Top 10 Best Web-Based CRM Software For Small Business

Web-based CRM software (the abbreviation for Customer Relationship Management software) is a corporate informational system, designed for the automatization of company’s CRM strategy, particularly, for the increase of sales amounts, marketing optimization and the improvement of clients servicing by a preservation of information about their clients, the history of their interrelations, by the establishment ant improvement of business-procedures and further analysis of the results.

The basic principles of web-based CRM software include:

1. The availability of single information storage; the stored information about the last and the future cooperation with clients should be accessible at any moment.
2. The use of all channels of cooperation. Earlier by the channels they meant telephone calls, e-mails, meetings\events. With the active development of web technologies there appeared other communications channels – register forms on web-sites, advertising references, the systems of corporative web-chat, etc.
3. Constant analysis of collected information about clients and the preparation of data for the approval of appropriate organizing decisions – for example, segmentation of clients, based on their importance for the company.

This approach implies, that in any cooperation with the client on any channel a company’s worker has an access to the full information about all the interrelations with this client and the decisions are made on the basis of this information (information about the decisions is also preserved).

Web-based CRM software – is a model of cooperation, believed that the core of all the business philosophy is a client, and the main activities are the measures that are directed to provide the support of effective marketing, selling and clients servicing.

The support of these business aims include collection, keeping and analysis of information about consumers, suppliers, partners and also about inner processes in the company. Functions for the support of these business aims include selling, marketing, clients support, quality management, education and upgrading of company’s stuff, recruitment and personnel development, the control of personnel motivation. The technologies for the support of CRM model should be a part of common clients-orientated strategy of the company.

Often companies install only CRM systems, not changing business-processes and principles of operation. It should be pointed out that any CRM-system is only an instrument and doesn’t allow implementing CRM model without building common clients-orientated strategy of the company.

In recent years a wide-spread CRM systems, based on SaaS principles, became popular all over the world. They remove the restrictions for the geographically-distributed companies.

Software as a service (SaaS) is a business model of software selling in which the supplier designs web-based application and manages it independently, providing his customers with the access to this application via the Internet. The main advantage of SaaS model for the customer consists in the absence of expenses, connected with the installment, updating and support of equipment’s and software functionality.

The means of CRM-strategy automatization (software applications) allow increasing the effectiveness of interrelations management and represent all infrastructures necessary for this.

The access to the Web-based CRM software is carried out with the help of a browser. This variant has both advantages and disadvantages:

  • The access can be carried out from any computer; the installment of the additional applications is not required
  • An easy control of the access
  • The ability to be used by multiple users
  • Only one program can be set on the central server
  • The speed of work is lower than in ordinary applications
  • The problems with the access to the server or its getting out of order will result in the full inaccessibility of information

There are several types of CRM-systems classifications:

Functional abilities – Sales Force Automation, Marketing management, Service management and Call-centers (systems of handling users’ complaints, fixation and the further management of clients’ calls).

The level of information processing:

  • Operational – registration and the efficient access to the primary information about events, companies, projects, contacts, documents and so on
  • Analytical – the reports on primary data and more thorough analysis of information in different sections (the analysis of the results of marketing activities, the analysis of the effectiveness of sales in the sections of products, clients, regions, etc)
  • Collaboration – the organization of close cooperation with final customers, clients, up to the client’s influence on inner processes in the company (polls for the quality change of products or the change of servicing organization, web-pages for the clients to check the status of order, SMS delivery about implemented transactions on bank accounts, the ability for the client to independently order the product on-line)

There are several kinds of Web-based CRM software, for example:

1) MES (Manufacturing Execution System) This system solves synchronization tasks, coordinates, analyses, optimizes output within some manufacture.
2) WMS (Warehouse Management System) – a managing system that provides automatization and optimization of all processes of warehouse work of the main enterprise.
3) ECM (Enterprise content management) – the managing of informational resources of the enterprise or corporative information management.
4) ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning System) – the integrated system based on the Internet Technologies for managing inner and outer resources of the enterprise (financial, material and technical, human resources).

So if you decided to start your own business you should get a CRM Software because it will save your money and time.


Pepper Cloud CRM is a cost-effective and user-friendly web-based sales CRM software. It is designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to streamline and enhance their sales operations efficiently.

  • Manage sales, leads, accounts and opportunities
  • Monitor sales pipeline health and forecast sales and revenue
  • CRM Integrated with WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other messaging channels. Send one-to-one messages or broadcast to multiple contacts
  • Facilitates workflow automation for automating repetitive tasks and tracks lead sources with UTM capabilities
  • Easily integrates with email marketing, accounting, calling, and more tools to enhance the CRM capabilities
  • Driven by AI to effectively manage the workflows and customer conversations
  • Get real-time analytics with comprehensive dashboards to closely monitor your sales and marketing efforts


Deskera is the leader in cloud-based integrated Business Management software – ERP, CRM and Inventory Management to help Small and Medium Enterprise to manage day-to-day operations.

  • Turn Up the Competition through Campaigns
  • Stay Ahead in Finding Leads
  • Track All Records under Each Account
  • Win Your Customers through After-Sales Support
  • Keep All Activities under Control Via Contact Management
  • Go the Distance with Sales Forecast
  • One-spot Destination for All Products
  • Improve Opportunity to Leads Ratio Manifolds
  • Improving Your Knowledge Management


Bitrix24 is free web based CRM software, which means it’s ready to use in one minute and doesn’t cost you anything. Don’t worry, we do have a self-hosted edition with open source code as well, so if you want to migrate from cloud to your own server, you can at any time you want. The free web based edition is totally free for up to 12 users.

  • Web based lead management features
  • CRM with web based email marketing
  • CRM with web based telephony
  • CRW with workflow automation


Best Award-Winning customer relationship management web based CRM software solutions, the most user friendly & affordable hosted crm software solution.

  • Aerospace Defense
  • Automotive
  • Call Centers
  • Chemical
  • Clinical Practice
  • Clinical Research
  • Communications
  • Construction Management Software
  • Consumer Goods
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Finacial Services – Banking
  • Window Cleaning Cloud CRM Software
  • NonProfit
  • and More.


Free CRM is the #1 SaaS cloud customer relationship management software powers sales teams and customer service that speeds up your sales and automates customer service and tasks with Android & iOS apps.

  • CRM Cloud
  • HIPAA CRM Compliant
  • Dental CRM Compliant
  • Automotive CRM Cloud
  • CRM Call Center Management
  • Insurance CRM Cloud
  • Real Estate Cloud
  • Professional Services CRM Cloud
  • Contractor Builder Cloud
  • Independent Sales Cloud


Teamgate is a full process Sales CRM simply and smartly designed to strengthen your entire sales experience. Easy to use, easy to manage your business growth.

  • Contacts database
  • Custom fields
  • Filtering
  • Owners and collaborators
  • Autofill data
  • Duplicates Prevention
  • Maps integration
  • Data Import


AllClients is an easy-to-use web-based CRM software and marketing automation system. Features include recorded message systems, email campaigns and more.

  • Easy-to-use, easy to make your own, and in the cloud
  • Capture emails, create automated follow-ups, and send newsletters
  • Keep contacts, clients, and prospects separate and organized

Plans start at $34/mo


SutiCRM is cloud-based customer relationship management software that automates the processes of marketing, sales, support, and contracts from a single multi-sided platform(MSP).

Marketing Automation:

  • Campaign Management
  • Manage Respondent Lists
  • Campaign Metrics

Sales Automation:

  • Manage Leads
  • Web Lead Capture
  • Contact Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Territory Management
  • Sales Quota Management
  • Sales Analytics
  • Sales Orders & Invoices
  • Account Management
  • Forecast Sales

Service Support:

  • Support Service Analytics
  • Manage Contracts
  • Manage Cases
  • Knowledge Base
  • Customer Profiling

Reports & Analytics:

  • Reports
  • Dashboards

Activity Management:

  • Visitor Tracking
  • Email & Calendar
  • Multi-User Calendar
  • Mass Emailing
  • Document Management
  • Mass Editing
  • Advanced Searching
  • Data Import/Export (CSV, XLS & Other Standard Formats)
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Call Logs
  • and More.

Social CRM:

  • Twitter and Google Calendar
  • Google Contacts
  • Google Doc


Online CRM for individuals, small businesses and sales teams wanting a simple, effective and affordable solution. Manage your contacts and their history.

  • Track all history
  • Attach documents
  • Manage tasks
  • Share with co-workers


SugarCRM enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative and affordable CRM solution on the market.


  • Being able to respond to competition quickly with our agile and flexible process management procedures
  • Helping you differentiate your business in a crowded market with our feature-packed CRM
  • Increasing deal velocity through a streamlined and efficient quote management process
  • Improving existing customer relationships and tracking new customer interactions with CRM reporting of valuable insights
  • Maintaining productivity while on the road, with or without network connectivity because of our mobile CRM solutions
  • Maximising efficiency through automation of typical arduous processes
  • Tailored CRM solutions for your small business with our customization, configuration, integration and deployment features
  • Reduced security risks with the appropriate policies in place


  • Manage Accounts, Divisions, Contacts (B2B) and Consumers (B2C)
  • Multiple email addresses per Account, Division, Contact or Consumer
  • See all related information e.g. Meetings, Tasks, History, Opportunities, etc
  • Manage opportunities including initial enquiry, source of sales lead, probability of sale, and run quotes
  • View on Google Maps

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