Top 12 Facebook Marketing Software

Marketers are starting to understand the potential of Facebook as a marketing software. There is a lot of depth to Facebook marketing other than Facebook adverts. If you want to change the way you market and increase results, then get online dissertation help for your dissertations because this is going to take a while. You can easily ask any reliable company to do my online class. Once you have that sorted, let us begin! Here are all the tools Facebook provides to increase engagement on your page.

1. Facebook Messenger

There is a lot more that Facebook messenger can do than we give it credit for. Many people ignore the Facebook messenger but it is the best option for digital marketers today! If you pay it heed now, you will be able to reap the benefits the others will be late to know. The best part is there is no rocket science in it. All you have to do is connect with people using the messenger as an extension.

Facebook messaging is far more effective than emails. More people are inclined to open the messenger rather than the email. It is also cost-effective; you can spend less on it than you would spend on Facebook ads and the results are always better.

2. Private Replies

Comment guard is a marketing feature that Facebook allows people to use. You can now add people who comment on your posts to your contact list. This boosts your engagement exponentially. It works by automatically replying to commenters on their private messengers. It works best when you have engaging content on your pages such as quizzes or debates. All the replies will turn into warm leads using this feature.

However, to use this feature you will have to download the MobileMonkey App. Don’t worry this app will only do you good. You will learn that further into the post. To use Comment guard, push the button on the MobileMonkey App and create a message that you would like to respond with. You will have to point it to your landing page and apply it to the post you want. That’s it! you will engage many people using this.

3. Messenger Ads

Here again, you will have to take help from MobileMonkey. It works in the same way as a Facebook ad. The only difference is that the audience will not be directed to a landing page but it will be directed to a Facebook messenger. Here the bot will respond to all their queries and also give them lucrative deals. Responding to all those people on your own can be quite difficult and in this way, you will not only be able to save time but you will also be able to increase engagement.

4. Chat Blaster

MobileMonkey helps you reach out to all of your messenger contact lists at once. You can send bulk messages, offers or whatever is a part of your marketing. MobileMonkey makes it easier for you to do targeted marketing as you can narrow down your audience using the MobileMonkey app. This is a very powerful tool if used properly.

5. Fan Invites 

It is not easy to increase the audience on your Facebook page, but that is soon going to change. Facebook allows you to send a personal invite to people who have reacted on your posts. This invite is to ask them to be a fan of your page. This works wonders as you are targeting people who have already engaged with your post and will most likely like your page to be a fan. This way you will get fans who will engage with your posts and bring your engagement up! Choose the most with most reacts and invite all of them.

6. Email Invitations

You can wisely incorporate two platforms in your marketing and reap the benefits on both of them. Here you can combine email marketing with Facebook. To get the emails of your audience you can find the emails on your Facebook group page. At the moment, you will have to do this one by one as there is no bulk software for this. The longer your email list the longer it will take but don’t give up. It will give you the results you want.

7. Ad Espionage

Getting information on your marketing performance is very important. It is even more important to find out how your competitors are marketing. You can open their Facebook pages and on the top right corner will be three dots, clicking on those will reveal a lot of information. You can find out where the managers of the page are from, what are the active ads and such information. You can view their ads and see just how they are advertising. Compare them to yours and see the difference.

8. Competitor Gauge

Don’t know who your competition is? Don’t worry! Using Facebook algorithm you will be able to find out who your competitor is. It gives you a list of all the pages you need to watch out. You can even add them to your special list and watch all their activity. This will help you understand what your page lacks and all that at you can do to improve the engagement on your page.

9. Follower Insights

Knowing your audience is important so that you can make a targeted marketing plan. Facebook allows you to find out where your audience is from. You can also find out where exactly your page was followed.

10. Audience Demographic

Find out which age groups follow your page so that you can create content that fits the interests of the targeted age groups. You need to keep in mind that not all age groups will follow your page and engage with your posts as it might not interest them.

11. Email Addresses & Phone Numbers

People are very hesitant in giving out their email addresses and phone numbers. But you do not have to face any issues with Facebook messenger marketing. You can design a chat box that asks for these details from your audience so that you can expand your marketing. This way you won’t have to beg them for their phone numbers and emails and they will easily fill out the forms.

12. Track Of Conversions

Facebook’s ads manager arms you with a lot of detail. Using that detail you will be able to track all the conversions and improve your marketing game. But make sure you are looking at the right conversions and are not overlooking the ones that are important. Here are five conversions you should have a keen eye on:

  1. Website Conversions
  2. Website Registrations Completed
  3. Website Leads
  4. Website Purchases
  5. Website Searches

That’s it, folks! Hopefully, we have been able to give you a direction to improve your Facebook marketing.

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