Top 20 Selenium Questions for Freshers and Experienced Guide

1. What exactly is Selenium?

Selenium training is a browser automation tool which allows you automatic functions like kind, click, and pick from a drop-down of a website.

2. How is Selenium distinctive from commercial browser automation resources?

Selenium tutorial is a library that will be obtainable in a gamut of languages i.e. java, C#, python, ruby, php and so on while most industrial resources are restricted in their abilities of being able to use only one language. Moreover a lot of tools have their very own proprietary language which is of little use outside the realm of the tools. Most business resources give attention to record and re-play while Selenium training online focus on utilizing Selenium IDE (Selenium tutorial online report and replay) device and then get familiar with Selenium video tutorials functioning and then proceed to more aged Selenium videos libraries like RC (Selenium training tutorial 1.0) and Web Driver (Selenium 2.0).

Though most business resources have built in abilities of evaluation reporting, error recovery mechanics and Selenium course doesn’t supply these attributes by default. But provided the abundant group of languages available with Selenium questions for interview it quite simple to emulate such characteristics.

3. What would be the group of tools accessible with Selenium?

Selenium training has four pair of tools Selenium IDE, Selenium 1.0 (Selenium RC), Selenium 2.0 (WebDriver) and Selenium Grid. Selenium tutorial Center is just another tool but because it’s accessible as part of Selenium IDE as well as Selenium 1.0, it’s not utilized in isolation.

4. Which Selenium Device can I use?

It completely comes down to status now in relation to utilizing Selenium training online. If you’re completely new to Selenium tutorial online you then need to start with Selenium IDE to learn Selenium video tutorials place strategies and after that go to Selenium 2 as it’s the most secure Selenium course library and futurity of Selenium videos. Use Selenium Grid when you would like to dole out your evaluation across several devices. Should you be already utilizing Selenium 1.0 than you must start to migrate your test scripts to Selenium 2.0

5. What’s Selenium IDE?

Selenium IDE is a firefox plugin which is (generally) utilized to report and re-play evaluation is firefox browser. Selenium IDE can be utilized just with firefox browser.

6. Which language is utilized in Selenium IDE?

Selenium IDE uses hypertext Markup Language sort of language called Selenese. Though other languages (java, c#, php and so on) can-not be utilized with Selenium IDE, Selenium IDE lets you convert evaluation in these types of languages so they may be used in combination with Selenium 1.0 or Selenium 2.0

7. What’s Selenium 1.0?

Selenium 1.0 or Selenium Remote Control (popularly identified as Selenium RC) is library accessible in wide assortment of languages. The main reason of coming of Selenium RC was incapability of Selenium IDE to run evaluations in browser other than Selenium IDE and the programmatic limits of language Selenese employed in Selenium IDE.

8. What’s Selenium 2.0?

Selenium 2.0 also known as Selenium WebDriver is the newest offering of Selenium training. It supplies:

  • better API than Selenium tutorial 1.0
  • Doesn’t suffer from javascript security restriction which Selenium 1.0 does
  • supports more UI complex UI functions like drag and drop

9. Do you know the element locators accessible with Selenium that could be utilized to find components on webpage?

There are chiefly 4 locators combined with Selenium training online

  • html id
  • html name
  • XPath locator and
  • Css locators

10. What’s Selenium Grid?

Selenium tutorial grid lets you distribute your tests on several devices and all of these at once. Thus it is possible to run evaluation on MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER on Windows and Safari on Mac device utilizing the exact same test script (properly, nearly constantly). This significantly helps in lessening the time of evaluation execution and offers rapid responses to pile holders.

11. What’s Selenium 2.0? I ‘ve noticed this buzz-word several occasions?

Selenium 2.0 is consolidation of two net testing tools Selenium RC and WebDriver, which promises to give best of both phrases Selenium and Selenium tutorial. Selenium training 2.0 was officially launched just of late.

12. Why are two resources being joined as Selenium 2.0, whats the obtain?

Selenium 2.0 guarantees to give considerably cleaner API then Selenium RC and simultaneously perhaps not being limited by javascript Protection limitation like same origin policy, which have been haunting Selenium training online from extended. Selenium 2.0 additionally doesn’t justify you to use Selenium tutorial online Server.

13. So many people are planning to make use of Selenium 2.0?

Well no, for instance if you’re utilizing Selenium video tutorials Perl client driver than there’s no comparable providing from Selenium 2.0 and you’d have to adhere to Selenium 1.0 until there’s comparable library accessible for Selenium 2.0

14. Just how can I set my browser settings with Selenium 2.0?

Selenium 2.0 offers subsequent browser/cellular telephone settings

  • AndroidDriver,
  • ChromeDriver,
  • EventFiringWebDriver,
  • FirefoxDriver,
  • HtmlUnitDriver,
  • InternetExplorerDriver,
  • IPhoneDriver,
  • IPhoneSimulatorDriver,
  • RemoteWebDriver

And all of these have already been executed from interface Selenium online training. In order to make use of these drivers you must instantiate their accompanying category.

15. How is Selenium 2.0 settings distinct than Selenium 1.0?

In the event of Selenium 1.0 you require Selenium videos jar file regarding one library for instance in case of java you need java client driver and additionally Selenium training tutorial server jar file. While with Selenium 2.0 you require language binding (i.e. java, C# etc) and Selenium server jar if you if you work with Selenium Rc or Selenium training tutorial online.

16. Is it possible to show me one code example of establishing Selenium 2.0?

Here is java instance of initializing firefox driver and utilizing Google Search engine
Shielded WebDriver webDriver;

  • //@BeforeClass(alwaysRun=accurate)
  • public void startDriver(){
  • webDriver = new FirefoxDriver();
  • // Get Google search page and execute research on phrase Evaluation
  • webDriver.get(“ dot com”);
  • webDriver.findElement(“q”)).sendKeys(“Evaluation”);
  • webDriver.findElement(;

17. Which net driver execution is quickest?

HTMLUnitDriver. Easy reason is HTMLUnitDriver will not run evaluations on browser but clear http request answer that’s much rapid than starting a browser and running evaluations. But then you might want to perform tests on an actual browser than some thing working behind the scenes

18. What all distinct part locators are accessible with Selenium 2.0?

Selenium 2.0 utilizes same set of locators which are utilized by Selenium 1.0 id, title, cascading Style Sheets, XPath but how Selenium 2.0 gets them is distinct. In the event of Selenium 1.0 you dont have to set a different procedure for each locator whilst in situation of Selenium 2.0 there’s a distinct procedure accessible to use a distinct part locator. Selenium 2.0 utilizes subsequent procedure to get components with id, title, cascading Style Sheets and XPath locator

  • driver.findElement(“HTMLid”));
  • driver.findElement(“HTMLname”));
  • driver.findElement(By.cssSelector(“cssLocator”));
  • driver.findElement(By.xpath(“XPathLocator));

19. Just how do I submit a form utilizing Selenium?

It’s possible for you to use submit process on component to submit form

  • Component.submit();

Instead it is possible to use click procedure on the component which does form entry.

20. Am I able to model pressing keyboard keys utilizing Selenium 2.0?

It’s possible for you to use sendKeys command to model keyboard keys as

  • Part.sendKeys(” and some”, Keys.ARROW_UPWARD);

You can even use sendKeys to sort in textbox as

  • HTMLelement.sendKeys(“testData”);

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