8 Free Logo Maker Software

Logo design is a great way to improve your branding and awareness of your business. It is therefore essential to create a logo in your image, allowing you to promote your products and services. Soliciting the service of a communication agency, a web agency, or a creative agency is an alternative to creating your logo. And yet, the price can be outrageous. Otherwise, it is also possible to use free logo maker software. Here is the top software for creating logos at no cost.

DesignEvo, an easy editing tool

Besides being free, this identity creation software is easy to use. It offers more than 8000 illustrations allowing you to find the graphic representation best suited to your needs. DesignEvo also offers you a varied font to help you create a professional logo and in line with the desired graphic. A hundred icons are also offered by this free custom logo creation software.

Tailor Brands AI logo creator

Not only is the Tailor Brands logo maker free to use, but it also has solutions for every industry. The AI software takes your business details into account and generates a ton of logos for you depending on your design preferences. Once you select a logo you like, you can customize the font, color, icons, etc. to suit your style. And, after you’ve created your logo, you can put it on everything – including a website, designs for social media, and professional business cards, all right from the Tailor Brands platform.

Canva for professional logos

If you want to create logos for e-commerce or other industries, Canva is an interesting solution. It offers creative visuals available on the mobile application. For logo design with Canva, you need to register online. Once you have registered, all you have to do is search. Several examples of logos (modern logo, logo design, company logo, etc.) presented in different formats will then be offered to you. Then all you have to do is make your choice and personalize the new logo according to your tastes.

Logomyway, a free online logo maker

Logomyway is a free design software that allows you to create a logotype. This online logo generator gives you the opportunity to create a new identity for yourself without having to open an account or pay any fees. You can change the logo and draw a different logo anytime you want. Adding a slogan is also possible with this software. For downloads of final versions, account creation is required. You can use a tutorial or communication support to master this software.

LogoTypeMaker, a 100% web software

Small businesses and designers are the main users of this software. How to create a free logo with this creation tool? Just use your creative mind. LogoTypeMaker uses artificial intelligence as well as different models. These promote the creation of unique and personalized designs according to your requirements. All the logos obtained from this free software can be used on different media such as t-shirts, business cards, portfolios, etc.

Logoshi, free logos that can be personalized at will

For a custom logo, you can also use Logoshi. This graphic design software generates the logo automatically according to your preferences and offers you a high definition and high resolution visual. It is possible to create your graphic identity by referring to the name of the company as well as the brand name. The choice of colors is very varied, thus offering you a thousand and one possibilities of creation. Once the vector drawing is done, this software will offer you several variants. This is so that you can have a wider choice.

Hatchful, the free software from Shopify

Hatchful allows you to design custom logos. The fonts can be changed as you wish, and you can choose the color that best matches the company logo you want to create. You can opt either for black and white or for various colors. More than 100 logo design templates are available in the catalog of this software, so you can find a logo with which to inspire you.

Logaster, logos in vector format

For your business cards, flyers, and other communication media, choose Logaster. This software has the advantage of being easy to use. The font allows for custom logo design. Once you have chosen the predefined logo that suits you and created your slogan, all you have to do is download it in the version that suits you. It is possible to obtain the final version in JPEG, Png, PDF, or SVG.

LogoMaker for unlimited logos

Anyone can create an original logo with LogoMaker. All it takes is a simple drag and drop to create your own logo. Several combinations are possible. You just have to choose the logo proposal that meets your expectations and then personalize it according to the visual identity you want.

Now you know which software to choose to make the process of creating a free business logo easier. If your budget is limited, this option is a good idea. Otherwise, to stand out with a quickly identifiable logo and be respectful of the company’s graphic charter, we advise you to use service providers offering professional quality service.

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