the contest. This can be done by going live on YouTube, connecting with other influencers, and making that contest available on all social media platforms.

So that more views can come to you and this will help in earning money through YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to increase subscribers on my Youtube Channel?

You can do this by regularly uploading videos on your channels and making your cover page of the video attractive. Be connected with other YouTubers so sometimes they can promote you.

2. How can I upload a video on Youtube?

There is a YouTube creator studio to upload videos on it, we can just create the video and tap on upload a video and it’s done.

3. How to earn money via Youtube?

It’s obvious when you have an idea you can sell it and make money through it. YouTube is giving money to the content creators who are becoming the influencers now. One of the best ways is to put ads to your video as viewers will stay on your channel for a long time.

4. How to do competitions on YouTube?

You can do competition on YouTube by creating YouTube Contests or Go Live with your subscribers. For example – Gamers on YouTube do streaming for their games in a week. Through this your subscribers keep engaged with you.

5. How to pick winners in Youtube Contests?

YouTube Random Comment Picker is the best way to pick a random winner for your YouTube giveaways, promotions, sweepstakes or contests.

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