SAP Leonardo: The Future of ERP?

One of the latest innovations from the house of SAP, the platform re-introduced its ‘Leonardo’ platform in the later part of 2017. Making its comeback as a “digital innovation system,” the platform clears the confusion around the loT platform that it was previously considered.

So, what exactly is the SAP Leonardo platform? Let’s find it out.

SAP Leonardo: Definition

Named after the renowned painter of the renaissance era, SAP ‘Leonardo’ picks its name from Leonardo da Vinci. This platform is an empowering tool that allows organizations of vivid sizes to integrate the latest technological innovations into their ecosystem. The Leonardo platform aims at allowing businesses to reap the advantages of integrating the latest technological, ahead of their time.

This innovative system tends to deliver microservices and software, allowing businesses to leverage technologies that revolve around machine learning, the Internet of Things, blockchain, analytics, and Big Data. SAP Leonardo allows you to combine your ecosystem with cutting-edge technologies that integrate to offer access to a wide array of functionalities to businesses.

Now that we understand what SAP Leonardo is, let’s have a look at the main objectives that make the platform an innovative system.

Major Objectives of SAP Leonardo

The three major objectives that comprise SAP Leonardo as a digital innovation system are:

  • To allow organizations of every shape & size to innovate with their ecosystem, effectively & quickly.
  • To allow businesses to incorporate into the core functioning of the business.
  • To improve the scale of innovations and improve the value of the business.

The major objectives of the platform, further allow a business to focus on the six core aspects that make up Leonardo:

  • Blockchain
  • Machine Learning
  • Analytics
  • Data Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Internet of Things

Now that we understand the possibilities around the use of such innovative technology, let’s figure out the benefits of using the SAP Leonardo platform.

Why is SAP Leonardo the Future of ERP

1. SAP Leonardo marks the future of modern technology: As the name suggests, SAP Leonardo is a ‘digital innovation framework.’ The term notifies an umbrella term that allows the users of the platform to tap into SAP’s parts over one integrated platform. This way, the ecosystem is induced with mobility via a single application.

Further, SAP Leonardo remains connected with the SAP Consulting Services and the SAP Cloud Platform benefits. Interestingly, the platform is limited to the benefits of the platform and covers almost every other aspect of technological advancements that allows enterprises to tap into a pool of innovations.

2. SAP Leonardo is beyond technology; it’s more about design thinking: Under any given situation, SAP Leonardo isn’t limited to the term ‘innovation’. The platform is engineered around design thinking and strategy characterization, allowing businesses to tap into innovations that allow them to characterize strategies and address all the challenges around the business environment.

When it comes to SAP Leonardo, the platform utilizes the technology around design that allows businesses to take complete control over creative answers and thoughts, allowing the determination of use cases. Such design technology is that organizations today don’t merely require simplified innovation; they need to understand how innovation can help them improve a situation and discover the estimation around it.

3. SAP Leonardo uses evolving technologies with combined methodology: One of the most appealing highlights of integrating the SAP Leonardo platform in your ecosystem is that it allows businesses to incorporate different elements of SAP items around the latest advancements.

For instance, you can easily allow the Fiori applications to access IoT administrations over the SAP Cloud Platform. Further, when you introduce Leonardo to your ecosystem, it utilizes machine learning aspects to help you execute operations with better decision-making or give you better chances of curating proposals at maximum profits.

4. It takes Machine Learning, a step forward: SAP allows organizations to utilize the aspects of Machine Learning applications over the SAP S/4HANA cloud interface. For example, when you include SAP Leonardo in your business ecosystem, your business can easily make the most of different aspects like money compromise, invoicing, and also include Machine Learning into the ecosystem.

5. SAP Leonardo accepts the IoT: SAP Leonardo introduces new and improved advancements and administrations into the business. This way, the system integration allows the organizations to have complete control over their digital transformations.

Further, the integration of IoT empowered procedures over the SAP platforms allows businesses to augment improved business operations by giving accurate estimations around inventory. With SAP Leonardo, the estimation of items, including semi-completed, raw materials, or completed items, becomes easier and more organized.


Considering all the aspects of businesses that are put into place by the use of SAP Leonardo. We can conclude that it is going to be one of the most demanded technologies from the house of SAP. SAP Leonardo definitely has an exciting future for organizations that seek technical advancements in their operations.

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