Mobilization of Enterprises

Mobility solutions have provided great support to the dynamic work environment in today’s fast-paced world. But some IT directors hesitate to implement mobility solutions due to certain reasons. Some points of concern include data Security, increasing costs and chances of improper integration with the company network. But the fact remains, that enterprise mobile implementation will not only help organizations save on future costs but will also offer immense flexibility to mobile employees.

Data Security

A recent market survey of the IT industry indicates that majority of senior IT executives were concerned about data security if mobile solutions are implemented in the enterprise.

With mobility solutions, enterprises can protect important organizational data in several ways. These security options include data encryption, strong password protected system, restricted access to important data etc. These security measures relieve top level decision makers about security and integrity of data.

ROI of Enterprise Mobilization

A typical mobile enterprise plan must look into the procurement costs, the remote accessibility of devices and mobile app platform creation. One needs to look into all the factors collectively along with the essential factor of scalability for the success of the implementation. The ROI of enterprise mobilization can be realized once the costs associated with maintaining a mobile workforce is taken into the equation.

Integrating Multiple Devices

In the current work environment, the concept of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is growing rapidly. Employees either use their own devices or use company-sponsored gadgets to perform several day-to-day tasks. Laptops, latest mobile devices, tablets, iPads and the like have become an integral part of job for employees who are required to visit client locations as part of their routine schedule. Mobile apps provide comprehensive functionalities to stay updated with current market place on a real-time basis. Enterprises need to implement mobile software in their sponsored devices which support multiple platforms too. This is where the importance of cross platform mobile application comes into play. Implementing smart mobility not proves to be a cost-effective option for enterprises and helps the BYOD trend in many ways!

The development and implementation of an enterprise mobility approach in diverse organizations might prove to be costly and time-consuming. A custom asset management system can boost ROI of enterprise mobility by enhancing information security and promoting third party device integration.

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