Why You Should Talk To Employees When Selecting A New Phone System

Selecting a business phone system can prove challenging, given that there are many aspects to consider, and that it plays such a crucial role in the functioning of your company. In order to assist you with this important decision, companies like Nextivia will audit your existing setup and identify areas for improvement, for free. Nextivia will provide you with all of the pertinent details and information so that you can determine which system will best suit the needs of your business.

One often overlooked, yet invaluable, resource for helping narrow down which business phone system is right for you, is your employees. Since the primary purpose for the installation of your new phone solution is to increase efficiency and productivity in the work place, it makes perfect sense to consult with your employees and establish what their needs are first.

When speaking with your employees about business phone system options, you will want them to pinpoint which capabilities and features would make their daily tasks easier. For example, would their ability to perform their duties be simplified by incorporating unified messaging or video-conferencing? Or, alternatively, do your employees only require basic capabilities such as voice calling and being able to receive voice messages?

Aside from the needs of your employees, you should also consider the strength of your internal IT department. For instance, if you have a large or dedicated IT team, then a locally hosted VoIP setup might be suitable for your business. If, on the other hand, you do not have much IT support or are tight on space, then you will want to consider a cloud-based VoIP system as they are maintained off-site, by the provider.

One final aspect to consider is if your employees spend the majority of their time at their desks, on the road or working remotely. If their jobs require mobility then a virtual phone system, one that connects mobile phones instead of hardline (landline) phones, would be a wise choice.

It is important that your employees understand that it is worth the effort to learn a new phone system, as it has the power to make the business run more efficiently and save money at the same time.  Steps should be taken to ensure everyone is on the same page. Once a system is chosen and operational at your business, it is necessary that your employees provide feedback about their interactions with the system. This will help to realize potential problems and tailor the system for your business through easy-to-do customizations.

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