Website Redesign: A Comprehensive Guide to Read Before You Even Start

Today’s internet-driven world has given consumers the advantage to judge a business by its website. Hence, your website should reflect your vision, mission, and values clearly and subtly if you want to build a brand image. If your current website doesn’t reflect them properly, then it might be time for you to redesign your website.

A website redesign is a crucial process that involves redefining almost all aspects of your website according to your business. However, the process is worth it. In this article, let’s explore the fundamentals of website redesign and some best strategies to implement.

Fundamentals of Website Redesign

In today’s contemporary world, your website builds your business credibility. It is found out by Stanford that 75% of users have admitted to correlating a company’s credibility with their website design. It concludes that if your website is not in line with your values and vision then, it is time for you to redesign your website.

What is Website Redesign?

The process of revamping various elements of a website is website redesigning. In this process, the real issues the business is facing due to its website are addressed. Then, an attempt to solve them by making changes in website elements is made.

There are numerous elements in a website that needs a keen analysis. Here are the top four sections in a website that you need to scrutinize carefully:

Website Usability

The usability of a website is a vital factor. If the user is unable to understand your website, they leave. For instance, if your homepage is unable to express what your business has to offer, the user won’t stay on it. Furthermore, no one will contact you if your contact page is clumsy.

However, there are many ways to enhance your website’s usability. One of them is to take a survey of your website visitors, asking them if they like the website design or not. Another way is to start analyzing the website navigation. Check for the elements that affect the users’ journey from start to end.


The content and design go hand-in-hand. But only putting out content is not enough. You need a content strategy to know about content placement, target the right audience, improve Return on Investment (ROI), quality of the content, and more.

A reader wants to read relevant information that is understandable, relevant, easy to read, and grammatically correct. Moreover, the way you put the content matters a lot. Content placement changes the way a reader perceives your website. Therefore, content quality, strategy, and placement are some crucial elements to check if you are redesigning your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a way to bring the website in front of the users, i.e., to the first page of the search result page. It looks at the user intent, and a good SEO strategy is always needed to enhance the rank of the website.

To accomplish the user intent, there are various elements that you must take care of. For instance, it becomes difficult for users to find your website when you put graphics without alternative text, irrelevant keywords, and poorly used HTML tags. For this purpose, you can either hire an SEO expert to audit your website or use online tools to get a detailed analysis.

Website Conversions

Website conversions are the desired actions per visit of the user. It aims to convert the user into a prospective buyer.

Website Conversion = Desired Action/Visits

The desired action depends on the website, such as purchasing a product, signing up for a newsletter, filling the contact form, or buying a subscription.

Visits are the total number of footfalls on your website.

As a business owner, you should check this metric and focus on increasing the conversion rate.

Website Redesign Strategies

The size of your organization does not matter when it comes to making website redesigning decisions. However, you must make sure that you are redesigning your website in the right way. Otherwise, it can impact your brand image.

Crafting a strategy is difficult. To begin with, you need to get the website audit done. Then, you craft a strategy to effectively redesign your website. To get this process done, you should consider hiring experts to make your work easier.

Even if you hire an expert, you must be aware of strategies to improve your website. So, let’s look at some vital points to remember while crafting a website redesign strategy:

Goal Setting

When you decide to redesign your website, you must begin with charting out goals for the redesigning. Goals should be specific and actionable. For instance, decreasing bounce rate while enhancing the readability of the website is a good, specific and actionable goal. The clarity helps you stick to the goal and stay organized.

User-Centric Design

A smooth user experience should be the priority for any website owner. A user-centric design can help you achieve that. It consists of various elements like fulfilling users’ requirements, making navigation smooth, creating a responsive website, etc. You should focus on creating a website that your ideal user desires.

Content is King

The first interaction that a user has with your website is navigated with the help of content. It also helps them complete the desired action. Hence, the content on your website should be fresh, concise, and user-centric. Start by planning an effective strategy and taking the help of experts.

Information Architecture

Information architecture refers to organizing, labeling, prioritizing, and connecting content to enhance usability and readability. This process begins with empathy for the users. Effective information architecture aims to make it easy for users to complete the desired actions and make the information, products, and services easy to read and find.

Post-Launch Plan

With a post-launch strategy, you can make your website redesign a big deal and promote it across all your social media platforms. Create a dedicated social media strategy and utilize email marketing to spread the word.

Bonus Tip: You can offer discount coupons to new website visitors and start a referral program as well.

Tips for Website Redesign

The process of website redesigning is time-consuming. There are multiple ways to do it. However, start with the solution based on your requirements. Here are some helpful tips that might get you through the process easily:


You must ensure that your website is adaptable. So, when needed, you can easily make necessary tweaks. In addition, having an adaptable layout saves you ample time and resources.

Correct and Consistent Brand Voice

Ensure your on-site messaging resonates well with the brand’s voice. It gives users a sense of connection with you. Furthermore, consistent messaging helps you build trust and relationships with your audience.

End-User Matters

Always design your website, keeping the user at the forefront. Take surveys, analyze competition, check sitemaps, and get the usability testing done to dig into the minds of your users and get them the best experience of your website.


The number of mobile users is continuously increasing and is likely to grow more in the coming times. Therefore, make sure it looks user-friendly in different device sizes, and all elements fall into place in less time.

Keep SEO in the Plan

SEO is an important element when it comes to designing and ranking your website. Make sure you craft your redesign strategy in such a way that it is centered around SEO. Hire an SEO expert and get your website audit done appropriately before you lay out a strategy.

Enhance CTAs

Call to action on any website play a crucial role in conversions. Reconsider all the CTAs placed on your website and ensure they are relevant and action-provoking. Moreover, place them strategically on the website and make sure it facilitates the buyer’s journey.

Experiment is the key

Experiment thoroughly on your website before you make it live. You can perform beta testing while ensuring every functionality is working properly.

In A Nutshell

Website redesign is one of the crucial decisions of any business. Your website has to be updated in order to stay relevant for the audience. Furthermore, providing a glorified experience to your visitors enhances your chances of goal completion. Hence, with the strategies and tips mentioned in this article, jump-start your website redesign journey.

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