How To Use Instagram Marketing To Drive Business Growth?

If you follow HootSuite’s report, you would know that social media trends suggest almost 60% of the companies are looking to increase their marketing budget for Instagram for 2021, and nearly 50% of them want to take the same approach with LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook. The reason behind trusting Instagram can be the number of users that increased from July to September 2020. Plus, its advertising reach also depicted a jump of about 7.1% in the latest quarter. Experts point out that it crossed Facebook in this area more than three times, which saw only 2.2% growth. Going by this, it makes sense to utilize this channel for your brand.

B2B and B2C models can struggle a bit when it comes to including Instagram in their marketing strategy. However, there are ways to leverage it and gain mileage regardless of your industry and business. When you use Instagram for marketing purposes, you create brand awareness among the target audience, boost your business’s relevance, and witness a rise in customer acquisition and engagement.

Here are some simple Instagram marketing tricks to apply and reap benefits.

Brand identity

Establish your brand values clearly with a theme to draw the attention of potential customers. It should be interesting for them to find your products and services. Make sure your Instagram page is a complete representation of the company through photos and videos. However, it should not be devoid of aesthetics. Don’t put any random stuff there. And whatever you upload, it should stick to the specific type of filter, color, font, etc. In essence, maintaining consistency is a must.

Set Some Goals

When utilizing any promoting channel, it’s imperative to have objectives you need to accomplish. Instagram is the same. In case you will put your time and cash on Instagram for business, ask: “What would we like to accomplish?”

Here are some shared objectives that brands, groups, and people will, in general, decide for their Instagram presence:

  1. Feature your items or administrations
  2. Fabricate your local area
  3. Increment consciousness of your image
  4. Exhibit your organization culture and qualities
  5. Publicize to likely clients
  6. Increment brand devotion
  7. Offer organization news and updates

At Buffer, the two objectives we’ve chosen to zero in on are:

  1. To fabricate and sustain a drew in the local area of Buffer clients and allies.
  2. To zero in on persistently increment commitment on all of our posts.

Defining these objectives heretofore truly causes us to characterize the kinds of substance we share on the stage and how we measure achievement.


Any marketing campaign aims to drive user engagement and revenue. So it is necessary to apply strategies that pique their interest and make them take action. Nowadays, interactive content has become a potent tool in the hands of social media and digital marketers. You can also experiment with it to increase your follower count and loyal customer base. Some of the popular means of interactive content are quizzes and polls, carousel posts, stop-motion videos, etc. You can use any or a combination of them to increase your content’s popularity and thereby the brand’s visibility. Massive success may not happen overnight, but you can expect a breakthrough with persistence and conscious efforts.

In this context, it is necessary to realize that you may not earn a bucket full of likes instantly unless you have a solid follower count and engagement. However, it doesn’t mean you should wait for it to materialize over time. Time is money and an opportunity to move faster. Hence, please buy likes on Instagram. These can be free or paid versions based on your requirement and the vendor you select for this kind of affiliation. No matter how you deal, make sure the likes are authentic. Eventually, these can open a floodgate of organic likes and followers for you.

Influencer marketing

There can be naysayers talking of the inefficacy of Instagram influencers in marketing campaigns. But you don’t need to feel discouraged. It is just that be careful about what you pay. Influencer marketing can be out of the question for companies not having a reasonable budget. However, you can opt for an alternative way in this area. Find out companies that have tied up with influencers and collaborate with them for an initiative.

Focus on the First Impression of Your Page

Early introductions matter. This assertion remains constant in reality just as the virtual world.

As an advertiser, you need to perceive that. It’s a similar motivation behind why composing a compelling blog entry acquaintance is essential with your substance procedure.

When an Instagram client taps on your profile, what’s the principal thing they see?

They see your profile picture, history, and your latest posts. Returning to our last point about after clients to develop your own supporter base, when a client clicks your profile, they shouldn’t have any inquiries.

What I mean by that is this. Your profile should state what your identity is and what you do.

Having your logo as your profile picture bodes well. It’s considerably more conspicuous than an irregular image of an individual or one of your items.

Instagram insights

It is a free analytics tool on Instagram that you can use to get specific metrics. For example, you can check the audience reach with a percentage showing a dip or rise. It can inform you about your content’s performance, total follower count, number of times content got shared, and more. You can take hold of this tool to understand what worked and what did not. Based on this, you can develop more content strategies and marketing steps.

Write Effective Bio

All that’s needed is two-tenths of a second for somebody to frame an assessment on your image on the web. This implies it’s unimaginably critical to establish an extraordinary first connection with the substance of your Instagram profile and bio.

Your profile merits a ton of adoration as it’s probably going to be one of the primary things individuals see when they click on your profile. It will likewise assume a vital job in the moves somebody chooses to make whenever they’ve arrived on your profile, as well. It could tempt them to follow you, look through some a greater amount of your substance or even snap the connection back to your site.

Post Consistently

Consistency and distributing recurrence can assist your crowd with realizing when to anticipate new substance from you, and keeping a reliable timetable ensures you boost commitment without hitting any breaks or stretches without refreshes. Any Instagram procedure ought to unmistakably diagram an objective post recurrence to help keep you on target.

An examination by Union Metrics found that most brands post to Instagram every day. Indeed, the normal was 1.5 posts every day. The examination likewise discovered — and this was truly intriguing — that there was no connection between’s expanded recurrence and lower commitment, which means marks that posted more than two times every day didn’t perceive any evil impacts.

Analyze Your Most Successful Post

It’s critical to watch out for what’s working and what’s not on Instagram and probably the most ideal approaches to do this is by bringing a jump into your Instagram examination to beware of things like:

  • Which posts are getting the most like
  • How the number of posts you offer can impact your commitment
  • You’re most remarked on substance

Instagram offers investigation inside its business apparatuses and these can be incredible to detect a few patterns and however in case you’re hoping to burrow somewhat more profound, it very well may merit looking at Buffer’s Instagram examination. With Instagram examination on Buffer paid plans, you can sort each post by the most well known, most likes, and post remarks. You can likewise choose any custom time period or from presets like 7, 30, or 90 days. This is a fabulous method to watch out for patterns and what’s performing.

Experiment with user generated content

As advertisers, we shouldn’t just be centered on making content ourselves; we ought to likewise be pondering how we can make openings for content creation and how we can make moving encounters that urge our local area to make content for them.

Client produced content (UGC) alludes to any type of substance made by givers (who will in general be local area individuals).

UGC can come in numerous structures, for example, pictures, recordings, and tweets. Also, it’s very amazing — as per research from advertising startup Crowd tap and the worldwide think-tank IPOs, Millennials and different ages trust UGC half more than different sorts of media.

Where conceivable, attempt to urge your local area to share significant minutes and encounters they have with your image across Instagram and ask authorization to repost the absolute best substance to your own channels. At Buffer, we attempted this procedure and it assisted with becoming our Instagram crowd by over 60%.

Try Stories Takeover with Other Brands

A takeover is a coordinated effort where you and another Instagram client or brand show up on one another’s channel and offer substance to Stories. Takeovers basically work a lot of like a visitor post on your blog or a cool visitor joining your webcast.

At Buffer we’ve explored different avenues regarding a couple of takeovers with brands like Track Maven and influencers, for example, Brian Fanzo, where he assumed control over our Buffer Instagram Stories and our Social Media Manager, Brian, assumed control over his:

These organizations can work extraordinary when a splendid substance is conveyed on the two sides and worth is being given to every crowd. For instance, in case you’re a home furniture organization, you could bounce on a takeover with a land organization and discussion a little about how to make the ideal room format. On the other side, the land organization could likewise utilize your Instagram Stories to offer guidance on purchasing and selling land.

Use “Swipe Up” feature

The swipe up element is a distinct advantage for organizations.

For quite a long time, you likely experienced some difficulty getting clients on Instagram to explore your site from a particular connection. You would post substance and afterward direct individuals to click a connection in your profile.

In any case, that procedure has heaps of issues.

To start with, it’s an additional progression for the client. They need to explore your profile page and afterward make another snap.

Individuals would prefer not to experience that problem.

Besides, imagine a scenario where you need to advance two diverse presentation pages. Or then again perhaps three? or then again four?

You won’t have different connections in your profile. That is excessively confounding.

The swipe up component takes out this issue. Presently you can utilize your Instagram story to drive traffic straightforwardly to explicit points of arrival.

Use Shoppable Post

In the event that you have an eCommerce brand, you need to exploit shoppable posts.

This procedure permits you to sell items straightforwardly through the Instagram stage.

The motivation behind why I love this component so much is that it expands the odds of getting your current and imminent clients to purchase something. Here’s the reason.

At the present time, you’re depending on customers exploring your site to purchase your items.

This can be from natural traffic, paid advertisements, or direct route.

The issue is that individuals likely won’t do this consistently. However, they’re dynamic on Instagram every day.

Indeed, 500 million individuals use Instagram consistently. So there’s an incredible possibility your objective market falls into this class.


It would be best if you did not treat your brand as a soulless entity. Make it feel human. You can achieve this by posting content about the real people behind the brand and products. For example, if you are a footwear company, you can show people wearing them based on the theme. To be precise, if you have to film a video for hiking shoes, show people wearing them on hiking trails.

Some people emphasize the importance of adding hashtags also. While it is also an integral part of any Instagram marketing campaign, you should not stuff your posts with these. It can dilute the aesthetic and value proposition of your content. Some people can find it annoying too. Hence, ensure that you take a balanced approach with this.

Like these, you can imagine doing hundreds of things on Instagram to make your marketing efforts successful. Don’t shy away from trying anything new that vibes with your brand if you want to do well. It can make your marketing game fast and effective.

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