How to Write Business Emails Like a Boss

Have you ever wondered why business emails created by top influencers get numerous clicks? How to create a winning email that will surely reach the target audience and influence their buying decision? How to make business letters more appealing? In this post, we’ll share some secrets that will surely help you create powerful business emails. Let’s see how to create business emails like a pro!

Always Use Grammar or Spell Checkers

No matter what your email’s theme is, if it includes lots of grammar, lexical mistakes, or misprints, no one will read it until the end. It won’t get you anywhere. Remember that even inconspicuous spelling mistakes can ruin your business. To prevent this from happening, you have to use online spell check tools. Before sending your email, you need to insert the text into a spell checker. In a few seconds, the program will show all mistakes or misprints that you’ve made. Correct them, read your letter once again and send it!

Overview of the Main Etiquette Rules of Writing Business Emails

Email etiquette is a vital thing that you simply can’t miss. Here are a few crucially important things that will help you create effective letters:

  • Always define the main goal of your letter. Remember that it should be clear. After reading a few sentences of your email, your audience should immediately understand the main purpose of your letter.
  • Make it short but informative. No one likes reading too long letters. Moreover, some users may immediately close your email when they see a too lengthy text. Remember that a recipient spends a few seconds on your message. Five seconds are enough for them to understand its purpose. Therefore, you have to make it clear and concise.
  • Make a brief introduction. It should clearly state the fundamental idea of your message. Appreciate the time of your target audience.
  • Treat your audience with empathy. Make them feel their value. Double-check your business email before sending it and make sure it is short, informative, and polite.

Following these etiquette rules, you’ll surely create a clear, informative, and polite business letter!

The Main Steps to Follow When Writing a Powerful Business Letter

As well as any other creative task, this one also has a specific structure that will make your letter look more organized:

  • A short greeting (the format of your greeting is contingent on the purpose of your letter).
  • Thank your audience and proceed with a compliment.
  • Show the main goal of your email. Explain why you want to reach out to this person and what products or services you wish to offer.
  • If your letter is too long, make it structured. Subdivide it into a few paragraphs. In doing so, it will be easier to read it.
  • Add a call to action at the end of your email. Make the targeted audience use your offer.
  • Complete your writing with a closing message and your signature.

This is the main structure that you need to follow.

Avoid Slang

Remember that chatting with your friends online and writing business emails are absolutely different tasks. Therefore, you have to avoid slang or informal writing style. Otherwise, your colleagues and the targeted audience won’t understand you. Overall, slang can spoil your letter’s general image, and it will immediately be moved to thrash. Moreover, you have to make sure that you don’t use colorful backgrounds and emoticons. Colorful fonts are also not allowed. Use a standard font (Times New Roman or Arial) and avoid colorful backgrounds. If your overriding purpose is building strong, profitable, and long-lasting business relationships with your partners or clients, you have to consider this rule.

Don’t Use Passive Voice or Reduce It to the Minimum

Double-check your email once again and use Active Voice instead of Passive Voice, where it is possible. Experts say that Passive Voice can ruin your reputation and spoil your business emails. It goes without saying that you simply can’t do without Passive Voice in some instances, but you have to reduce it to the minimum. Before sending your email to the audience, make sure Active Voice is used everywhere where it is possible. In doing so, you’ll make your email smoother.

Sometimes, business emails are underestimated. However, they can influence your business and help increase your income. Check our pieces of advice once again and make sure you follow all these rules when writing business offers. Success is guaranteed!

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