How to Power Your SEO Growth Strategy With Automation in 4 Easy Steps

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) became one of the most important marketing strategies over the last few years. The main reason is that the online market is continuously growing to be more oversaturated and highly competitive.

In such an environment, companies need a solid way to boost their visibility, awareness and exposure. That’s why SEO is of vital importance nowadays. However, SEO is a challenging marketing strategy that requires a lot of effort and dedication.

Moreover, it takes time before your efforts start producing viable results. Just when you think you’re done, a new trend may arise in the market and you’ll have to adjust your SEO strategy.

This all seems quite complicated, which is why so many companies avoid SEO altogether. Their loss is your gain because automation can make SEO as seamless as possible. With that in mind, here are a few easy ways you can power your SEO growth strategy with automation.

Automating growth research

The purpose of a growth strategy is to attract as many potential customers as possible and encourage them to convert. When it comes to SEO growth strategy, a lot of it is based on researching potential customers so that you can understand their behavior, purchasing decisions, preferences, expectations and so on.

Furthermore, you have to target the right keywords and rank well for those keywords if you want potential customers to easily spot you when they conduct an online search. This is where automation comes into play.

Keyword research can be quite time-consuming unless you use AI-powered insights to your advantage. of course, you’d still have to do the research manually but with reliable information extracted from big data and automated competitive analysis to seek out opportunities, this task will be much easier to perform and it will take a lot less time than it usually does.

Automating content creation

Content creation is another field of an SEO growth strategy that’s vital in so many ways. Content gives value to consumers and it gives authority to your company. It’s safe to say that content, especially high-quality and relevant content is the essence of your SEO strategy and the number one ranking factor.

So, can content creation be automated? The answer is both yes and no. The fact of the matter is that some aspects of content creation can be automated, indeed. For example, AI can help here once again and identify opportunities for you, such as which topics to write about, how to personalize content, proofreading the content and how to keep the content updated.

You’d still need capable writers, of course, but this type of automation can save a lot of time throughout the entire content creation process. Unfortunately, you still can automate content creation itself. Some technologies can produce small and low-priority content that you need to churn quickly using Natural Language Generation tools but then it comes to top-quality content, you’ll still need to rely on the creativity of your writers.

Automated reporting

As mentioned before, SEO takes a bit of time to produce viable results. During that time you have to keep a constant watch over your strategies to determine what’s working and what isn’t working. That way you can adapt your strategies as you go. What’s more, you constantly have to generate reports so that everyone can know how the strategies are performing in real-time.

Again, you can save a lot of time on this repetitive task by leveraging an automated SEO report tool. Therefore, whether you’re updating marketers, managers or even CEOs, automated reports can help you out immensely.

Moreover, automation can help you not just generate reports based on your SEO strategy’s performance. It can also help you separate SEO for other marketing strategies currently in use, such as email marketing social media etc.

That way you won’t get any mixed information in your report, just raw information about your SEO efforts and how they’re impacting things. This will allow you to identify potential aspects of your strategy that could do with an improvement or two.

Automated technical analysis

Arguably the most important aspect of any SEO strategy is the technical analysis of your own website. This is where search engines dwell the most, crawling, indexing and ranking your pages. In most cases, once you set your website up the right way you won’t have to bother with it for some time.

However, technical audit and on-page optimization are necessary every now and then. The main reason this is essential is that you want search engines, such as Google to properly index your pages and rank content you have hosted there. What that means is that you need to tweak your site and send positive signals to Google.

Now, such audits and optimizations are conducted manually but you don’t have to check everything every time you want to optimize your site. Automaton can help you zoom in on specific areas by identifying potential problems. Basically, you can automate the analysis part but you’ll have to make modifications yourself.

SEO growth strategy can, indeed, be powered by automation. However, automation won’t do everything on its own while you sit back and let it do its thing. So far, automation can only help you save a lot of time and resources on tasks that would otherwise require manual intervention.

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