Integrating Top Expense Management Apps with QuickBooks

All companies need to track the cost of doing business, to understand the flow of operations.

Accounting and expense management are two things important for businesses to ensure longevity.

In 2021, top organizations and firms are preferring expense management apps to reduce the operational & financial cost of the business. Whereas, QuickBooks is the most trusted accounting software for all businesses.

The mix of QuickBooks accounting with an expense management app will be rewarding in the enhancement of overall business revenue.

QuickBooks is the software having the necessary space to integrate with other apps to make the business operations stronger. Both applications can run parallel to each other and get hosted on the cloud easily.

Let us look into the benefits of expense management apps and the ones that can be integrated with QuickBooks……………

Importance of Expense Management Apps

If you have a business with a sizeable amount of people working for the organization, it is better to have software that can calculate the expenses effectively.

The expense management apps are meant to replace the paper reports and piles of spreadsheets with technological tools.

Businesses of all sizes can simplify their T&E operations with automated expense reporting software. It will be one of the best ways to enhance productivity & boost the bottom line.

Also, the employees can submit their expense report and the corresponding documents directly into their app using any sort of device, eliminating the need to fill out paper forms or slips.

Here are the top benefits of expense management application:

  1. Fewer delays and errors
  2. Enforcement of expense policy
  3. Simpler and faster processing
  4. Faster reimbursement of employee funds
  5. Increase of operational efficiency
  6. Enhanced productivity
  7. Increase of compliance and simple reporting
  8. Improved visibility of expenses

You will be happily surprised to manage the expense of the business on the right track with the help of expense management calculations. Integrate QuickBooks with an expense management app to run both the operations simultaneously.

The software will be the best option for businesses to ensure efficient submission of expenses for employees and receive reimbursement at any time.

The automation feature of the expense management software is also contributing to an increase in accounting accuracy.

Businesses can flag errors and duplicate entries using this kind of expense management software. It also sends alerts if the report or payment is overdue from the client or customer.

Best Expense Management Apps that can Integrate with QuickBooks


It is one kind of purchasing software that has features like inventory tracking, stock management, purchase order management, and more. The app can easily integrate with QuickBooks.

With the integration of both the apps, one can easily track the inventories across multiple warehouse locations. Thus, businesses can run the operation smoothly and with minimum errors.

Increase your profits and lower the operating costs with the integration of Bellwether and QuickBooks. The process also brings all inventories, vendors, and purchase orders on a single platform.


It is a cloud-based expense management app that uses real-time data to manage transactions. Businesses can also manage different accounts along with calendars & summaries in a transparent way.

The project expenses can be tracked by business owners with the calculation of time & money spent by an employee or a business. You can also calculate the travel expenses incurred by the user, domestically & internationally.

Expensify also can automate the entire expense process and end up saving valuable time & money for the business. One can easily integrate the app with QuickBooks without much changes in its interface.

Accounting CS

The accounting software has a wide range of expense management characteristics like automated reporting management, fitting of entity types, and more.

It is the best-suited accounting software for accountants and has functions like analysis of financial statements, payrolls, & bank-based accounts together.

The app is having a smart interface that finds the accounting needs and makes up the time needed for you to enter the data. The integration with cloud-hosted QuickBooks will assist the employee to collaborate on a real-time basis.

The easy integration of Accounting CS with QuickBooks will provide multiple benefits for medium & large size companies looking for real-time collaboration.


It is the kind of expense management app that makes migration of data like invoices, business expenses, & clients hassle-free. The app can easily adapt to the existing setting of QuickBooks for quick communication.

The integration of both the applications help to post invoices from QuickBooks for processing & bookkeeping. BigTime is the application to have more control over the data when exported to QuickBooks & then customize the view.

It is possible to eliminate the chances of repetitive data entry and save some valuable time.


It is the other type of expense management app that has features like time tracking and project management. The app is also a favorite among CPAs and accountants!

The features like auto-populate timesheets, run multiple timers, record time & expenses, and invoice management makes BillQuick one of the most desirable expense management apps.

It is the software that is even beneficial for non-finance based businesses like architects, the education industry, engineering, and more.

The building of bills becomes easier with the app and it also enables automatic invoices. Businesses can also reduce the element of manual errors with the BillQuick software.

The extensive reporting capabilities help businesses gather actionable insights & analyze the statements precisely.

Final Thoughts!

It is now possible to use the accounting and expense management software with proper integration.

QuickBooks is the accounting software that is helping businesses manage the accounts easily and the expense management software along with it will surely make the financial operations smoother.

Multiple kinds of expense management apps are integrated with QuickBooks in 2021. Choose the kind of app that suits your business needs!

Select the right kind of cloud hosting provider who can assist in the selection of expense management app to be integrated with the QuickBooks accounting software.

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