Top 8 Workplace Safety Tips

Workplaces, by their very nature, are filled with potential hazards. Every day when you arrive at work, several different safety hazards could stand in the way of you having a safe and secure day.

These potential dangers are present in any environment, so don’t think that just because you work behind a desk all day that you will automatically be safe. This article will provide you with the top eight safety tips to make 2022 your safest year in the workplace yet.

1. Take Regular Breaks

Taking occasional five-minute breaks, along with your lunch break, will help to restore your energy levels and reduce stress. These breaks will prevent physical injuries that are caused by avoidable accidents and incidents.

Regular breaks also improve your memory and increase your ability to concentrate. They have also been proven to boost your performance and creativity.

2. Implement Checklists

Checklists are drafted by your employer and help you identify potential hazards in the workplace. These checklists are designed to encourage employees to take pre-emptive safety steps to prevent workplace accidents and injuries.

With checklists in place, your company’s audit processes will go smoother, and they provide a sense of safety for all employees.

3. Install Panic Buttons

By installing a Panic Alarm Button, your company can take a proactive step to improve employee safety for 2022. Panic buttons provide a way to silently and immediately call for help when it is needed.

These devices must be installed in strategic spots around the workplace to be most effective. These can also be linked to mobile devices and armed response companies, or the local police department.

4. Upgrade Security Cameras

Video surveillance systems protect employees and employers both directly and indirectly. Camera systems can easily record instances of employee abuse or harassment, as well as theft or other security incidents.

Cameras are a great way to monitor what is going on in the workplace, and they can also be used as a reference to improve productivity and efficiency.

5. Staff Training

By implementing improved staff safety training programs, all employees can understand your organization’s approved practices and protocols. Safety training is crucial for employees to gain a solid foundation of the safety elements that are in place for their respective positions.

Safety needs to be explicitly relevant to all employees to prevent injuries or fatalities. Workplace accidents cost companies billions of dollars every year – sadly, most of these accidents are entirely avoidable.

Effective staff training programs contribute towards a safer and happier workplace overall. Proper safety protocols are always part of the law in every country, but beyond compliance, they are just a good idea.

6. Implement Safety Awards

By implementing a safety awards initiative in your company, you can give your employees the added incentive of a bonus or prize for being the most safety-conscious. By simply offering a shopping voucher or small cash bonus, you could potentially save your company thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Your employees will be more aware of their surroundings and more excited to report on safety violations and issues that they come across during their shifts. Keep track of the awards you give out because these can give you a good idea of who cares the most about safety in the workplace.

7. Supply Good Quality PPE

In the manufacturing industry, as well as many other industries, your employees need to be issued personal protective equipment. This is a legal requirement for any employees who work in a situation where they are exposed to hazards on the job.

PPE can include items like hard hats, safety boots, and safety glasses, amongst other things. Too often companies try to delay handing out new equipment to their employees because of the expense involved, but this will only lead to problems down the line.

Your company needs to find a reputable supplier of quality PPE items for 2022; your employee’s safety should be your top priority.

8. The Reverse Parking System

Your company should implement a reverse parking system at work. Making your employees park in reverse is an effective way to make the environment safer, especially when the driver exits the parking.

Not only will this help to ensure a smooth evacuation process in the event of an emergency, but it will also help to minimize the number of accidents that occur in the parking bays. When a driver parks in reverse, they are driving into a known space with no pedestrian traffic around. When a driver exits the parking bay, they can see their surroundings and any hazards more clearly.

In Conclusion

A robust health and safety policy can help your company improve productivity and decrease its expenses. It can also help to strengthen the relationship your company has with its employees. By making health and safety in the workplace a priority, you can avoid the stresses that injuries and accidents often cause.

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