Top 11 Financial Magazines Investors Read

People in the finance sector or planning to join the same always look out to excel in their earning skills. Money management is undoubtedly one of the vital pillars on which the earning of a person depends. If you have good knowledge of money management, you are more likely to succeed as an investor.

Like nurturing any other skill, you have to do proper homework to sharpen your financial management skills. As an investor, reading financial magazines can be one of the best habits you can develop. Here are the top 11 finance magazines you should regularly read in 2021 to know more about the investment and finance field.

Best Financial Magazines Investors Read

1. The Economist

The Economist is a globally acclaimed finance magazine that you can read as an investor. It contains well-researched articles dealing with the global economy. You can get information regarding all the current affairs related to economics too.

You can take a digital subscription to this magazine and access it anytime and go through it while on the move. There are printed versions available in the market if you are willing to take them.

The Economist is a weekly magazine, and its headquarters are located in England. However, you can get to know about every event occurring in each continent with in-depth case studies and stats. Taking a digital subscription to the Economist, you can be the part of global finance webinars and podcasts.

2. Barron’s

Barron’s is one of the finest magazines that provides the readers with several news related to investments. This magazine is available in both printed and digital formats. Like The Economist, it is also a weekly magazine.

All articles published in magazines are based on financial events, and they contain relevant graphs and stats for the readers to understand an event properly. As a regular reader of Baron, you can develop your investment skills and knowledge about the suitable funds and stocks to invest in on a timely basis.

The cost for being a digital subscriber of Barron’s is approximately $52.00 yearly. You can take the subscription of Barron’s magazine as it publishes the correct stock picks, unique investing ideas, and commentaries. You can also keep track of the U.S. and foreign financial markets.

Many financial professionals prefer Barron’s to go through the “Market Week” column as it contains the in-depth news of the U.S. market.

3. Forbes

Forbes is quite a known name when it comes to the finance industry. As a budding investor, you can take the subscription of Forbes as it is best in providing you the inspirational ideas. Forbes follows a random approach when it comes to publishing. Every year, 9 Forbes magazines are published.

Like most other finance magazines, Forbes also has a digital and printed version. You have to bear only $20 for taking the subscription. The best things about most articles published in this magazine are the inspirational approach and information about the latest trend.

However, a minor drawback of Forbes is that it does not provide any news about the stock. It is mainly known among non-finance industry people as it publishes the list of the wealthiest people on earth.

4. Bloomberg Businessweek

Many investors and finance professionals take the Bloomberg Businessweek magazine subscription to keep track of the current news and economic commentary. This magazine can be an alternative to the Wall Street Journal.

Every content published in this magazine focuses on the world’s business news, and it gives an in-depth insight to the readers. Moreover, there are scopes for the readers to acquire modern financing and investment ideas.

Apart from the U.S.’s financial reports, you can get some news regarding the events in other countries. Another benefit for Bloomberg Businessweek is the presence of the television channel. Being a U.S. citizen, you can stream it on cable.

If you are planning to invest for the first time, it is better that you go through the magazines like Bloomberg Businessweek and Forbes. However, the cost for the digital version of the prior is $290 annually. This is why not every person can get access and go through the articles published in this magazine.

5. Investor’s Business Daily

If you are looking forward to enjoying several market-related perks while being a magazine subscriber, Investor’s Business Daily can be best for you. The primary benefit that you can expect from this magazine is access to investment advice and reports. Many investors consider IDB magazine as the competitor of Barron’s magazine.

The financial perks you can find in this magazine are personal coaching, stock lists, stock rating, etc. As a digital member of the IBD family, you can get access to the finance-based webinars.

IBD has also got an app that you can download on your mobile for free and access the best stocks in the market. So, apart from the magazine’s education, you are getting a chance to invest in the stock market practically.

6. Money

If you are concerned about the financial magazines’ subscription fees, you can take the money magazine as it is free. It is a digital magazine with no print versions available. You can get the daily edition of this magazine via email.

Articles on the Money magazine have careers, insurance, banking, and investing as the primary focus areas. You can also get articles related to travel, insurance, and retirement planning.

If you are the one who has just developed an interest in finance and investment, apply for the Money magazine now. It can also give you a clear overview of the various ways to save money and learn money management for a better future.

Dollar Scholar and Retire with Money are the two newsletters you can apply along with this magazine. These complimentary newsletters can provide you the answers to every finance-related question and the retirement plans as an investor. The best way to get the Money magazine subscription is by applying for it directly from the official website.

7. Inc.

Like Forbes, The Economist and Barron’s, Inc. is another well-known name in the finance world. It is one of the best magazines which both business persons and investors can consider as a staple read.

Even if you are not willing to invest in stocks and shares anytime soon, you can read the articles published on Inc. for getting the idea of starting a business. Most small-scale business holders subscribe to the Inc. magazine as it shows them the path to overcome financial difficulties and breakdowns of the business setup.

8. Wall Street Journal

Financial News in the U.S. and the Wall Street Journal goes hand to hand. It is not a magazine but a daily newspaper that every investor and entrepreneur must-read. All articles published in the Wall Street Journal are well-researched, and you can get the best ideas from them.

9. Grant’s Interest Rate Observer

The Grant’s Interest Rate Observer is a bi-weekly magazine that publishes articles focusing on market analysis. It is the most expensive finance magazine in the U.S., and not all can afford it. However, the quality of the article is also outstanding. You can subscribe to this magazine if you have enough money to invest.

10. Think Money

Think money is a quarterly magazine for all active traders residing in the U.S. It focuses on the details of bonds, equities, and shares, which you can learn about while planning to invest in the future.

Think money is a free magazine, and you can get it in the printed and digital version.

11. U.S. News and World Report

LIKE THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, the U.S. News and World Report is not a financial magazine but a mixed bag from where you can go through the articles related to trade. You can read this magazine regularly if you want to make an excellent future in trade and investment.

Final Words

The finance and investment field is globally-connected, and it is one of the determinants of the global economy. Investors who want to make money have to keep in mind many things related to the monetary condition and the market risks. These magazines can be of help when the concern is about the support and security of the investors.

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