How Can Remote Working Employees Be Monitored with Android Spy App?

Businesses encourage remote working in today’s age because it saves time and offers more efficient work. These drastic changes are difficult to digest because employers cannot control their employees from a remote distance. As a result, office productivity is compromised, and discipline is disturbed.

In the entire chaos, one thing is similar: employers don’t have control over their workers, which can be unhealthy for the business’s success. You can monitor employees when working under your supervision but not when they are miles away in different locations. A simple and effective solution is to use the best app to spy on employees’ work phones; it will help control all activities during work hours and manage every individual based on correct information.

There are unmatchable advanced features used to spy on employees remotely and help you manage the whole office. You will have control over who your employees are contacting or where they are during duty hours. There are many tracking apps in the market that you can choose for your monitoring purposes, but it is an overwhelming process to figure out which app is best for your use. Well, don’t worry because this article will guide you in selecting the best app to spy on android.

TheWiSpy – employee monitoring app

Are you aware of what your employees are doing during office timing? You can now monitor and control everything happening within your team using TheWiSpy employee monitoring software. It is an android monitoring app that can be installed on the target device for spying. The whole device will be under the control of TheWiSpy app.

If you are an employer, you can view the online activities of your team members, control their app usage, catch traitors through reading emails and messages, and listen to calls with advanced features. If your team works remotely from home, you can monitor real-time mobile activities and capture/record/screenshot it for proof. If you are an independent businessman, you can use TheWiSpy to track all your employees’ productivity at an affordable price. You will get your job done on time with this efficient approach.

How TheWiSpy employee monitoring app works

TheWiSpy works in a simple way like any other app, and the user will have to install the app on the device he wants to spy. It works in stealth mode that gives enormous benefit to the employer, and the employee is unfamiliar with the fact that they are being monitored.

You can activate the stealth mode and spy in secrecy. The activities on the device are monitored through the web interface of the app that the user runs. You, as a user, can activate features to get information or send commands to block or restrict actions.

Why do you need an employee tracking app?

A question might pop into your head: Why do I need tracking software to monitor my employee when I can nag them? First of all, it is impossible to keep in touch with remote working employees or know an employee’s activity when you’re miles apart.

You will notice the amount of decrease in work productivity or laziness among them. That’s why TheWiSpy is the best app to spy on android because it will provide you controls that are beneficial in the productivity of your business. Here are some essential things that prove the need for the TheWiSpy employee monitoring app.

Improve productivity:

It is a proven fact that employees only work hard when they know their boss is monitoring them. As most offices work from home, likely, workers are not giving their best because they are out of sight. With TheWiSpy advanced features, employers can monitor everything remotely that will help in improving productivity.

Secure private data:

Every company has some critical legal data that they can’t risk leaking, but the threat is even more significant when employees are far from the office. Technology has advanced that spying app has tons of features that allow you to monitor data transfer of the employees. It will help in securing data.

Time tracking:

If you have more than one project running in the office, then TheWiSpy employee monitoring software can help you manage time among employees. Some features can monitor the progress or productivity of employees; it helps in better management and getting work done more efficiently.

Real-time performance:

Receiving a daily or weekly report is the old fashion; you can track the real-time performance of your employees using TheWiSpy. It is the best app to spy on employees because it views live working and allows taking a screenshot for improvement in the future. An employer can take notes and scold workers for the future. It will give a boost in productivity.

How can you monitor employee activities with the TheWiSpy tracking app?

If you wonder how exactly TheWiSpy works and how you can monitor remote employees using this app, learn about its features’ effects. These features help the employer track well.


  • Monitor call: You can monitor the call history of your employees using this feature, and it is essential to know who is communicating with your worker during office hours. It will help track productivity, e.g., if they are talking to friends and family on long calls or talking to competitors for exchanging information.
  • Monitor text message: The young generation uses SMS as a source of contact, and you can view all chat histories of your workers using the text message monitoring feature.
  • Track social media activity: People use social media apps in their spare time or, more likely during working hours; you can’t control them or stop using such apps. But with the help of the best app to spy on android, you can track online activities and restrict the use.
  • Live location: GPS is an advanced feature of TheWiSpy that help employer spy on the live location of the employees. You can get the real-time result by activating the live location feature and know where your employee is all the time.
  • Control internet use: It is wise to put controls on your employee for internet use because it will keep them from using a cell phone for entertainment purposes. TheWiSpy gives its users control where they can restrict internet usage and alert when the limit is over.
  • Remote access to digital activity: You don’t have to worry anymore about either your worker giving their best for the company’s success because you can have remote control over their work devices. Using TheWiSpy best app to spy on employees, you can view, change, and restrict employees’ digital activity.
  • Spy camera: Spy camera is an advanced feature of TheWiSpy app that can capture live pictures of the target from the front and back camera. You can catch employee that is traitor using this feature and teach them a lesson for future.

Concluding thoughts

Last year was difficult for businesses, and there was a large number of offices that were forced to shut down and keep working from home. It has led to a down low in productivity, but you can control it now. Things are different now as the technology has advanced; TheWiSpy employee monitoring app is the best in the market. That’s because it offers high-level features with real-time results; it has made monitoring easier for employees. Monitoring remote employees is not a struggle anymore because you can install TheWiSpy and enjoy tracking from home.

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