How Social Media Chatbots Work for Different Platforms?

Chatbots are nothing new for marketers who are busy upgrading their business with automation intelligence solutions. Being aware of the importance of chatbots in marketing, marketers are investing more in these virtual assistants so as to benefit the brand improve its efficiency. They are utilizing this concept while crafting their marketing strategy. Guess what, integration of a chatbot for social media platform is nowadays pretty familiar among businesses. Besides the chatbots for websites, social media bots are proved to be more effective for creating conversational marketing.

Social Media Chatbots – A New Marketing Future For The Marketers

Chatbots are considered as one of the result-oriented marketing automation solutions. These when integrated with social media marketing platforms turn out to be affirmative in various ways.

Many successful brands find this particular approach cost-effective. They believe that chatbots are more efficient in driving high engagement for businesses. Unlike human agents, virtual assistants take less time to bring in more new prospects and convert them into loyal customers. Likewise, there are plenty of perks associated with these bots.

Let us share the benefits of having a chatbot for social media platform before you move on to how they actually work on different social channels.

Chatbots boost sales: Chatbots, especially the ones included on social media channels, are responsible for bringing in high sales for the business. Prospects and customers are nowadays more interested in making their purchase faster and with high convenience. They hardly have time to get out of their busy schedule and navigate through the e-outlet for making any reliable purchase. This is when they rely on chatbots that make the process easier.

The virtual assistants are well-engineered to take any order and provide them with proper tracking information so that it is easier for the customers to keep an eye on the shipped parcel. This is indeed a great benefit accompanied by artificial intelligence solutions.

Chatbots quickly access the relevant information: Next immediate reason for the chatbot integration is its quick access to the relevant information. Chatbots are nothing but knowledge base management software that contains preloaded information related to the brand and its products/services.

Whenever a customer or a prospect leaves a query, it takes a second to respond to them with relevant answers. Quick access to the appropriate information makes the brand reliable enough for the customers to repeat their purchases.

Chatbots convert prospects into customers easily: As we said, chatbots take no time to reply to any query or solve any customer issue. Its round-the-clock service excites the customers to a great extent. This convinces the customers and prospects, giving them a better outlook about the brand.

Chatbots when integrated with any platform like a website or social media can easily generate leads and convert them into loyal customers due to their high knowledge base.

How social media chatbots work on diverse channels?

Facebook Messenger: Facebook is the most popular and crowded platform, where people often look for different brands to get in touch with and make an immediate purchase. This makes the social channel highly on-demand for the marketers to showcase their brand and reach out to a wide audience.

Prospects and customers expect brands to stay active on Facebook so that they can easily go for a live chat session and share their queries online. Though Facebook Messenger has lost its popularity due to the inception of messaging apps like WhatsApp, prospective buyers use the same channel to connect with the brands. Hence, including a chatbot on your Facebook Messenger is definitely a smart approach.

Do you know, more than 900 million users are active on Facebook Messenger? The figure is still in its growing stage due to the inclusion of Facebook chatbots that have to seek the attention of the audience to a large extent. Whether you want to build a personalized shopping experience or want to provide a seamless customer support experience, integration of such artificial intelligence solutions is a prime need.

LinkedIn: Next popular visit to a social media platform is LinkedIn. It is a wonderful platform for discovering and developing quality leads. As per the recent survey by HubSpot, it is stated that LinkedIn has the power to generate leads almost 3 times greater than that of Twitter and Facebook. This makes the social network so demanding for the B2B businesses.

Though LinkedIn is a hub for job aspirants and professionals, it is an excellent place to run conversational marketing using chatbots. On LinkedIn, you can create company pages, business groups, and even share Snapshot Stories to reach out to B2B customers and professionals who are interested to join the brand.

Whenever a viewer or a prospect views the story or a post and likes to connect with the brand, the AI chatbot greets them with a welcoming note. The knowledge base management software answers every message that is common and shares any other alternative option when they find it complicated or out of the book. Complex queries are mostly handled by the human support system to ensure better customer experiences.

Twitter: If you ever think about conversational marketing with chatbots, we would advise you to go for Twitter bots. Like other popular social channels, Twitter is also gaining popularity at a high pace. From self-promotion to converse with the prospects or customers over valuable content, Twitter uses a simple short yet effective way to grab the attention of the targeted viewers.

In other words, Twitter is more than just for branding. You can simply make use of the Twitter bots and their analytical insights to find new prospects, engage them with customer-specific products, and improve brand sales. No doubt, these bots offer a top-notch Twitter sales strategy to the business.

Twitter bots allow the business to understand the customers’ behavior and their interests, simply by monitoring the conversations that are held between the brand and the customers. People often use Twitter to seek customer support or to leave band feedback. This gives you the possibility to learn about the customer insights and develop a strategy that encourages people to get in touch with the brand in a positive way.

Instagram: While featuring the popular social networking channels, you just can’t forget about the trending Instagram. This social platform allows businesses to be more personalized with their content along with impressive customer support.

Whenever a prospect or a customer leaves a message on Instagram that you probably call “DM”, it notifies the brand instantly. In order to offer a personalized instant direct response, brands make use of chatbots that can handle every query and issue appropriately. Direct messages require instant responses. When you fail to provide your customers with this, it is obvious to lose a good customer base. Chatbots never compromise in this. It always serves the clients quickly, showing the active consistency of the brand.

Final thoughts

When you are heading to include some marketing automation solutions in your business, we would suggest sticking with chatbots. These virtual assistants are not just impressive to discover the buyers’ journey and make result-driven business decisions, but even cool enough to grow your sales pipeline. This real-time on-demand approach turns the business process simple and effective, assisting the business to meet its goals in no time.

Include a chatbot for social media platform or a chatbot for a website and observe the growing metrics.

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