4 Ways Chatbots Are Streamlining Business Operations Amid The Global Lockdown

There is nothing to hide that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has made a huge negative impact on businesses. Not just it has affected the business sales but also compelled the organizations to implement the work-from-home strategy for the entire workforce.

To ensure constant business productivity and sales, managing the employees remotely and providing them better accessibility has become a major concern. Thanks to the robotic process automation solutions that have made workforce management so easier.

Employees working from home or at any remote station are expected to deliver quality results and keep themselves engaged with the business. To maintain constant business growth, enterprises are now deploying AI-chatbot in the business process.

Before we head on to discover the different ways chatbots can streamline business operations remotely, let us discuss what chatbots for enterprises are. This will help you to understand the job role of AI chatbot software & solutions in a better way.

What are AI-chatbots featured for enterprises?

AI-based chatbots used by enterprises are well-designed with national language processing algorithms that can simulate human conversations and provide an accurate response accordingly. The chatbots replace human efforts, improving business operations and providing better performance. Besides initiating conversations, the chatbots perform a plethora of tasks. By implementing chatbots you can leverage quick access to information, constant support to the IT-related issue, round the clock service whenever needed, training and managing employees, and so on.

HR chatbots, being one of the most demanding robotic process automation solutions, can enhance the business capabilities by managing the remote operations to the tee.

4 Different ways chatbots can streamline the business operations amid the lockdown

Yes, chatbots can benefit remote workers and deliver high productivity despite pandemic outbreaks and global lockdown. Let us know how!

1. Chatbots can improve the IT help desk experience for the employees: We know chatbots are responsible for responding to queries, managing IT-related issues, updating work status, fixing problems, etc. They support the system round the clock, ensuring a better IT help desk experience for the employees.

Chatbots can automate troubleshooting and send the issue request to an IT help desk agent. The agent, therefore, analyzes the problem and fixes it immediately. Now the latter is performed only when the chatbots are unable to resolve the issue.

Besides handling issues, with the robotic process automation solutions, the employees can even get easy access to the information, request tickets, and so on. This is possible because chatbots can be deployed across several channels.

Integrating chatbots with the IT help desk system can manage any incident by sending an alert to the concerned agent, informing about the status. The notification thus helps the employee to improve its work efficiency and productivity.

2. Chatbots can help employees to undergo training: In this remote working situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, every organization is struggling to acquire result-driven workforce management solutions. Thanks to the contribution of chatbots to this essential segment of a business process.

Due to the crisis situation, an employee can’t train a new joiner in person. Maintaining social distancing and working from home is the only way to avoid health issues. However, with the implementation of the chatbot strategy, trainers are free from such workloads.

In order to provide quality training to the employees, chatbots are enough to build professional skills and scale up their performance level. The AI-enabled chatbots integrated with the corporate training system showcase their talent by providing extreme knowledge to the employees, regardless of the time and device. The AI-based LMS software is thus quite helpful in delivering great training experience in this remote working system.

3. Chatbots can enhance sales and marketing operations: In business, sales and customer service are the two primary aspects that always need special attention. Fortunately, chatbots can be utilized to streamline the marketing process.

Chatbots when included in a customer support system can respond to the query raised by the customers instantly and accurately. The robotic system has the power to research the query and deliver up-to-date information to the user. The chatbots gather the data and provide appropriate information to every question asked by the customer.

In this global pandemic, when capturing leads and retaining existing customers are very important, deploying chatbots in the customer support system adds value to the business. It conducts interactive marketing campaigns, enables a strong business-customer relationship, and eventually shortens the sales cycle for optimum results.

4. Chatbots can build high employee engagement: Chatbots are defined as virtual assistants that can simulate conversations of the customers. The programmed bot is thus specialized in boosting internal communication, allowing the employees to access all possible information related to the organization. This what initiates high employee engagement and seamless communication.

Chatbots having AI capabilities provide better workforce management solutions to the enterprise amid the pandemic. They organize the tasks of the employees and ask them to confirm their assigned work. Besides work management, the HR chatbots can be integrated to ease out the employees with leave requests, shift swapping, viewing payslips, payroll information, and many more. This reduces the need of connecting with the HR team, if not otherwise.

Some important communication channels where chatbots are usually implemented are – Slack, Skype, Messenger, intranet, mobile apps, SharePoint space, and many more. They are enough to broadcast messages and deliver quality information to the right employee.

Wrapping Up

Therefore, there leaves no doubt that the chatbots for enterprises play a dominating role in this crisis situation. From simplifying the internal communication process to automating different business operations, integrating AI chatbot software & solutions can be a great move when you are looking for digital transformation in your business.

Don’t let the pandemic ruin your business-employee relationship. Optimize your business operations with robotic process automation solutions and get the benefits.

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