Top 7 Benefits of Embedding Instagram Feed on Website

Instagram users post 46,740 photos every minute. Hence you can imagine the quantity of content it generates in a day. How about using these contents for your website? Every time your visitor visits your website, you provide him with new content. Sounds amazing, right?

And that’s one of the major reasons why marketers are actively embedding Instagram feed on a website. Instagram provides the facility to its users to embed  Instagram posts on their respective websites by providing them with the embedding link for each post. But it has some limitations for example, you have to embed each post manually one by one, and you cannot even personalize them according to your preference.

Therefore, we recommend you use social media aggregators as they ease the embedding process and provide various features that add significance to this strategy.

This blog will be discussing 7 reasons why you should embed an Instagram feed on your website.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive into it.

Benefits of Embedding Instagram Feed on Website

Instagram is a hub for visual-based content, and as mentioned earlier, it provides more than 40,000+ photos every minute. And with such a high amount of data, you will never lack any content to display on your website. Other than this, it has the following benefits.

1. Increases the vibrancy of the website

Images and videos have always been the favorite for the marketing aspect as they help spread the message in a better way, bringing a great vibe that remains fresh in the mind of the viewers. And therefore, using them for the website can help you in attaining more audiences.

People avoid visiting boring websites or websites with text content. Therefore you must have an attractive website. And what can be a better option than images and videos to enhance the visuals of your website. You can use Instagram feeds and embed them on your website, the colorful and vibrant content from the feed will keep your website lively and make it pleasing to eyes.

People often complain that images and videos often reduce the website’s speed, hampering the brand reputation. And this is where social media aggregators come in handy. These tools stream images and videos on the website without reducing the website traffic.

2. Increases the visitor engagement

One cannot deny that Instagram users provide great content as they are creative and showcase their artistic side. These contents often keep the viewers hooked for a longer duration as they feel entertained.

When you embed Instagram feeds on a website, you bring the same magic to your website. Instagram posts and feeds can help you to hold the visitor in the website, and if you are showing the feeds related to your business, the visitor will also learn about your brand.

3. Provides social proofs

People often use Instagram to showcase pictures of the product they recently purchased or upload images with the product. Or, as per recent trends, uploads unboxing videos providing the details about the product and adding their opinion with the videos.

By embedding these user-generated content on the website, you provide social proof to your visitors. These social proofs often help customers in their purchase decision and eventually help you in attaining more sales.

4. Helps in conversions

As mentioned, social proofs and reviews play a major role in customer’s buying decisions. So when you embed these Instagram feeds on your website, you help your customers and increase your chance of attaining sales.

With these social proofs, you can win the trust of your visitors and potential buyers, and hence you can convert your visitors into your customers.

Another hidden benefit to this is that customers feel valued when a brand features their website content and, therefore, eventually develop a great bond between the brand and customers. Because customers will feel connected with the brand, it will appear that the brand cares about the customer and considers their feedback/opinion. So by displaying user’s content on the website, you can convert your customer into a regular customer.

5. Boosts User-generated content

User-generated content is a boon in the new age of marketing. It captures more audiences and increases the reach of the brand beyond the local boundaries. And moreover, it helps in attaining brand recognition. Therefore it is very important to boost user-generated content related to your brand.

And embedding an Instagram feed on the website is the smartest way to boost the UGC for your brand. How does it happen? When you feature user-generated content on your brand, it will encourage other users to make content for your brand and get a feature on the website.

It will boost the UGC for your website, enhancing your reach, and eventually helps you in attaining more audience.

6. Strengthens Social media presence

In this present scenario, social media often acts as a measure to determine a brand’s reputation. In simple words, whenever a consumer discovers a brand, he often checks the brand’s social media handles. And the number of followers gives a fair idea to the potential customers about the brand’s reputation.

So, while embedding an Instagram feed, you even have the option to display posts from your Instagram handle. It will provide your visitor a sneak into your Instagram presence. And he even has the option to like your content and follow you on Instagram. It will eventually strengthen your social media presence and provide a boost to your brand’s reach.

Also, even if a visitor does not have an Instagram account, he will still be able to view your posts and get all the latest updates and get to know about your Instagram chatter. Another major reason it can help is that an Instagram handle can be familiar to your account or might be using the brand name and providing fake updates or irrelevant posts. Hence by embedding your Instagram handle, people will get to know about your genuine account.

7. Improves search engine ranking

Undoubtedly, there is huge competition in the market and each brand is eager to attain more customers to fulfill their goals. Therefore it is necessary to have good brand recognition and reach to attract more audience.

Customers often use search engines to look for the product they want to buy. Hence, it is important to have a good search engine ranking, so if any users search anything related to your business, search engines will suggest your website due to better ranking.

How does an embedded Instagram feed help in enhancing search engine ranking? – As you have an engaging website with the Instagram feed, it will attract more visitors also because of the entertaining content, they will be encouraged to stay on your website. Moreover, as they will increase the duration of your stay on the website, the bounce rate of your website will decrease. All these measures will help you in attaining a better position in search engine ranking.

Yes, this easy-to-use strategy has such amazing benefits and can boost your business.

Summing it Up

People usually prefer visiting Instagram because it has a great vibe attached to it. The contents on the platform are entertaining, engaging and keep the viewers hooked for a long duration of time. By embedding an Instagram feed on the website, you bring the same charm, increase the website audience, and eventually helps in attaining more sales.

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