Where Do You Need Email Lookups while Doing Research?

Email addresses are many people’s preferred form of contact; it serves as a form of their digital identity. Without an email address, it’s almost impossible to sign up for and use some services online.

Email addresses are veritable tools for businesses, pushing your products and services to reach a good amount of your target audience. In this situation, missing out on potential clients’ emails or not having important email addresses listed on your mailing list might pose a challenge.

For scholars, finding the email address and writing to the professor can be the break you need for your research.

In situations like this, an email lookup tool can help you with your research. This article will examine the right way to use an effective email lookup tool and how you can improve your research.

Why You May Need Email Lookups while Doing Research

In some situations, email lookups become necessary because that is the only way you can get a contact without reducing your chances of reeling in a reasonable amount of potential clients or scaring business partners away.

Some cases where you may need email lookup during research include:

1. To check if an email address is valid

Sometimes users input invalid email addresses on mailing lists to avoid signing up for promotional emails or newsletters. Wrong email addresses may cause everything you send to bounce back without getting to the intended customers or clients.

2. To avoid risks

An email address is linked to so many bits and pieces of information about an individual online. This is why you may want to carry out an email lookup or phone lookup during research.

It helps you ensure that the users who have signed up for your product or service are not a risk for your business in terms of fraudulence or cybersecurity. It can also help you avoid monetary losses if you detect early that they are scams.

What Type of Research May Require Email Lookup?

There are specific types of research that may need you to run an email lookup. For these purposes, finding accurate information about the address is essential, and you need to ensure you get it right.

  • Market Research: For clients and business partners, finding the correct email address can help market research accuracy. You may need email addresses for your cold email outreach, researching competitors on the market, or researching new products or services.
  • Study Research: If you are working, for example, on descriptive study research you may need to contact individuals such as professors in the field. If you do not have access to their emails, email finder tools can be a veritable asset.
  • Contact Research: Have you lost contact with a long-lost friend or business partner? Your research may require you to use an email finder tool to sort through the maze of possible options quickly.

How to Find The Right People For Your Research

Before you use a tool for email lookups, you may want to try the regular, everyday method to find the right people for your research. These may take longer or be less accurate, but it is worth a shot.

Via Google

Google is not one of the largest existing search engines for no reason. Using the plain old Googling method to find the right contacts can be as simple as inputting their name + email address in the search bar. You can also try the name + contact information search.

If these don’t work, you may try searching with their name + company website search for better results. You can input these search strings:

site:companywebsite.com + [name] + email or site:companywebsite.com + [name] + contact

LinkedIn People Search

Searching for people on LinkedIn is also another means to find people’s email addresses. You can take the long route and use the search bar to search for someone and then get their email through their contact.

Alternatively, you may use LinkedIn email finder tools like Skraap to find emails through LinkedIn or company websites. You can search using the contact’s first name and last name or their company’s domain name.

Directly from Websites

If you have the company website URL for the contact you’re looking for, then simply visit the website and go to the Contact Us or About Us page. Usually, companies will include an email address through which you can contact specific individuals or the very one you’re looking for.

Tips for Using Email Lookup Tools

If all the above methods don’t work, you may need to use email lookup tools to expedite your search. The following tips are tested and proven to help the search process as you use the tools.

1. Identify the type of email search

There are different types of reasons for your search. To know the best tool to use, identify what kind of search you want to carry out. This can help you narrow down the number of tools you can try to give you the best results.

2. Know what point of the search you are in

There are various points of search when looking for an email address. You may have information about the contact’s first and last name, only the first name, or even have information up to their company info.

Different email lookup tools require extra information to help with your search. Choose one that can provide results based on the information you have at your disposal.

3. Only use these tools for positive purposes

Many people use these tools to flood users with SPAM or malware. Ensure that you use these lookup tools for positive use only to avoid legal charges or violating GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) laws in your locality.

GDPR laws are one of the strictest privacy and security laws around the world. Use the email addresses of contacts you find in a way that does not violate these laws.

What Are The Email Finder Tools?

There are many free email finder tools available for your use. We have curated five of our favorite ones below to help you get started:

  1. AeroLeads: This tool allows you to search for emails by company name, bulk domain search, on social networking sites, and many more. You can install it as a Chrome plugin for easy use.
  2. Name2Email: This is another free tool. Install it as a Chrome extension, and you can access unlimited searches monthly.
  3. FindthatEmail: This one gives you up to 50 free email searches monthly. You can upgrade at $29 for 500 searches if you wish.
  4. Clearbit Connect: You get free access, a Chrome plugin, and up to 100 searches monthly.
  5. Hunter.io: This tool gives you a free account with up to 50 searches per month. You can also use the tool to verify emails if necessary.

Wrapping Up

Market, study, and contact research are the main reasons for email lookup tools. In these cases, finding emails is necessary for background checks, email validation, and more. If the standard searching methods via Google, LinkedIn, or websites don’t work, you may try any of our lookup tools above.

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