Why Hosted PBX is the Best?

“The art of communication is the language of leadership” – James Humes

The main motive behind spending on communication services is increasing productivity. A telephonic service needs to assure increased ROI for client businesses. Hosted PBX helps you improve the quality of business communication.

What is Hosted PBX?

To comprehend the benefits of a service it is important to understand it first. Hosted PBX connection transmits your telephonic communications over an internet connection. It eliminates the use of telephonic copper-lines. It has taken over the outdated PBX system that was usually used to set up communication in business organizations. This process is also known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or IP calling system.

Benefits of using Hosted PBX

1. Simplified management

The traditional PBX system has an exhaustive installation procedure. To establish it you will need prior appointments and arrangements. With hosted PBX you can cut this hassle. You can establish the connection and manage it with absolute ease. You will only need handsets that share a similar connection with your LAN.

This system lets you manage your hosted connection more efficiently. Install it once and enjoy the services for a lifetime. You just need to take care of your internet connection and your telephone line is on!

2. Additional advanced features

When you sign up for a hosted PBX connection, you get a long list of features. The age of digitization has brought forth a wave of ease in the field of telephony. Hosted PBX provides you with all the ease.

If you have a smaller organization with lower workload, you might not need too many features. In this case you can choose from the list the features suitable for your organization. You would have to pay just for those.

Some of the advanced features that you can enjoy while using hosted VoIP are as follows:

  • Call conferencing
  • Call forwarding
  • Call blasting
  • Voice-to-mail
  • Remote management features
  • Interactive voice recognition

Use the whole set of features and services with your hosted PBX connection. This will make your calling services flourish and reach out to more customers with better management.

3. Scalability and flexibility factors

A great benefit offered by Hosted PBX connections is its scalability and flexibility factors. It is one of the best suitable features for both big and small companies. Growth and development is a constant for all successful businesses. With growing technology and market requirements enterprises need to shift their limits in all respects. Expansion of the crew and usage of different software are inevitable when you aim to grow. Therefore, it is important to have systems that would be adaptable to these changes in the following ways:

  • Hosted PBX does not need different setups for different phone lines. You can easily increase the number of phone lines according to your requirements. Within minutes you can set up the connection directly from your manager portal. You can cut the usual nuisance and cost with an easy scalability factor.
  • All VoIP connections also have this benefit of easily integrating with other business software. This is a great feature for all businesses. With the growth in technology in the field of business all enterprises use several software tools to improve productivity. A hosted PBX connection can work with these tools and yield better results.

4. Worldwide mobility

You can get better mobility with hosted PBX. This service has the feature of soft phones. It is a software tool that you can install in any device and access your calls from that device. This feature gives ample of mobility. IP calling services also have the benefit of cloud calling. This gives you the option to operate all your calling issues from anywhere and at any place. All your calls are hosted through cloud.

With this improved mobility your company can become more accessible to others as well as your employees. With hosted PBX services you not only establish a better connection with your customers but also your in-house staff and employees. Your employees can work and connect with each other from anywhere and at any time. This can increase your productivity to an optimum level.

5. Potential to have unified business communication

Hosted PBX has the potential to aid your business from all fields. When you upgrade your connections to VoIP calling or sign up for a new connection, get a list of services from your VoIP service provider. You can either take up all the facilities or use them as and when required. These unified functions and facilities would help your working structure in the following ways:

  • You get higher productivity from each employee
  • Your team collaboration statistics would be greatly benefited
  • You get to enjoy quicker troubleshoot
  • Your customer service techniques can improve to a great extent
  • Your company becomes more approachable that satisfies customers enormously

6. Huge cost savings

Most of the reputation earned by hosted PBX in the telephony market bank on the fact that it helps organizations to save big. First of all there is no installation charge. The initial investment on handsets is one of the expenditures. Other than that you always have the option of getting additional features as and when required.

Surveys suggest that most companies have a record of saving 40%of their cost when they switched to hosted VoIP from their regular PBX. Enterprises functioning on an international level have recorded to save up to 90% of their cost of functioning.

With the usual PBX system your connectivity has no guarantee. Without connectivity the functioning of an enterprise often gets hampered, hindering your productivity. IP calls free you from this trouble. This in turn saves costs and increases the revenue of your business.

7. Better customer service

When you become more approachable your chances of attracting more customers increases. VoIP calling makes your call center functions considerably easy so that you can reach more people with less effort. This improves your customer service. It also gives you a better opportunity of interaction. With improved quality of interaction you can advertise your brand better and to larger groups of people.

8. Increased productivity

VoIP calls undoubtedly enhance your productivity. It makes a better usage of your bandwidth. Your agents can work more efficiently and hence make better use of all the available resources. When you can save time on dialing and waiting time and call multiple users and customers with call blasting techniques, your productivity reaches new heights.

9. Improved call quality

When your calls are managed through the internet, the quality of your calls automatically increases. It is not just about voice calls but you can get better video call quality as well. For team conferences and client meetings you can peacefully rely on your hosted PBX connection. VoIP calling lowers chances of call drop. You can have longer calls and take time while handling customer issues. This also opens better and more innovative ways of brand advertisement.

Step up soon and strengthen your communications

The contemporary market has a new wave of hosted PBX service providers. It is easy to reach out and get the benefits for your business. Contact VoIP service providers and learn more about their services and usages. Plan wisely and choose economically for lifelong connectivity.

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