SEO and Web Design Trends

Let’s ring in the year 2021 with some exciting new web design trends. This guide covers all the best website design trends in 2021. From an endless scroll feature to 3D visuals, this guide provides the tools you need to help you put 2020 in the rear-view mirror.

These trends cover web design and cover digital SEO strategy trends that can make or break your ranking on Google. As Google plans to roll out its Core Web Vitals Update in May, businesses everywhere should heed the call for more useful enterprise SEO and website design strategies.

If you’re a business looking to take 2021 by storm, continue reading to discover how web design and SEO can help you accomplish your business new year’s resolutions.

Creating the Fastest Loading Webpages

While fast loading webpages have always been a critical piece of data for Google, the year 2021 is taking that up a notch. Statistics show 40% of users abandon the webpage if it fails to load within three seconds. We are getting more and more impatient, and your website needs to cater to that impatience if you plan on generating leads and keeping your bounce rate low.

2021 promises to be a year full of new plugins, graphical elements, and third-party applications. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that using too many of these assets, or incorporating them into your website incorrectly, can have damaging effects on your rankings.

One 2021 trend that can potentially solve this problem is an endless scroll page. Endless scroll pages only display what the user’s bandwidth can allow. The more your website caters to various users; the more Google will take note.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

This trend is the most progressive trend on this list, but it’s also one that seems to be gaining the most steam in recent years. Virtual and augmented reality will give businesses even more tools to attract buyers by providing them with more comprehensive web experiences.

Imagine being able to display a virtual showroom equipped with detailed experiences and descriptions of your product and services. Google will favor the websites with the highest functioning VR website portions.

If you’re reluctant to join the future, don’t be. VR and augmented reality carry significant benefits to businesses, such as reducing buyer resistance and vastly improving user experience, both key factors that Google uses to determine rankings.

Personalized Content

An article in Forbes includes statistics that show 91% of internet users prefer websites that tailor content to their interests. This statistic reveals the necessity of personalized content in 2021.

Personalized content has always been a primary differentiating factor for Google’s ranking system. However, with more and more content, the need for highly-specified content will continue to grow. SEO firms and web designers are working hard to develop tools that not only track users’ movements during the first time they visit a site but continue to track them during their third or fourth visit.

Tools such as these will better equip local businesses and eCommerce sites to customize their customers’ experience. With tools such as these, a restaurant owner could potentially track your eating habits, creating menu items that cater better to your specific tastes.

Web Notifications

As more and more web traffic shifts towards mobile devices, having more accessible notifications for users improves businesses’ visibility while allowing web administrators to keep their target markets updated with essential developments.

The current trend for web design is using pop-ups to notify users of company developments. However, most users have an aversion toward pop-ups and don’t want to constantly have to wade through these notifications to get to their desired content.

In 2021, keep your web notifications simple and direct. A well-placed pop-up can accomplish its desired intent, but pop-ups with overly complex schemes can confuse users and prompt them to exit the notification.

Because web traffic is shifting toward the mobile landscape, web developers are modifying their notifications to appear as simple short messages that disappear and don’t require the user to exit out of them.

AI Implementation and Machine Learning Applications

With Ai improvement and machine learning applications, Google is getting smarter when responding to gimmicks and tricks SEO companies use to boost rankings. Some of these tricks include keyword stuffing and irrelevant backlinking.

This trend harkens back to the use of personalized content to entice users to engage with your website. The more content that floods Google, the harder it is to rank, and the more important it is for businesses to follow best practices.

Evolution of Zero Click Search Results

Again, going back to the idea of creating personalized content, zero click search results is the next step in SEO web content design. Zero click search results occur when Google automatically provides the right answer to your search query. In the past year, this increasingly popular search result accounted for 50% of all searches.

Web developers and marketing professionals need to adapt to the changing zero click search result environment. Because users won’t click through your website as often, you have to get creative with how you make users engage with your website.

Creating optimized content, updating your Google my business listing, and maintaining your website’s user experience level will all help you succeed in the zero-click search result atmosphere.

Use These SEO Web Design Trends to Stay Ahead in 2021

If you’re concerned with your business’s Google ranking, using these website design trends and enterprise SEO marketing techniques will help you pull ahead of your competition. As trends continue to change, and the competition for top Google rankings increases, your businesses will need to continue to adapt to the changing landscape.

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