What to Expect From an Outsourced Video Surveillance Service Provider?

Businesses have started focusing on their security surveillance arrangements, lately. Hence, the rise of V-Saas (Video surveillance as a service) has become a huge market today. The video surveillance market is predicted to be worth $62.6B by 2023.” (Source – statista)

The stakes are ulterior and technology is driving as a paramount force in enhancing CCTV surveillance aptitudes in the security businesses. Deterring crimes and security violations is the primary purpose of enterprise e-surveillance. However, it is useful to prevent internal thefts and monitor employee productivity, workplace hygiene. There are innumerable reasons like these to install the video surveillance system for enterprises.

Before beginning your video surveillance outsourcing journey, you need to have clarity on a few things. Otherwise, it can make you compromise on desired outcomes. So what to look for before hiring a video surveillance service provider?

In this article, we have rounded-up a must-have checklist that will give you an idea of what to expect from a third-party video surveillance service provider.

Opt for seamless video surveillance

You need constant video surveillance and for that, you need operators who can monitor and guard your commercial properties without blinking. The job role obliges them to stay focused always, just like an ‘eagle eye’. However, humans tend to miss out on noticing things as we have limitations on attentiveness. As a result, businesses start losing control over security surveillance. To counter these, businesses need highly trained and experienced operators to run consistent and seamless monitoring. You need operators with expertise in this realm, for example, being focused and detecting crime in real-time. Additionally, they need to be alert, agile, active, and always be on their toes to prevent crimes from taking place. Check with the team and examine if they are competent enough to carry out the job role.

The outsourced video surveillance service provider needs to have the flexibility to provide 24×7 support and have the perfect backup plan, in case anything falls short. For example, if some glitch occurs in the system, the operators can spot it immediately and have it fixed.

Always choose high-resolution cameras to get clear footage

Your physical assets are not safe unless the video cameras can deter the break-ins properly. Therefore, the quality of the camera feed needs to be high as it is crucial for effective monitoring. Traditional surveillance cameras are used to produce pixelated and blurred video feeds that were a hurdle for law-enforcement agencies to crack.

As advanced HD cameras and monitoring tools are introduced in the market, it has become easier for enterprises to stop crime in real-time. They can rotate, zoom and freeze camera frames to have a proper view to identify the trespassers and prevent the crime from happening.

Store your footage hasslefree and secure on the cloud

It is imperative that you directly save all the essential video footage safely in the cloud, off-site. It is a real chore for operators to move the heavy amount of data into multiple hard-drives and freeing up space. Data theft concerns, data leaks, and data loss always remain. The video footage from all the video cameras will be stored in one single location in the cloud, easily. Therefore, it would be simpler to retrieve or recover data when required. The operators sitting in the control room can access and manage effortlessly through smartphones, laptops from any part of the world.

Remote surveillance will keep you on-site while you are away

Managing e-surveillance monitoring at workplaces has not been easier for businesses, indeed. Having the nervure to control while away from the set-up was a struggle to overcome. Now video monitoring can be done over a remote device- be it on smartphones, tablets, and laptops only with an internet connection.

So outsourcing your video surveillance service to an expert who provides 24×7 remote surveillance would be a smarter idea, which will keep you an edge ahead from intruders.

Smartphone integration empowers enterprises for smart surveillance

Smartphones are the most essential part of a business today. They interact with clients and customers utilizing smartphones. This is the most important video surveillance feature top service providers offer. Having a video surveillance system integrated with smartphones allows an additional muffle to your commercial assets.

This advanced monitoring feature is included to notify any suspicious activities that turn up. Therefore installing e-surveillance monitoring on smartphones is becoming a game-changer in the security business. It allows enterprises and business owners to manage their workplaces and warehouses from anywhere in the world.

The contemporary trends of enterprise e-surveillance

Various factors are driving the e-surveillance monitoring trends in 2021, such as the transformation from traditional to innovation perspectives in organizations to achieve the video surveillance goals to portray business insights as additional security metrics. By consolidating the potential of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and cloud surveillance technology enterprises have created a secure and reliable video surveillance ambiance, which is, adding more value to their business. The use of video analytics and rapid cloud adoption is transforming video surveillance into a more flexible security arrangement.

Video analytics has become an integral part of the video surveillance ecosystem and already helping companies to manage security and beyond. The utilization of effortless and secured cloud storage technology has also earned its fair share of popularity.

As the world is still in an ‘isolation economy’, there is a certain demand for services that can increase efficiency and productivity at a low-cost. Here, advanced e-surveillance monitoring services equipped with smart video analytics and economical cloud storage solutions will play a major role.

Meanwhile, data privacy in video surveillance monitoring will remain to be a matter of concern. Though enterprises will look forward to discovering new ways to counter it and will throw greater importance to tightening measures.


With technological innovation, enterprises have also started adapting to the video surveillance ecosystem. It has paved the way for e-surveillance monitoring to have its indelible imprint in the security surveillance market.

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