5 Best Oil & Gas Safety Apps for Homeowners

Back in 1937, a gas leak explosion engulfed 300 students’ lives, whose school stood amid an oil and natural gas field. It was the New London School of Texas with gas as its chief source of energy. The blast was so horrific that it jolted the whole structure, tossing the school building in one blow.

Hence, mishandling can be fatal since oil & gas are volatile, kindling fire or even causing an explosion. The fumes carry lethal substances such as carbon monoxide that can make a person unconscious or lead to gas poisoning.

The incident of Texas School is just a fraction of the scars left by oil & gas in history. We can’t predict the recurrence of such tragedies. But at least take precautions to reduce the risk.

Here are the 5 Best gas & oil safety apps that will help homeowners improve their safety protocol. So take the time to inspect each app and learn the principles of protecting your family in times of emergency.

1. Oil & Gas Safety Management App

As a homeowner, you will need to inspect the appliances that use gas regularly. There could be a leak that can trigger a fire or cause other complications. Here, an app comes in handy.

The Oil & Gas safety app is built for conducting security inspections with easy access to a mobile device. You can instantly inspect for leaks and spillage with your mobile devices from anywhere. The app also saves your time on paperwork.

Main Features

  • Cache all inspection-related data on your phone.
  • Manage the emergency planning & preparedness.
  • Probe personal protective equipment at ease.
  • Share your reports across devices.

2. Gas Certification App

Keeping your family safe should be your number one priority. To do this, you will need to analyze things such as chimneys and pipework. You cannot do the safety inspection on your own, and hence you will need the service of an engineer.

To avail of these services, it is a great idea to download the app of a gas safety certification service. These engineers will inspect your appliances and issue a certificate making sure everything is safe and sound.

The average gas safety certificate cost in the United Kingdom ranges from euro 60 to 90, varying with location. If you are a landlord, then in countries like the UK, you need this certificate to comply with the law.

The gas certificate app is a good application that you can recommend to your engineers for instant certificate creation and storing multiple safety records.

Main Features

  • Order a gas certificate at any place.
  • Save records of completed certificates for easy access.
  • Bank-level encryption for customer records.

3. IAuditor – Checklist and Inspections

The human brain becomes frazzled when overloaded with tons of tasks. As a result, you will forget things quickly and might commit mistakes. Further, these types of errors can result in lost lives when dealing with highly flammable materials such as oil & gas.

So, you need to checklist every safety measure before coming back to your couch. The iAuditor app is a checklist and inspection app that makes it easier to monitor your security protocol. The most common uses of this app are safety, quality control, and operation.

Main Features

  • Conduct inspections in the field and set reminders for the future. You can also upload photos and add notes to assign follow-ups.
  • The iAuditor app allows connection with sensors to make your inspections automated.
  • You can share reports with people.
  • The master analytic feature will let you monitor your data feed.

Although this app is used by inspectors, you can use it to keep monitoring your home appliances as well!

4. First Aid and Emergency Techniques App

Emergencies can arise anywhere without notice and warning. Incidents such as fire, explosions, and other accidents always take place. So what will you do to save people’s lives in a state of emergency?

The First Aid and Emergency Technique application contains some basic guidelines for responding to emergencies. It’s a first aid manual for emergencies such as oil and gas incidents. Hence you can use these techniques to deal with things like burns and suffocation due to smoke.

Main Features

The app contains guidelines for:

  • Dealing with a house fire
  • Dealing with gas leakage
  • Incidents like stroke
  • Dealing with poisoning.
  • First aid for a burned victim.
  • Outdoor conditions like Snakebites.

5. SOS Alert – Emergency & Safety App

SOS alert is another app for emergencies such as gas leak explosions or fire due to oil spill. It’s not easy to deal with an emergency, especially when no one is with you. Therefore, contacting people can help you respond to an emergency more effectively.

The SOS alert application will help you out in a state of emergency by sending an SOS message to your contacts with one click. The app can get your GPS location and send your emergency message to the links you have registered. This smartphone application can be used in situations when you are alone.

Main Features

  • GPS tracking of your location and SOS message delivery to your contacts.
  • Your location link gets to your contacts, who can then get to you via Google maps.
  • SOS messages and emergency contacts are encrypted.
  • You can add further details to the SOS message later.

The Best 5 Oil & Gas Safety Apps that You Must download in 2021

With oil & gas safety apps, you can inspect and check your home appliances with ease. There is no room for mistakes when it comes to oil and gas. Therefore you must follow all necessary protocols to ensure the safety of your family as a homeowner.

The incidents caused by oil and gas need notice, as they show the extent of danger associated with these substances. Further, you can keep emergency response apps on your mobile device to deal with these conditions. Your emergency preparedness can help in saving lives in case of accidents resulted due to these substances.

Do you think we should take oil and gas maintenance seriously? If yes, then do share your answer below!

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