The Complete Guide to Beating an Escape Room

Escape room games have become immensely popular these days. More and more people have started to indulge themselves in playing escape room games. Many cities across the globe homes escape rooms and welcome players from all over the world. Regardless of age, birth, gender, or any other distinctions, everyone seems to have a gala time playing an escape room game. It can indeed be an excellent place for a family outing, or simply as a method to relieve the stress of the week or even a place to have your date night or any other private party.

Playing and winning an escape room might seem to be a tricky and challenging task to achieve at first, but it is not an impossible task. There are a few tips and tricks that might come in handy if you are new to the world of escape games. Let’s have a look at a few of the tricks to help you escape the room!

1. Get yourself and your team familiarized with the whole overall outlook of the escape room!

It is probably by far one of the most crucial things to do when you enter the escape room for the very first time. Have a look around yourself and take a glance at the whole outlook of the room. Generally, players shall find that no matter where or how the given escape room is located, most of them have an almost similar design. Even the rules and regulations about the escape room undoubtedly remain the same. Knowing the rules and regulations of playing the escape room game beforehand can be immensely helpful. Look around and inspect every corner of the room; leave no stone unturned! It is essential to know and keep in mind that every escape room is always designed so that players can find out the clues, thus hidden in the room and thereby escape the room!

2. Choose your team members in such a manner that you know them well enough!

Playing the escape room game with someone whom you already know does undoubtedly have its perks! In comparison to playing with absolutely unknown people or simply with strangers, it is always a great idea to play the game with someone you know well. By doing so, players shall have better compatibility as their teammates, which is impossible if one plays with people they hardly know well enough. After selecting your team members thus, you shall be able to play with better chances of winning. So, pick your team members judiciously, for that is what helps determine your chances of winning the game effectively!

3. Choose just the adequate number of team members to make your team!

Another crucial step in paving your way to winning an escape room game is judiciously picking just the correct number of people to serve as your teammates. Having not too many people to work as your team players is essential to keep in mind while forming the team. Picking too large a team to play an escape room game can do one more harm than good. The more people you have as your team members, it shall only seek to add to an overall increase in chaos. Many people huddle around, solving one puzzle or simply moving across the room and bump into each other. It shall only increase the total humdrum created inside the escape room.

On the other hand, having a far smaller number of members serving as your team players is not an efficient step to take. Having only a few members on your team shall make it tough to solve all the riddles within the given time and escape the room. Hence, it is advisable to choose not too many or too few people to play with you like your teammates. So go ahead and pick a good number of players while you form your team judiciously!

4. Never spend too much time solving one single riddle!

Many newbies to the world of escape games are often found to devote far too much time to trying to solve one single escape room game. Time management is probably one of the most crucial qualities to perfectly and wins an escape room game. None of the players should spend too much of their stipulated time trying to solve one single riddle. It is always advisable to divide the time inside the escape room judiciously. If any player finds it hard to solve one of the given riddles, it is better to keep it aside for the moment and move over to the next ones. After solving the other puzzles inside the escape rooms, one can again return to the unsolved riddle and then devote time to solve it. In this way, having your time inside the escape room spent in an organized and systematic manner is crucial to winning the game.

5. Have an unbroken stream communication maintained amongst your teammates

Communication is probably another most essential quality that one must harness if they wish to escape the room within the given time. Each of the players within the team should continuously keep communicating with the other team members throughout the gaming experience. Even though reading this as a tip might seem too obvious to do, players fail to achieve even this simple task more often than not. The team, which happens to be highly vocal and continues to share each other’s discoveries and ideas, happens to have the highest chances of winning the game.

Further, alongside voicing each other’s ideas, it is also important that players remain patient as they hear their team members’ opinions. Escape rooms are essentially team games, and hence, success can only be achieved here, only by exclusively working as a team. Suppose any team fails to have a good stream of communication within each of its members. In that case, their chances of winning the game become increasingly slim. So, ensure that your team members possess an unbroken string of contact with each other all along the game!

6. Leave no stone unturned as you search for clues inside the escape room!

Quite often, it is seen that players tend to overlook small things when inside the room. While playing an escape room game, it is always advisable that players do not leave out any of the items inside the room as they hunt for clues inside. Often, many of the clues might be hidden in unusual places, which most of us tend to overlook. Hence, while playing an escape room game, every player should always note the minor details in the room and leave no stone unturned as they search for clues. Many times, with the overall excitement of playing the escape room game, players tend to devote far too much time than necessary on irrelevant things and, in turn, lose out on their valuable time, which they could have committed elsewhere.

These tips shall come in handy to escape room enthusiasts who want to escape the room before the time runs out! While the feeling of finally escaping the room can be truly satisfying, it is equally important not to ignore the fun and joy of the overall experience.

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