Top 9 Best Website Development Platforms for Web Developers

Creating a responsive and visually appealing website is the first step towards building your business. No matter what the business category is having a website creates credibility and a good web presence. In doing so, choosing the right website developing software that suits your business aim and ideology is crucial. There are innumerous companies providing web services but the best web development company in Kolkata, if that is what you are looking for, will definitely try to create a website that best suits your business.

Web developers need to continuously keep themselves updated with the latest technologies as the demand for browser apps keeps increasing. And in doing so, the need for more competent and highly functional web development software keeps surging.

Best Web Development Platforms to choose from:


One of the popular cloud-based website development platforms, Wix is a fully hosted platform that offers excellent drag-and-drop solutions to create small websites. The App Market adds more features and functionalities like photo galleries and eCommerce. Its visually appealing layouts are designed to suit small businesses, online stores, restaurants, musicians etc. One can download various free and paid applications available at the Wix App Market and add features to your website. It further offers free SS and plans along with limited storage option and bandwidth.

Wix Editor:

  • Stunning Templates
  • Total Design Freedom
  • Industry-Leading SEO
  • Mobile Optimized
  • App Market
  • Advanced Design Features
  • Unlimited Fonts
  • Scroll Effects
  • Media Galleries

Wix ADI:

  • Tailor-Made Content
  • Original Design
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Smart Tips
  • Customize Colors & Fonts
  • SEO Friendly

Corvid by Wix:

  • Rapid Visual Front-End Design
  • Unified Database Management
  • IDE and DevOps
  • Production-Grade Runtime
  • Open Platform
  • Business and Marketing Tools

Professional Features for Your Website:

  • Custom Domain Name
  • Professional Mailbox
  • Free Hosting
  • Analytics
  • Contact Management
  • Member Login
  • Wix Chat
  • Social Tools
  • SSL Certified
  • And More.


Developed in PHP language, WordPress is a blogging platform and also one of the most popular website building platforms. With WP, you can build your website on your server with PHP or MySQL database. All most used web development too, for commercial businesses; WP can also be used as a CMS (Content Management System). The WYSIWYG text editor, co-authoring with multiple authors, permalinks optimized for search engines, static page, Trackback/Pingback, member registration/login, easy installations and upgrades, optimized SEO, community support and several other features makes one go in whichever direction he/she wishes to take.


Mockplus is an all-inclusive designers and developers tool, used to create website prototypes that are simpler, smoother and faster. Its easy drag-and-drop option makes it compatible for both mobile and desktop prototyping. Mockplus offers a wide range of features to amplify the designing and development aspect of any website. The platform also permits multiple users to work at the same time on a single project. All documents in Mockplus are accessible to all and the option to comment, share feedback helps the team to collaborate, making work simpler. Its fast and accurate prototype testing makes sure everything keeps working smoothly. Mockplus RP and Mockplus iDoc allow effortless design and development collaboration among stakeholders. Mockplus also ensures your files are safe and encrypted in a secure server.


Definitely one of the best website designing tool, Macaw has created its own followers by providing features of your image editor while at the same time also writes semantic HTML and CSS. With Macaw one can also develop a responsive website while customizing styling elements all at once. Its remote view allows you to broadcast your designs to other devices on the network. One can also share assets between pages and save them in a document. Also, its component features allow you to store elements and use them on any page from your library. The real-time layout engine called Stream allows element manipulation like Adobe Photoshop.


Introduced in 2011, Bootstrap is a front-end focus web development and designing application, that is free and an open-source CSS network. Websites developed using Bootstrap are compatible with Android and iOS. Designed for websites with JS, HTML and CSS, Bootstrap comes with appealing features like responsive utility class, easily customized bootstrap templates, drop-down component menu, pre-styled bootstrap components, fewer files but old CSS files included and many more. Bootstrap is being welcomed and well-perceived by developers universally. With bootstrap, you can now build a responsive and mobile-first approach on the web. Ideas can be easily prototyped and an entire application can be built using bootstrap’s Sass variables, plugins, responsive grid and many more.


Best suited for starters, Weebly is one of the most popular website development platforms that is easy to use and oriented for personal, business as well as professional websites. Weebly’s professional website themes and structured template allow you to develop the best website for your business. Its drag and drop interface is extremely user-friendly and lets you create online stores also. It is also compatible with mobile use enabling easy web page creation. It also comes with the option to change your website theme even after it is published. One can choose from over fifty templates, anytime, anywhere. Weebly is best for non-coders. Without any prior coding skills, Weebly lets you easily edit websites with its page builder.


Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce web development platforms designed for online stores and eCommerce websites. Its all-in-one fully hosted solution lets you install updates, manage software and keep backups, making your online store easily manageable. Its secure payment-integrated solution along with third-party payment gateway solution makes it popular among many developers. From in numerous products, inventory management solution, easy marketing options, video and 3D support, SEO product tags, analytics and hundreds of powerful designs, Shopify lets you create a store like no other without the need to add code. Its fees are based on a monthly/annually subscription. What makes it more likeable is its low starting cost and easy interface. It’s a fully customizable website and an online store with unlimited bandwidth and customer data.

  • Storefront
  • Shopping cart
  • Store management
  • Marketing & SEO
  • Products
  • Web hosting
  • Analytics
  • Mobile App
  • 24/7 support


With Squarespace, you can easily create a contemporary, refined, and sleek looking websites with the best visual designing quality. An extremely rich publishing tool, Squarespace comes with truly great interfaces. Squarespace requires technical knowledge and is not suitable for beginners. Its enterprise-grade hosting infrastructure makes it a secure and dynamic website developing platform. Squarespace lets you try the site for free for fourteen days as a trial offer and then its four price plan begins. It also comes with tons of designs to choose from. Its design templates are completely editable and multiple templates can be used for just one website all at once. Also, you can add content to your website easily. It’s easy drag-and-drop options let you create templates within some time. Its great interface lets you manage your product easily and quickly.


BigCommerce used by most of the developers, BigCommerce is the best eCommerce web builder. As a fully hosted eCommerce Solution, the speed, security and updates are beyond comparison. The server and the technical aspects are taken care of by the team end so that your concentration is fully on building your business. Its native WP integration, you can take advantage of WP’s flexibility and the headless eCommerce power of BigCommerce. This makes your website absolutely secure irrespective of the traffic it receives. It includes all the popular payment gateways like Amazon Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay, Square, Visa Checkout, Chase Pay, Ayden, and many more. But for this service, BigCommerce charges you a transaction fee. Its attractive features like product review, cart abandonment, coupons and more make BigCommerce widely popular.

There are many website developing platforms offered to build your website, simultaneously for building your business. When thinking of growing your business on a large scale, approaching the best web development company is a must. Kolkata is blessed with many brilliant developers and choosing the Best Website Design Company in Kolkata will definitely be tricky but proper research will help you decide wisely.

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