10 Morning Routines for a Productive Work Day

Out of haste and waste of the previous day, when we wake up in the morning after a good night’s sleep, we have to rush again to end up in a similar way. It is the routine of most of the working people during weekdays or, say, workdays.

People work day and night and try to be productive for a better career, better education, and better everything. Everyone is in the race for the never-ending stopping routine. In this race, they forget to make an effort to self-build and stay uniformly productive throughout their lifetime and wonder where it went wrong.

If it always goes wrong at the start in the morning, all the other events are the consequences of our initial act. We have to focus on the starting point, and everything will be taken care of.

Here are a few ways to reform the morning experiences.

10 Morning Routines for a Productive Work Day

Wake Up Early

Each day, there are certain hours during which our body responds in an energetic manner. And some parts of the day when we become passive. Ever wonder why we take a coffee break or lunch break precisely around 2 in the day? Or, we wake up with eye bags when we go to sleep late at night. There are some theories.

Going to sleep early and waking up early in the morning is in accordance with our biological clock. We feel refreshed when we wake up early in the morning without coffee or water in our system, and it is even like we never went to sleep sometimes.

It is a good habit to start your day and brings you contentment.

Make Your Bed

It is such a trivial task. We have heard about it many times and even got scolded, had arguments, got things thrown at, said sorry, and made our bed. So, it is economical to do the task at first rather than going through all the trouble.

Apart from the joke, it is, in fact, a mentally strong habit to make your bed in the morning. It feels like you are in your castle in your home, and the bed is your throne just a comparison.

An ego shoots into everyone’s mind when they own a place and don’t feel the requirement to do small works where they are boss. Now, it is most challenging to fight that ego and be a part of small activities no matter where you are, at your home, or your office.

It increases the participation and perspective of the employee without any discrimination. As soon as you wake up in the morning, making your bed gives you a sense of accomplishment and a positive attitude towards everything that needs to be done.

Have Some Private Time

Now, you are up early. What shall you do?

Everyone is sleeping except for you. There are very less people who follow the early to bed, early wake-up habit.

You should give time for your thoughts and memories. There is less noise in the morning. There will be fewer vehicles, fewer people on the streets, and more birds in the trees. You will hear footsteps, heartbeat, wind swirls, and a chirp, which are lost in the rat race within a few hours. You will acknowledge a whole new world around you, a pretty one.

When you give some time to yourself in the morning, you will develop perspective. Positivity will fill your mind, and you will realize that there is more to life just than your work. When you actively realize how blessed you are to be alive, you will perform best at any work you do with a smile.

Early Meditation

Meditation is the state of being mindful. Some say that thinking of nothing is the way to achieve meditation. But when we are thinking of nothing, we are still thinking of how not to think, and it gets confusing, and we lose interest.

It can be praying, yoga, vocal exercises, reading a newspaper, or watering plants. You have to do activities which help to focus your mind and clear your head. Anything you do that will empower all your mental prowess to do exactly one thing for a longer time and make you can be the act of meditation.

The meditative mind helps engineer our own body, which is a complex machinery, for efficient functioning. We have heard about people who have achieved superhuman abilities through the consistent practice of meditation.

A productive workday must be a piece of cake.

Stay Away from the Electronics

Electronic devices emit magnetic waves that are not good for our brains or hearts. We know this fact, but we are surrounded by many electronic pieces of equipment and cannot do anything because we need them for our daily activities.

But we can place these devices away from our sleep area, and it will also remove the chance of checking your phone first in the morning.

The idea of getting ready for the day for productivity requires a calm state of mind. Using a mobile or computer will fill your head with many ideas. News, notifications, missed calls, and many other disturbances will hook unclear thoughts in your mind. It isn’t good to have a judgment on something as soon as you wake up.

Every morning your brain wakes up with innocence and vulnerability, and the use of electronic devices will exploit that state. You must nurture it with relevant activities and stay away from them in the morning.

Drink Water

You have thrown away your phone, I believe. Now, grab yourself a bottle of water. If you do not have a gastrointestinal problem, add some lemon to it.

Our body is immobile for nearly three-quarters of a day when we sleep. At this time, you may have gone to the toilet one or two times or more if you have a small bladder. You might have been drenched in sweat if you had some nightmare. There is a lot of water loss in your body throughout the night.

Water creates a ripple effect inside the body when it comes to metabolism. There is not a single area in the body system where there is no effect of water supply, and it goes to the cellular level and comes back with impurities.

Drinking at least a glass of plain water in the morning is a very healthy habit, and it ensures not only productive work but also a healthy heart and long life.

Keep a bottle at the side of your bed if you have a heart or breathing problem to mitigate the mishappening.

Light Exercise

As the body is nearly frozen for a long time during sleep, all the muscles and nerves get rigid. Apart from swaying a fly or changing direction on the bed, we have no exercise throughout the night. In such a state, if you run for work as soon as you wake up and get ready, you will have sprains and aches in some part of your body, in some part of the day.

Morning exercise gives you perfect health. If you exercise regularly, you will be in good shape mentally and physically.

Many people don’t have time for the gym in the morning. But hardcore exercise is not needed for a healthy body. A ten-minute cardio routine is enough to stretch all the parts of your body and pump your pulmonary muscles. You can add some yoga and breathing exercise to increase oxygen in your system.

It is found that regular light exercise is more efficient than frequent tough exercises. Slowly your body will respond to your effort, and you will build confidence which is also a plus point for a productive workday.


The most important meal of the day. Breakfast, by its name itself, suffices that what is its purpose. Our body is detoxed of all the consumptions of the previous day after this obligatory fasting. And, our system is empty and yearning for new fresh body fuel.

Breakfast must comprise all the minerals and nutrients. There must be carbohydrates, protein, fibers, and vitamins in our food selection.

After exercise and all morning routines, our metabolic activities become hyperactive, and food-to-energy conversion happens fast.

All intestinal villi are proactive in absorbing everything they get and implementing it in the body’s function. If this doesn’t contain all the nutrients, then our body will not get fully energized.

As a result, there will be a less productive workday.

Unless we do not have a healthy breakfast in the morning, we will not be at our prime potential, no matter what other routine we follow.


Good behavior is like a boomerang. It will return with the same amount of energy and swing as when you let it go.

Greeting the people around you in the morning brings a sense of positivity inside everyone. It is very crucial for building close relationships. That relationship at work will influence many factors in the work completion and help you excel at anything you do.

In a community, greeting can bring people close to each other and help resolve any minor issue without a peace talk. As most people in the neighborhood go jogging or for a walk in the morning, you can greet people and start creating good public relations with your neighbors.

In cities, we practice less greeting and more cussing. No wonder we are always stressed out and less productive throughout our lifetime. We even don’t know who lives next to us.

So, let’s practice greetings and improve our social and work life.


It’s a difference between knowing something and practicing it every day. We might have already known so many health tips to make the most out of our work life. But we cannot; simply, we don’t.

So, the most important thing to follow in our routine for a productive workday is to implement our routine with seriousness.

Like any other job, changing to a good habit takes time and dedication, and we should give our full commitment to change. Change for a better life and productive living.


We must have a positive mind to accept changes in our life. The changes that will bring you prosperity and good health, no matter how much hard it is, must be practiced every day.

It is purely powered by a commitment to have a healthy and productive work-life or have a whole struggling life.

We should implement good behavior every day because it is what we got as a single life, a limited lifetime. It’s upon us to manage and live in tranquility.

Let’s make good morning routines as our productive lifestyle.

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