Your Remote Workers Are Amazing – 7 Unique Ways to Show Them Your Appreciation

Working remotely has become a new normal for many individuals and companies, who were first compelled to make the move to working from in 2020 at the start of the Covid19 pandemic. Although many have grown accustomed to this transition, working remotely still has its challenges and workers are continually dealing with these new changes and the demands they present.

Showing your appreciation for their continued support and hard work through difficult times is essential in maintaining a workforce that is dedicated to getting the job done effectively. Here are some great ways you can show how much you appreciate your remote workers, even from a distance:

Host Regular Meetings

When everyone was in the office, it was easy to keep tabs on the mood, how everyone was feeling and whether anyone was possibly feeling overloaded with work. With everyone working remotely, this can be so much more challenging and made even more so when you aren’t in regular communication with workers. Whether it’s weekly group meets or regular one-on-one conversations, scheduling regular meetings is a great way to show that you are interested in the work your workers are doing and how they are progressing. Even if it’s just a five minute conversation to chat, showing that you have an interest in them can go a long way.

Say Thank You

Yes, it’s simple but it’s something that we often forget to do – especially in the workplace. Offering up a simple ‘thank you’ for a job well done shows your worker that you are aware of the job they’ve done and appreciate it. Sure, they are getting paid but there’s a massive difference between someone who is doing a job because they’re paid and someone who’s doing it because they are appreciated. A simple ‘thank you’ can truly go a long way!

Coordinate Fun Online Games

Having fun with work colleagues is essential in creating an inclusive team environment, and applies even more when you are working individually in your own separate locations. Send out a weekly riddle or other fun game to create a sense of community with workers and get them talking about something other than work for a few minutes. Creating a fun, inclusive environment is a big contributing factor in the overall happiness of workers.

Send A Gift

An unexpected gift arriving on the doorstep of an employee is certainly a big display of appreciation. Whether it’s something as simple as a gift card to order in dinner at home or a basket of goodies, opening your door to a surprise from your employer is a wonderful way to know you are appreciated.

Connect Remotely In Real Ways

Did you regularly provide lunch at the office on Fridays or during long meetings? Why not continue this custom while working remotely? Schedule your meeting as usual and have lunch sent to each attendee’s home. It’s a small way to stay connected and give everyone that feeling of togetherness.

Don’t Wait, Appreciate!

When someone does a great job or completes a difficult task it’s not only important to show recognition to them, but also to do it in a timely manner. Appreciation should be given at the first available opportunity, whether that’s the first time you speak after the job is done or at the first group meeting if you prefer to offer public appreciation. If you wait too long to show appreciation, it may appear as though you had forgotten about what they’ve done or may appear that your appreciation is not genuine.

Remember The Important Things

You and your workers are connected through your working relationship, but each individual has their own personal lives filled with important milestones and events. It will likely require a calendar to keep track of things, but inputting birthdays, work anniversaries and other important milestones shows your employees that you see them beyond their role as a worker.

Creating a space where workers truly feel appreciated is always important. The switch to remote work has enhanced this even more, since there is no longer a daily interaction and personal connection. Conveying appreciation remotely can be difficult, but implementing these techniques can help show your employees how much you appreciate what they do daily.

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