Salesforce For Real Estate Business – The Good And Bad

Real estate is a highly competitive sector. To succeed in such a sector it is essential to have flexibility, efficiency, agility, and speed. These four factors are crucial for marketing and sales.

Real estate agents have to handle multiple clients simultaneously. They have to keep up with the contexts, preferences, and needs of all the clients and distinguish between them so that they can effectively negotiate deals.

Salesforce CRM is a comprehensive tool that integrates marketing data like referrals, client history, leads, etc., and sales.

Salesforce CRM has become an essential part of the real estate sector in recent years. To make the best use of the tool it is crucial to be aware of the good and bad things it has to offer.

Benefits of Salesforce CRM in real estate

With the advent of new technology, the real estate sector is becoming more competitive and efficient. CRM has become an easy and efficient solution to most of the challenges faced by realtors. Here are some reasons CRM salesforce is a vital component of real estate in 2021.

Keeping up the sales process

There are several steps involved in finalizing a deal. Keeping a close eye on all the steps, starting from getting in touch with potential clients to closing the deal, requires a well-organized system.

Salesforce CRM helps in maximizing sales and ensures that the client experience is effective and memorable. With a CRM realtors can connect multiple dots as it brings vendor management, customer management, project management, quality inspection, and property management on one platform.

Developers, agents, and brokers can use the CRM to track all the clients and stay up-to-date on all the agreements. The automation solution makes it possible to close more deals.

Built-in analytics

Many people find it comfortable to record the analytics using pen and paper which takes a lot of time. To keep with the evolving real estate sector it is essential to change to keep up with the competition.

Salesforce CRM is a worthy investment because it has in-built analytics. It can bring the data from several data checkpoints and assists in establishing a persona for customers. Knowing the clientele is crucial for finding leads and closing deals. Understanding the needs of customers allows realtors to offer properties that are best suited for them and improve the revenue potential.

Swift operations

It is important to be ready for fierce competition. There are going to be multiple competitors pursuing the same clientele as you. Salesforce offers a cloud-based storage system, allowing realtors to keep running the operations even if they are away from their workstations. It makes it possible to give prompt responses and take quick actions, increasing the chances of converting leads to sales. It also ensures the customer service is exceptional and memorable.

Unified communication

Communication is vital for closing real estate deals. The availability of multiple communication channels increases the complexity as the realtors have to keep an eye on a variety of communication platforms to stay in touch with clients.

Multiple calling and chatting modules are used for internal and external communications by real estate agencies. Salesforce makes it easier to keep up with all the communications as it unifies them to a single point. It makes it possible to keep all the team members on the same page making it possible to follow up on leads and clients. Efficient team collaboration is the key to increasing productivity.

Efficient data handling

The real estate industry has to handle content from a variety of sources and without a system, in place, it can become overwhelming. Companies have to get in touch with different clients using a variety of sources. Keeping track of all the leads and prevent losing potential clients becomes easier with the help of salesforce.

CRM makes sure that all the valuable and relevant information is easily accessible. It provides a centralized database that allows real estate agents to have a clear view of their business, identify weak spots, and make the required improvements. The easy access allows realtors to work from anywhere they want.


Managing real estate deals requires going through the same repetitive tasks for each property and client. The success of the real estate business depends significantly on the maintenance of the data. Real estate CRM makes maintenance faster and easier. The real estate CRM decreases the time spent on handling data and filling contact forms.

Salesforce CRM offers a tool that allows automatic fetching of information and files. The users can focus on more crucial aspects of finding and finalizing deals instead of spending hours organizing the data.

Establishing healthy customer relationships

Customers are the most valuable asset of a business. Creating long-lasting relationships with clients is the key to running a successful real estate business. Staying in touch is the key to earning customer’s trust. They can keep in touch with the help of non-intrusive and occasional emails, highlighting new updates that will keep the clients happy and satisfied. It can be used for maintaining a relationship with existing and old clients.

Evaluating performance

Real estate companies need to evaluate performance just like any other business to know whether they are doing well or not. Evaluating performance helps in identifying both, strong and weak points. It helps improve the business strategy to attract and finalize more leads. It can be used for keeping an eye on the digital marketing campaign and the results it is reaping.

Keeping up with the competition

Real estate is a competitive sector and keeping up with competitors is essential for keeping their approach and strategies fresh and up-to-date. Salesforce CRM is an efficient tool and makes it easier to track the performance of competitors.

Cons of Real estate Salesforce CRM

The impact of salesforce CRM in the real estate sector is mostly positive but there are always some challenges. Here are some cons real estate businesses face regarding the CRM.

High-cost customization

The customization of salesforce CRM is an excellent feature but it can also be a hurdle because the cost of customization can be unaffordable, especially for small real estate agencies. If you want to enjoy the benefits of customization, make sure you are prepared for the extra cost.

Complex tool

It is not a smart investment for small companies because they do not have a dedicated marketing and sales team to use a complex and powerful tool such as Salesforce CRM. It can be pretty overwhelming and end up costing money without giving any returns.

Technical support

The Salesforce CRM constantly gets updates and sometimes it can be hard to identify the newly added features. To fully understand the new additions real estate agencies may need to contact technical support which can be challenging. If you face an issue running the tool, it will take time to find to get the technical support you need to fix things and make sure it is up and running.


Salesforce CRM has become an integral part of the real estate sector. But before you decide to invest in it, it is essential to get advanced knowledge of what it has to offer to your business. It can take the performance of realtors to next level but if not used properly it can be a financial blunder, so it is important to make a well-informed decision.

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