How to Take Your Virtual Meeting to The Next Level

Today, organisations around the world have mastered virtual meetings by now. Right? The technology is running smoothly, and everyone has settled into a pleasant routine. Virtual meetings have gained immense popularity over the past few months. Today, it has become an integral part of every organisation to connect and network with the remote workforce effortlessly.

Working remotely has become the new norm in the current business scene. However, although some people prefer working from home, others despise it. Businesses all across the country are working on installing and managing a remote team. A sudden surge in the percentage of virtual meetings has been noted ever since the global pandemic came into the picture. With the ongoing demand for virtual meetings, a large number of virtual meeting platforms emerged in the market. Today, there are ample virtual meeting platforms available in the market that offers a wide range of exuberant features.

Virtual meetings offer many benefits and can be attended by attendees from anywhere irrespective of geographical location. But, one of the dangers of remote meetings is that many of them become predictable much before it starts. Agendas become standard. A little presentation on slides. There are a few major contributors. It’s no surprise that it’s so simple for attendees to become sidetracked and lose interest in the ongoing virtual meeting. However, there are various virtual meeting platforms available in the market that offers a wide range of features. These exciting features offered by the platform helps in making virtual meetings more interesting, thus keeping attendees engaged.

However, on the flip side organisations are fighting to keep their workers productive, engaged, and happy while working from home, which is far easier said than done.

In this blog, we have uncovered some advice on how to take your virtual team meetings to the next level and achieve maximum out of it. Some tips to boost your employee’s productivity, engagements and achieve maximum results out of your virtual meetings are listed below. So, let’s dig in without any further delay!

12 Effective Tips to Take Your Virtual Meetings to the Next Level

We have listed some of the top tips to take the virtual meetings to the next level and achieve maximum out of them!

1. Concentrate on your objectives

Meetings always have an agenda. Make sure you are clear about your meeting objectives before you start planning one. Meetings, whether virtual or hybrid, must have specific, relevant, and to-the-point objectives to achieve. If you are well aware of your objectives you will create a strategy accordingly. It is critical to keep all meeting participants engaged and ensure that they retain throughout the meeting. Furthermore, respect everyone’s time by keeping to the meeting agenda’s in bullet points. Otherwise, faculty and staff will be disorganised and multitasking thus resulting in losing their focus from the meeting.

2. Always extend a friendly greeting to your attendees

When transitioning to a remote team, you’ll want to keep things as consistent as possible. While having talks at the water cooler is difficult, greeting each other does not have to change. Just like physical meetings, make it a point to greet your virtual meeting participants before the start of the meeting. Attendees should always greet each other, especially when it comes to virtual meeting etiquette. It helps in breaking the ice between attendees to have free-flowing interactions during the online meeting.

3. Check with members on a regular basis

Another virtual meeting best practice is to check with your team members on a regular basis. In fact, merely checking in with one another might be a significant step to move in the right direction, if you’re seeking ways to improve virtual meetings. Check for the time availability before organising one to ensure maximum attendance.

4. Allow members to have real-time group conversations & breakout rooms

Select a platform that enables attendees to have group conversations in real-time. A platform that offers networking lounges and external third-party app integrations such as google meet, zoom meetings, should be your pick to host virtual meetings. It facilitates attendees to network freely in real-time. Starting with a group chat is one of the greatest methods to get the most out of these sessions. The meeting administrator can then use breakout rooms, channels, or other meeting links to divide grade levels or other groups. One of the effective tips to take your virtual meetings to the next level.

5. Engage participants during the virtual meeting

Offer various options for engagements during virtual meetings to keep your attendees engaged as long as the meeting lasts. Engaging attendees virtually is quite a challenge as they are not surrounded by other attendees. The slightest distraction at the home such as a knock on a door or a ring on the doorbell may result in losing concentration. Thus, resulting in making they leave the virtual meeting in between.

You can offer various opportunities for engagement for your virtual attendees. You can opt to organise quizzes, contests, Q&A sessions, and more to keep your attendees engaged. Additionally, you can even integrate fun elements into your virtual meetings by organising certain games such as trivia, crossword puzzles, spin the wheel, and more. It helps in lighting up the environment and boost excitement at virtual meetings. Thus keeping attendees engaged throughout.

6. Respond to questions asked as soon as possible

When you work in-house, an employee can come into your office and ask you a question. And, even if you’re busy, you’re more likely to provide them an immediate response. When working remotely, though, that rapid response isn’t always available. Whether you’re looking for ways to make virtual meetings more participatory or want to increase one-on-one communication, make sure you respond to your team’s questions as soon as possible. It will help in elevating your virtual meetings and take them to another level.

7. Use pre-recorded videos in your virtual meetings

The meeting administrator can provide a pre-recorded video containing crucial information whether the meeting is in-person or virtual. It will help in delivering relevant information to meeting participants even if a last-minute error occurs during the live event. It is one of the safest options to have pre-recorded videos in a virtual meeting to achieve maximum out of it.

8. Gather attendee feedback

Collect feedback from your team members after a virtual meeting. It is an easy way to gain the attendee’s opinions. It will help you in identifying which activities engaged attendees and which does not. With this, you will get clarity on what to include in future virtual meetings and whatnot.

9. Organise a small Q&A session after the virtual meeting

Another best tip to uplift your virtual meeting experience is organising Q&A sessions. Participants will be able to ask questions and clarify their comprehension of key meeting points during Q&A sessions. Address all the relevant questions asked by attendees during the session. It will help in enhancing user experiences and uplifting virtual meetings effortlessly.

10. Podcasts should be included

Another type of flipped meeting is podcasting. While cleaning up their classrooms at the end of the day, in their cars, or at home, participants can listen to a podcast, which can contain all of the vital information needed for the week or month. Faculty and staff can follow up with their leadership team to acquire answers to their queries or to receive the assistance they require.

11. Conduct Live polls

Options for Live polling are also available on several virtual meeting platforms. While this can be an excellent tool for engaging attendees with the event. It can be used by a skilled meeting leader to engage attendees effortlessly. Additionally, it helps in acquiring the honest attendee’s opinions. Live polls not only help in acquiring attendees’ opinions, gaining feedbacks but also keep attendees engaged. Thus, resulting in elevating virtual meeting experiences and taking your meetings to the next level.

12. Networking Options

Offer various options to your remote meeting members to have real-time interactions in the virtual world. Allow them to interact freely with other participants, speakers, and hosts in real-time via live audio, video, and text chat functionalities. You can look for a virtual event platform that offers a wide range of advanced networking features. Virtual roundtables, live chat capabilities, networking lounge, external plugins, AI-matchmaking, and more are some of the networking features that make networking easy in a virtual environment. Thus, elevating your virtual meeting experiences and taking them to the next level.

Over to You

Virtual meetings are in the trend and are likely to stay here forever. Many large-scale organisations around the world host virtual meetings from long before the global pandemic hit the nations. Organisations that never thought about hosting their events online have transformed their in-person company meetings and events into a virtual space. Some organisations have faced the challenge of engaging meeting participants in a virtual event format. In this blog, we have listed some of the most effective tips that help in accelerating event experiences. Take your virtual meeting to another level by following the tips mentioned above. Hope it helps you out!

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