The Future of Work is Work From Anywhere

Ever since the COVID-19 unleashed havoc on businesses across the globe, the organizations that have been able to adapt to the changing work environment quickly are the least affected.

As a result, work from home happened to be a more forced solution in most industries than a preferred choice. However, the benefits of working from home have been seen across multiple industries and businesses. Experts believe that the future of business is a work-from-anywhere ecosystem, and businesses need to be ready for this change.

While we are expecting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, there has been a growing realization among businesses that there is no going back to the ‘old normal.’

According to Pew Research, over half of the workforce working remotely during this time does not want to go back to the office for work even after the end of all of this. Over one-third of employees who had the option to join the office back recently continued to work remotely.

It is the right time to prepare for a future where your team can work from any location. In a work-from-anywhere environment, it is crucial to ensure that you can set the right processes that help you grow your business.

How do companies prepare for work from anywhere in the ecosystem?

There are a few factors that a businesses should focus on and prepare for a work-from-anywhere ecosystem:

  • Business leaders need to have an open mind and have a clear focus on the business objectives rather than the number of people working from the office.
  • Managers need to deal with proximity bias and also ensure that the workforce productivity is judged based on the KPIs and end-goals rather than the number of hours clocked in the office.
  • Adopt technology-based practices and processes as needed to grow the business while monitoring and managing the efficiency and productivity of the workforce.

Innovation leaders and managers must ensure that suitable systems and workflows are set up that are reliable, secure, and up-to-date. You can consider the following factors to start your journey towards creating a work from anywhere ecosystem in your organization.

Build a solid foundation

With the future being work from anywhere, technology is expected to play an integral role in driving the systems and workflows across organizations. Therefore, you would require reliable systems that can scale quickly to match the pace of the business growth.

It is vital to have the right employee productivity tracking software to build a solid foundation in the changing working environment. Call-center management is one of the focal areas which require a solid foundation, especially in a remote work model. Therefore, it is important to select the most suitable software among the various call center workforce management solutions available in the market.

Your go-to contact center workforce management software will play an integral role in setting the foundation. At the same time, the workforce productivity tool will assist you in focusing on employee productivity, data security & safety, among others.

Redefine systems & processes

One of the critical components in a hybrid work environment is to create suitable systems and processes so that you can accelerate business growth and drive workforce productivity.

A workforce productivity software can help you increase the efficiency of your workforce with the right parameters in place.

The workplace management solution also encourages remote collaboration and tracking workforce productivity. In addition, a contact center workforce management software can help you set up the processes as you get started at every step of this journey.

Embrace automation

One of the best ways to manage workforce efficiency in a hybrid work environment is to embrace automation. The basic idea behind this exercise is to automate the regular, mundane tasks that consume a significant amount of time of the workforce. Since it is expected that employees should continue to derive innovative solutions in the modern competitive business ecosystem, it is essential to provide them with the right workplace environment to focus on critical tasks at hand.

Contact center remote employee monitoring software helps you set up the right automation systems to remove unnecessary workflows and focus on tasks that can drive innovation in your business. Be it the regular, monotonous tasks that usually take up half your workforce’s time or complex systems that can boost business growth. You have the independence to choose the level of automation depending on the end objective of the business. Also, a contact center workforce management software would help you with automation supervision at scale.

Focus on end goals

For a work-from-anywhere system to succeed, businesses must focus on end-goals and managers need to move away from micromanagement. It involves the need to increase communication within your team so that they are aware of the changes taking place in the work environment.

It is equally critical to share the big picture with your team and explain to them how their contribution is helping the organization meet its objectives. As the changes are expected to be tracked by one of the call center workforce management solutions, it will increase productivity among the team as the performance is being judged on results achieved and not on hours clocked in office.

The last word

It is expected that work from anywhere will become part of the working culture of many organizations over the next few years. So, it is time to prepare for this learning curve today rather than to catch up tomorrow. The work-from-anywhere ecosystem is not only cost-effective but also empowers organizations to broaden their horizons to attract talent from various parts of the world. With work from home remote employee monitoring software for enterprises, employers can identify and bridge the gaps between productive and non-productive behavior of the workforce.

Therefore, operations heads and innovation leaders must choose the right workforce productivity software and prepare a better and productive workforce of tomorrow with future-ready technology today.

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