An Instagram SEO Guide with Search by Interest

Instagram SEO plays a critical role for brand and business owners who plan to boost the engagement on their Instagram posts. Inthe beginning, you could only search by user account and hashtags. Later, a new feature was introduced known as search by interest.

With more than one billion dynamic month to month clients, a calculation zeroed in on visual disclosure and commitment, and in-application instruments to follow the investigation, Instagram in 2020 has advanced into a total promoting channel completely all alone one that holds a ton of potential for brands and organizations.

As an Instagram consumer, search by interest opens a wide door of opportunities, permitting you to search the topics of interest without applying relevant hashtags.

What Is Search by Interest?

Initially, when you wanted to find something on Instagram, you always had to use hashtags or account names. Even if you wrote something on the search bar, a long list was used to appear with the account name using the particular hashtags.

However, if you plan to search for some vacation photo ideas or project inspiration, you will find the restrictive nature of hashtags quite annoying.

The main goal of the search by interest is to let you scout by expanding the search horizons. Now when you search for something by typing the topic of interest, you will receive a wider range of results.

The Benefits of Instagram SEO for Business

When you want to promote your business, Instagram SEO can help you to get a boost in your marketing. Here are some reasons why this feature is worthy:

  • Potential audiences, who are looking for your promotional product, can find you faster.
  • A bigger and wider group of audiences can find your brand just by searching.
  • You can research more about your competitors.
  • It will help you to create more quality content.
  • You can find other relevant brands and audiences to connect with.

How to Use Instagram’s Search by Interest?

The search by interest feature is pretty straightforward. You can start searching whenever you want. However, some tips might help you to get the most out of this feature.

  • User Interaction: When you open the Instagram application, you’ll notice a search bar as a magnifying glass icon. This is the place where you need to type the topic of interest.Then you will notice tons of results. If you don’t like the first few ones, continue to scroll down until you find relevant search results.
  • How Search by Interest Benefit the Marketers: You can also use ‘search by interest’ for your marketing purposes. To achieve that, you need to encourage potential customers as well as new customers to follow your content. Keep your website ready to drive them there so they can do shopping.

Why You Should Prioritize Instagram SEO?

Now that you have a clear idea about search by interest, let’s talk about the importance of Instagram SEO.

What Is Instagram SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The small magnifying glass icon is the powerful search engine that helps users to find out the exact posts they are searching for. The search engine works using algorithms and data to generate relevant and appropriate results for the user.

According to, when you optimize your Instagram posts, you are double checking the hashtags, phrases, keywords, and so on. It will feed into the Instagram algorithm and make your content visible to interested users.

Why The Instagram SEO Is So Important?

Do you know why Instagram SEO is so much important? When you provide enough time and effort to create an amazing Instagram post, you need to make sure that you are receiving enough responses to your post.

With more than one billion active users, Instagram is a beneficial platform for marketers.

If you want to increase your followers, then buy active followers.

Difference between Search Engine SEO and Instagram SEO

When most people hear SEO, all they think is the website SEO and search engine optimization such as Google or Bing. That’s the most common concept of the word SEO.

However, when you think deeply, SEO can be implemented on any search engine optimization, whether it is Instagram or Google, or any other platform.

You should remember that Google searches for all social media platforms including all kinds of websites. That means when people search for anything related to your post, Google may visit your social media pages and provide results from there.

Tips To Improve Your Instagram SEO

You might be thinking about how to improve your Instagram SEO especially applying cool features like search by interest. To improve, you need to focus on what you post as well as the captions and hashtags.

Consistency Is the Key

As we discussed above, Google can visit social media pages such as Instagram to generate results. This is particularly true for usernames and profiles. When someone uses Google to search for your brand, your social media is likely to be generated in the results. So make sure that your username is relevant to your brand name.

Captions Are Important

Captions are one of the most important exploring features of Instagram. It will help you to pull new audiences based on the accounts and posts you have engaged with in the past.

Show Your True Self

The more you show your true side on Instagram, the better response you will receive. Surprisingly, some of the mind-blowing tips for Instagram SEO includes being natural and authentic.

Utilize Geo Location

Like hashtags, geotags are another factor that Instagram’s calculation considers while figuring out what substance to push out to clients’ Explore pages. In the event that somebody draws in with a great deal of substance labeled with Buffalo, New York geotags, for instance, that client is considerably more liable to find your substance naturally through their Explore page in the event that you additionally label your substance with a Buffalo, New York geotag regardless of whether that client doesn’t follow you.

Remember that geotags aren’t only applicable to neighborhood clients—they’re additionally excessively accommodating for tourists who may be searching for a magnificent eatery to eat at, a pleasant spot to shop, or simply something by and large fascinating to do while they’re visiting the area. Indeed, 33% of explorers revealed that they utilize web-based media to design future get-aways, discover travel tips, and take a gander at photographs of spots they desire to visit during their excursion. (I realize I’ve absolutely done something reasonable of investigating wall paintings and Instagram-commendable spots through geotags prior to taking off on an excursion!)

Optimize Your Bio

Whenever you have your watchwords made certain about, you’ll need to zero in on putting them deliberately where it makes a difference in your Instagram bio and handle. At the point when nearby organizations have in any event one of their center catchphrases in their presentation name as well as @username, they’re much bound to appear in the list items for proposed accounts.

Use alert while adding watchwords to your handle, however, or it may begin to appear to be malicious. For a business’ Instagram handle, we suggest zeroing in on your business name + one center catchphrase, as long as it sounds good to your crowd.


Undoubtedly, SEO is a vital part of your whole content strategy. They are massively related to the growing digital world. You need to take part in this growing world with Instagram SEO or any other social media platforms. Additionally, this ‘search by interest’ feature opens a portal of possibilities to the users. So, remember to use it wisely.

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