What You See is What You Get: The Bright Side of Print Advertising

Due to the invasion of technology around the world, people tend to rely so much on it that they forget how people send information before. Though technology makes life easier for people, however, there are situations where information is best passed personally, without the aid of technology.

Personal letters sent in stationaries are more personal than those sent via text messages or emails. In this time of age, most people use technology in passing information, and it is a lot faster than the usual. Anyhow, there are still some who prefer the old fashioned way of sending information rather than what is common nowadays.

Personal Messages

Receiving postcards and letters from loved ones is very romantic. While others are contented with emails and text messages, some appreciate the effort of sending personal letters. It makes them feel special.

Invitations as well do not need technology in letting people know they are invited. It is more formal and presentable to use invitation cards on special occasions. This act makes it more intimate and is admired by all.

Take weddings for example. Couples spend some time communicating with their families and friends. They want to invite people close to their heart personally and doing it in words takes a lot of time. This occasion does not need digital advertising, rather a personal note from the bride and groom defines its essence.

Print Advertising’s Nemesis

Technology has gone far and has reached the business world. To compete, companies use technology as one way of marketing their products. Despite the fact that digital advertising can be a useful instrument to make products known to people, there are still shortcomings that most people failed to see.

Websites have downtimes and other technicalities happen on the internet from time to time. Sometimes customers get irritated on those things and often just ignore visiting a website. Print ads are concise and always there. Everyone can read them all the time.

Moreover, when a person opens a computer, distraction blinds them in getting their goals. There are social media, latest trends, and the hottest topics. There are movies to watch or music to download. There are too many distractions that they sometimes forget the reason why they open their computer or phones.

Also, the internet provides a variety of options to choose. It is very easy for customers to compare prices with other companies. They will be able to read feedback and know its rating to people. This instance leaves a notion that the product they advertise is just another option.

The Best of Print Advertising

In the absence of the internet and even in its presence, print ads step up no matter what. The moment people step out from the digital world, print stuff can get their attention, just like custom yard signs, billboards or the simple posted ad you see when you go out for a walk.

There are so many ways to market any product without doing it online. Magazines, Brochures, and Flyers grant unlimited exposure. They are everywhere, and they can read it anytime they want. The distractions on print ads are next to none. With print ads, people can focus on the content and not with something else.

Unlike the internet that provides several options, print ads can target the audience directly. Once they get a hold on the ads, companies can assure that all their products will be read. Readers don’t need to open several websites to compare products and read feedback.

Almost all products give time to print ads as seen evidently in shopping malls and hotel lobbies. Some of them like Coca-Cola are already known yet they still stick to what people are more comfortable with. They even use famous people to advertise their products and post pictures of them wearing or having their products everywhere.

Print advertising is as full as digital printing, and more people are still looking for products by relying on print ads. Flyer printing can be of so much help in marketing one’s product. Flyers are everywhere, and they can spread swiftly.


Companies are doing their best to market their products. Some extend and go outside the box. Others preferred the old fashioned way and stayed with print advertising. There are always ups and downs in marketing and the competition against every company is visibly present.

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