Instagram Feed Ideas: Best UGC Sources For Business

Instagram is the best source to gather customers for your business and gain some social media awareness. More than 1.074 million users on the platform provide a great opportunity for brands to gather more customers for their business and promote their brand.

Marketers cannot afford to ignore Instagram as a power source to generate a client base and increase sales. Businesses are always on the lookout for better ways to use Instagram for their marketing strategy. Embed Instagram feed to the website is the most used, amazing, and unique way to use Instagram as a marketing strategy. It creates a link between your website and Instagram account.

In this blog, we will be discussing uses and various ways you can use embedded Instagram feed for your website.

Amazing Examples of Instagram Feed Ideas to Embed on Website

As you know the importance of embed an Instagram feed, let’s discuss the various examples of using an Instagram feed for your business. Following are some amazing tips to embed Instagram feed that will help your website gather more traffic and help you to increase your customer base.

Grid Style

Grid style is the most used display style for the feed. One of the main advantages of using the Grid style is that it showcases the feed in an organized manner, hence you can display your products to the visitor.

The grid-style provides equal space for each post, allowing the user to look at different posts and content all at once. It is so effective and efficient that even Instagram uses the same style to display suggestion feed on its platform.

Display Feed in Sidebar

Another useful example of an Instagram feed on your website is Sidebar. You can display the feed on the sidebar and create a great impact on customer’s buying decisions.

One of the biggest advantages of having a sidebar is that you can display the content on all pages of your website. It takes less space, and hence the user can explore your website and view your social media content.

Integrate Instagram Hashtag Feed

Hashtags are one of the best social media marketing strategies for promoting your product and creating brand awareness. Hashtags are very popular on Instagram, and if you have a creative hashtag for your ad campaign, you can receive ample content from the platform.

You can use this great marketing strategy on your website and display the feed using the hashtag. The feed will collect and display the feed with the provided hashtags, giving your visitor a wider range of content. It makes your website more engaging, and that can spark interest in the visitor’s mind.

Feeds from Instagram handle

Many brands use their social media account to announce their new product or update about the business. You can use the same technique and then embed your Instagram account feeds on your website using your account Handle.

The visitor can get detailed information about your brand and about your social media announcements and presence at the same time. You can also use this feature to embed your loyal customer’s handle, which helps to create some brand reputation.

Embed Instagram Carousel Feed

Carousel is a useful method to display your Instagram feed. You can showcase your different products as a slideshow to the visitor. You can even use this feature to show the story of your brands. It will keep your visitor engaged and increase the traffic on your website.

Carousels attract the attention of your visitor as it beautifully showcases the content on your website. Visitors can swipe through the content and establish their buying decision.

Benefits of embedding Instagram feed on your website

Makes your website engaging and interactive: People always prefer visual medium over text or written material as these are more engaging and entertaining for the people. By embedding the Instagram feed on your website, you can easily attract visitors as it makes your website engaging.

The feed regularly displays the content and provides real-time posts to your website. It keeps the visitor engaged with your website and ignites interest in your brand. The visitor can also scroll through the feed and find more content that keeps them entertained and provide a brief about your business.

Increases vibrancy of your website: By embedding the Instagram feed on your website, you can make your website more vibrant and pleasing to the eyes. Instagram provides visual-based content that adds vibrancy to the website, but you can customize the feed that makes your website more attractive and appealing.

Many tools that embed the Instagram feed on your website provide you with the feature to customizing your feed. They offer different layouts, different designs that you choose according to your style. You can also personalize the font size, font style, background, color etc of your feed and bring your artistic side.

It makes your website alluring, and you can create a great impression on your visitors by personalizing the website, which eventually helps you increase your sales.

Boosts User-generated content: Instagram is a hub for the brands for user-generated content. It provides ample posts and content that users post that includes the brand’s product or user’s experience with the brand. When you collect & embed instagram feeds on your brand’s website, you will get these amazing benefits.

A customer feels respected and valued when a brand posts their content on the website. It makes them happy to get a feature on a brand’s official website and motivates them to make more content to get a regular feature.

Even your customer’s followers might follow the trend to get a feature on your website, which boosts your user-generated content and promotes your brand and products.

Provides a sneak into your social media existence: Social media provides a great platform to promote your business and gather more customers for your business. Nowadays, a brand’s social media following creates an impression on a customer’s mind. In simple words, a customer is likely to be impressed by a brand with more followers. The embedded Instagram feed helps you to gain more followers and increase your social media reach.

The embedded Instagram feed links your website with your Instagram account hence, providing a sneak into your social media chatter to your visitor. The visitor can also go through your social media accounts and follow you if he likes your content. As you gain more followers, the platform will extend your reach. Giving a boost to your promotions and brand awareness.

Decreases bounce rate of your website: Bounce rate refers means when the visitor exits your website by visiting just a single page. Increasing bounce rate results in deteriorates your search engine rankings and hence decreases your brand awareness and reach.

The feed helps you to decrease your bounce rate, and hence you can get a better ranking on the search engine results pages. That means people will search about your business; they will easily find your website.


Embedded Instagram feeds on websites with social media aggregator provide various benefits for your business. If you use it smartly, it can create wonder for you and take your brand to new heights. It is an effective and impactful marketing strategy, and by following the tips mentioned above, you can make the most out of it.

Displaying Instagram feeds on your website can be done easily and with minimal effort. The market provides various tools that help you to collect the feed from Instagram, saving your time and labor resource and attractively displaying the feed on your website.

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