How Restaurant Loyalty Software Helps You Turn Visitors into Brand Advocates

Going the extra mile to win over customers is significant to flourish the customer relationship. The best restaurant loyalty programs allow you to connect with your audience effortlessly and seamlessly.

One of the biggest reasons why restaurants fail to utilize loyalty programs to the fullest is the incapability they face during redemption.

According to Statista, it is estimated that effective loyalty programs can generate revenue 2.5 times faster than before. And approximately 42% of restaurant businesses use a customer loyalty program to up-sell & cross-sell services.

By witnessing the increasing usage, 30% of restaurants offer a loyalty program, and 97% of users prefer to dine-in that offers exclusive rewards. If you don’t have a loyalty program in place today, you are missing out on hundreds of customers.

Let’s check out how loyalty programs help you win customers in a short time.

1. A Smart Platform for Personalization

To strengthen your relationship with your customers, you need complete information about your customers, including their interests, preferences, and habits. By using a customer loyalty program, you can collect data from various sources such as POS and online ordering systems that enable you to make robust customer profiles. With the use of analytics, you can deliver more personalized loyalty and offers to your customers.

2. Acquire New Customers Swiftly

The profitable loyalty program holds the ability to influence and engage customers in different ways. Only satisfied customers will certainly recommend your restaurant to their friends and family. It is an easy and quick way to gain more opportunities. Hence, it is crucial to satisfy the existing customers to improve the customer volume.

3. Influences Customer’s Purchase Decision & Spending

The loyalty program increases the chances to make more purchases and earn more rewards. Restaurant loyalty points software has high potential in making first-time customers to your loyal customers. It redefines the customer journey and makes your visitors into brand advocates. Using the potential of reward programs, you can generate extensive customer traffic and generate business revenue.

4. Works Seamlessly on Online & Offline Mode

Most of the loyalty software works in both online and offline mode. You can carry out various restaurant operations, including order placement, e-mail marketing, and more. After the restoration of the connection, the data will automatically be saved in the database. Thus, the solution manages all the work effortlessly and error-free.

5. Simpler & Cost-Effective Customer Data Management

Even if you are already using restaurant management software, loyalty app integration can provide access to personalized data that is not available otherwise. The program allows you to build a rich customer base for your restaurant. Based on the data, you can connect with your customers more engagingly.

6. Reward Customer Loyalty

We all know, acquiring a new customer can cost five to nine times more than rewarding an existing customer. Using a loyalty program, you can offer special discounts and loyalty points to your customers that add value to the guest experience and ultimately boost your sales graph. By keeping rewards personal and meaningful, you can win the hearts of your customers and entice them to come back to your restaurant.

Customer service and guest experience are the core of hospitality, so don’t hesitate to use these tools as they help your restaurant to run more efficiently.

To gain maximum profits by implementing loyalty software, you need to consider the following tips:

Make your Loyalty Program User-friendly and Intuitive: Loyalty is not a new concept. Now, most of the users are aware of different loyalty programs. The familiarity makes the adoption of the program simple. However, if you want to give a better user experience, make the program easy to navigate and understand.

Establish a digital and mobile strategy: Today, customers like to interact with businesses digitally. It means you have an opportunity to boost customer retention through a digital or mobile strategy. Moreover, it enables you to connect with your customers across all channels anytime and anywhere.

With an omnichannel approach, you can target a larger audience in a shorter time. Also, it becomes a practical way to introduce your restaurant to the competitive market.

Great Loyalty Programs Put Customers First: Positive customer experiences are the foundation of every well-executed loyalty program. It is imperative to determine whether a loyalty program has all the functionalities and features that are required for the restaurant’s growth or not.

Besides that, a loyalty program should have Chatbot integration so that customers can get answers to their queries 24*7. It not only boosts customer retention but also encourages customers to visit the restaurant again.

How Much Does a Restaurant Loyalty Program Cost?

Restaurant loyalty programs are an effective way to encourage repeat customers and minimize marketing costs. A recent study shows citizens of the U.S. hold 3.3 billion memberships in at least one rewards program, and there is a 26% year-over-year increase in that number. Undoubtedly, there is an opportunity for restaurant businesses to benefit from loyalty points software.

However, to develop successful customer loyalty software, you need to have a precise strategy and careful analysis. The first and foremost step is to calculate the cost of the restaurant loyalty program.

Determining the cost of a loyalty program at an initial stage is a tricky process as it is dependent on the structure and incentives of a given program. Many reliable loyalty software development companies are offering feature-rich and accurate loyalty cost calculator tool that allows you to get quick estimates of your restaurant loyalty software idea. Hire a reliable loyalty software development company to take guidance throughout the process.

Beat Features to include in your Restaurant Loyalty App

The cost is also dependent on the number of features you choose for your restaurant loyalty app. We have highlighted the main functionality that can help you achieve great results without incurring any additional costs.

  1. Rewards: One of the main features of a loyalty app is the reward functionality ability to earn, track and redeem points. Be clear and concise on what actions you wish to reward your customers. It encourages the customers to register in your loyalty program and win exciting rewards.
  2. Order in advance: Your customers Should have the ability to order ahead and pick up at their convenience. Moreover, you can allow your customers to add notes while ordering food. Give your customers complete freedom to customize their orders by adding or removing ingredients.
  3. Push Notifications: It is a go-to feature in your loyalty app that allows you to send daily reminders about your brand and inform customers about offers, deals, and much more. As it displays on the screen, it increases the chances of users to explore details about your discounts.
  4. Payments: Providing smooth and quick payment options is a necessity. Mobile app development companies ensure they use secure online payment services. Also, integrate QR code scanners for making payment swift and easy.


Whether it’s about generating offers or giving reward points on every order, the results are the same – more repetitive sales. Hire a top-notch loyalty software development company that has the experience and expertise in developing robust loyalty software for businesses. With the support of a reliable team, you can build scalable loyalty software and enjoy incredible ROI in the shortest time possible.

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