Top Ecommerce Call Center Technologies to Look Out

2021 is a radical year for the companies. Organizations providing BPO Services are grappling with events that took place in 2020 while meeting consumer demands. They provide improved customer experiences. There are several trends to watch out for, with the most noticeable trend being the shift towards cloud-based technology. These factors will shape the contact centers in 2021 and beyond.

Ecommerce Call Centers Emerge As The Front Lines Of Industries

The pandemic outbreak resulted in the closing down of brick-and-mortar stores. With retail chains closing their physical locations for not being able to provide customers with services, companies turned on Ecommerce Call Center at an astounding rate. For the last four months, the outsourcing rate has increased by 25%. Industries like airplane and flight booking saw a 96% hike in call center volume.

Cloud-Based Call Centers Offer Improved Customer Experience

Not to mention that agents stress out on an increased rate of consumer inquiry and call volumes. BPO Services need to provide customers with a positive response and grant them flexibility when they are at home or work.

Cloud contact centers promote remote working and allow them to work in the comfort of home. Cloud-based BPO Services lets you hire staff from anywhere and everywhere.

In addition to this, Cloud-based call centers make it easy to schedule agents and lets you schedule their shifts if needed.

Top Ecommerce Call Center Technologies in the Coming Times


Almost all BPO Services store customer data on CRM software. The majority of the contact centers provide their agents with CRM software to store customer interactions. Customer Relationship Management lies at the core of business operations because it lets them keep track of customer journeys.

You don’t need to procure well-known CRM tools like Salesforce, instead, search for one that serves you well for years to come.

Screen pop

Screen pop is a one-of-a-kind tool employed by inbound call centers. When representatives receive a call, a window pops up on the screen before them. Screen pop provides you with consumer information, details, past interaction, records, and more.

After referencing it from CRM software, Screen pop extracts information from caller Id,


For the past decades, VoIP became a standard for Telecom BPO Services. VOIP allows agents to download apps and use desk phones to improve for enhanced adaptability. It makes sense that enterprises prefer VOIP over traditional phone lines.

Queue callback

Perhaps time is the most valuable resource of a call center. Contact centers can embrace the latest technologies to save customers time. With program callbacks, phone calls remain in place and agents answer phone calls at convenience. Contact centers that rely on landlines or traditional calls can’t cross their limitations. It is a super convenient feature and reduces the stress of waiting for phone calls.

Call recording

Once Contact centers used to record phone calls using cassette tapes that weren’t free from limitations! But now, call centers exploit cloud-based PBX technology to eliminate bulky devices. It lets supervisors managing BPO Services listen to recorded calls and live calls in real-time.

What Makes An Ecommerce Call Center Stand Apart From The Rest?

Companies providing BPO Services incorporate several human and Technical aspects that work together to keep productivity upbeat. Note that improving customer experience is not the only objective of paying call centers, but it is also critical for individual performance and growth.

Characteristics That Help You Recognize An Effective Call Center In India

Employee deployment is the most crucial factor of a fruitful and progressive call center. The proper employment of agents for the right post ensures maximum profitability. Hence, a Call Centre manager needs to identify the weakness and strengths of staff members. Implementation of the right skill at the right time results in a progressive workplace environment.

Cloud-Based Call Centres Provide A Customized Experience

In recent times, Call centers use customized software and technology to improve customer engagement. However, software alone doesn’t personalize customer involvement. It required human skills as well. These human skills necessitate proper training of employees or Call Centre agents.

With the emergence of cloud-based Telecom BPO Services, it became easier for organizations to record real-time customer information while interacting with them.

How Do Call Centers Boost Your Business Growth?

Save your cost and time

To build and manage an in-house customer service team, you need to invest in infrastructure and software licenses. Buy the desks, computer Software licenses, and other essential equipment. In other words, setting up a Call Centre requires Investments in infrastructure equipment, Staffing, and operations.

Outsourced call centers distribute overall costs among multiple clients. Who benefited by paying only on an hourly or per transaction basis. Financial services outsourcing companies also share agents among consumers. A shared resource approach curves overall cost and offers” lower cost for call Rates” for clients!

It gives you the ability to manage customers all across the world

Most businesses operate over regions with variable time zones and include clients with multiple Lingual needs. For instance, even in the United States of America Spanish speaking Call Centre workers act as assets. Professional Call Centre service providers offer Bilingual call answering agents that handle calls at any time.

Specifically, the Western Nations hire bilingual agents serving 24*7 at cheaper rates. Henceforth, hiring 24*7 call center services becomes cost-effective for most business proprietors.

Financial services outsourcing partners help you improve customer engagement

You ought to improve customer engagement for running your business. Mobile Technologies, Social media platforms, and technological advancements enable you to improve the customer experience. Here customers should get satisfied with the quality of products and services offered. Improved customer experience is essential for a successful business. The news of this dissatisfaction spreads far and wide.

Leveraging call center services can help you to improve customer experiences. It is because the service providers offer a range of facilities to keep your customers satisfied and content.

Mainstream Industries that depend on call centers in 2020

Call centers once came with a hefty price tag. So, only a handful of organizations had the liberty to outsource Inbound Call Center services. In recent times, most centers run on s-a-a-s or cloud-based platforms and offer flexible pricing options.

Small and mid-range companies can invest in call centers because they provide cost-effective solutions while allowing them to leverage their business processes and increase productivity. Call center outsourcing allows companies to track consumer data via spreadsheets and a pen-and-paper ledger.

  1. Finance and banking sector: Bank and finance are some of the sought-after sectors worldwide. People invest more and more money in recurring deposits, mutual funds, and credit card schemes. Several banks introduce schemes to resolve consumer inquiries and secure their future. It makes sense that financial organizations engage an e-commerce Call Center to level up their competition. Call centers integrate AI-based chatbot services that help these companies to promote their financial schemes.
  2. Consulting Services: Consulting services are the old contenders that seek professional call center services, and Forbes lists it second next to medical services. It might be due to the client base served by consultancies, which spans across different geographical regions. The odds of outsourcing a Call Center in India depend on the nature of its industry. The more technical it’s, the more likely it’s to leverage contact services.

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