Why is MERN Stack Considered to be the Best for Start-Ups?

Today, the web and app development industry is moving at the speed of light to what it was earlier. Although, developing a web app nowadays requires tons of unique and creative web designs to work on. These apps are built utilizing a ‘tech stack’ that comprises robust and scalable technologies ruling the web world.

Businesses need to choose the right stack that ensures fast web development and a high level of efficiency and should also deliver an inevitable web experience to the users. So, if you are looking for such a stack for your next app, opt for MERN stack development.

What is the MERN stack?

The collection of robust and powerful technologies used to develop scalable master web applications comprising front-end, back-end, and database components is the MERN stack. MERN full-stack development consists of four amazing technologies that include:


It is a document database mainly used by the back end application to store the data in the form of JSON documents.


Express is a back end application framework that runs applications on Node.js.


Basically, React is a JavaScript front-end library that offers interactive front-end development.


Last is Node.js, which is a JavaScript runtime environment that lets you run your application back end in JavaScript.

Components of MERN Stack

Let’s have a look at all the components of the MERN stack:


As mentioned earlier, MongoDB stores data in flexible documents with JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) based query language. However, the content size and number of fields in the documents may differ, which means that the data structure can be changed over time. Therefore, this framework is best known for its flexible and scalable features.

Why use MongoDB?

  • Makes indexing easy for the documents
  • Ensures scalability by dividing large data into various machines
  • It is schema-less because any type of data is stored in a separate document
  • Simple to set up this framework’s environment
  • Supports flexible document model which is fast to create


Then comes the Express, a web application framework for Node.js Express that helps simplify the task of writing server code. There is no need to repeat the same code as you used to do with the Node.js HTTP module.

This framework is designed to build strong and scalable web applications and APIs. Express is known for its fast speed and minimal architecture.

  • It is asynchronous and single-threaded
  • Fast and scalable
  • Helps in code reusability using built-in-router
  • Strong API


Developed by Facebook developers, this framework is used for developing views in HTML. React uses a comprehensive programming language to build repetitive DOM elements instead of using templates to automate repetitive HTML elements.

With this, you can run the same code on both the server and the browser. This differentiates MERN from MEAN.

Why use React?

This framework supports Components that are basic building blocks of UI where each component has a logic. These components also support code reusability and make the web application easier to develop and understand.

React features virtual DOM, JSX, and components make it much faster than other frameworks.

This framework has the ability to code for Android and iOS apps using JavaScript and Reactjs.


Built on Google Chrome, Node.JS is an open-sourced framework by Google. It is built on Chrome’s JavaScript engine. This framework is specially designed to develop scalable network applications and also to execute JavaScript code outside of a browser. When enclosed with an HTML page instead of using its module, it will work amazing.

Why use Nodejs?

  • Supports open-source JavaScript Runtime Environment
  • Has a single-threaded model
  • Highly scalable
  • Offers fast code execution as it is built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript engine

Advantages of MERN Stack

After MEAN, MERN is another popular stack that developers love to work with because it facilitates the MVC architecture which makes the web development process smooth.

As compared to others, MERN is considered a cost-effective stack with open-source support, accessible set-up, and reduced learning time, leading to the lowest development cost.

Developers only need to be proficient in JavaScript and JSON with the MERN stack.

MERN’s four frameworks are suitable enough to develop full-fledged software. Apart from that, the framework comes with a wide range of pre-built testing tools.

Moreover, this stack also helps in building flexible and scalable websites. All thanks to the four technologies that provide smooth integration with cloud platforms.

Why should startups opt for MERN full-stack development?

The MERN stack is incredible because JavaScript does the whole development cycle from the front end to the back end.

As mentioned above, this stack facilitates the MVC architecture to make the development process flow smooth. After that, MERN developers just need to be proficient in JavaScript and JSON. Talking about MERN developers, if you want to make an application for your business then get in touch with Groovy Web, as they offer best-in-class MERN stack development services.

Key Points

The MERN stack development offers JavaScript engine that supports businesses with excellent performance and scalability which will boost their revenues to sky high.

Encourages developers to develop websites with a smoother experience that gives users a sense of fulfillment. With the MERN stack, you can also assist in creating new ideas that can help MERN stack development companies develop a master product with unique features.

Why do startups choose MERN over MEAN?

As you can read above, the MERN stack’s core components have some unique and useful features that directly affect the startup agile development process.

Great community support

Apart from amazing core features, the MERN stack comes with great community support because of JavaScript. As a result, you can always access a number of resources related to MERN or its components as a startup owner. That is because each component of MERN is well-documented and offers a scalable solution. And that is the reason why startups love MERN stack over MEAN.


As MERN offers full-stack development, it leads to end-to-end development with which startups don’t have to worry about other technologies or tools as they get everything under one roof.

MVC architecture support

As you already know, MERN supports MVC, making it easy for developers to develop a smooth workflow.

Low learning curve

Very easy to learn and implement, and if the developer is familiar with JavaScript, the learning curve becomes easier to understand. In addition, there are many proper tutorials, documentation, and community support available, which helps the new developers pursue expertise.

Wide range of talents

As you might know, startups need good talent to bring the ideas to life, and the MERN stack is perfect for them. MERN comes with a wide range of talents, so your startup will find no problem in finding a suitable developer for the projects.


MERN stacks all the components are open source. This means startups will not face any licensing problems.

Testing tools

As you know, MERN comes with great testing tools that help developers to test the software within the framework.

Wrapping up

So, in the end, you can blindly choose MERN stack development services from Groovy Web for your next project because it can offer you and your business lucrative opportunities to work with the latest talent and generate revenues!

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