How to Choose the Right Platform for Your eCommerce Website Development

Are you aware of the competence of online business?

If you don’t, then you lack behind!!

The online business has now made a solid recognition all around the sphere. Why?? Because it holds the tendency to grasp more user attention.

Making your presence online demands a website. And to create an eCommerce website, the right platform is the utmost.

Our concern here lies in giving you the best platform to develop the eCommerce website.

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Website is represents your brand. So, choosing the best platform for your eCommerce website is a vital task. These days the eCommerce industry is increasing. According to the recent statistics:

  • The current worth of the eCommerce industry is $2,237,959m
  • It will increase in 2024 by $3,004,191m
  • Presently there are 4,176.8m users of the e-commerce market

In the digital market, for the growth of your business, you need the best platform to run your work. It is a complicated task to put up all the things like design, color, domain, branding, functionality, etc. in one platform to improve the user experience. Hence, before selecting the right platform, you need to consider some aspects like growth, profit, running cost, goal, etc. these will help you out, indeed!!

Different Aspects to be Considered Before Choosing the Platform for your Website Development

An eCommerce platform is a base for any website. It is a tough task to compete online and to be at the peaks of business. But, the right e-commerce platform helps to line up your business, manage your tasks, clients, and staff very smoothly. Here we will discuss essential aspects to be considered for an e-commerce website development.

Let’s commence!!

SEO Friendly

There is a great importance of SEO in eCommerce websites. SEO helps to provide the top-notch ranking of your website. Higher the ranking of your website can help to engage more visitors.

Your business relies on the user who searches you through any search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Without a higher ranking, the searchers cannot find you.

Understand that search engine optimization is an approach of different strategies and techniques that help to improve the presence of your online business. It is becoming daunting day by day due to the extreme competition.

So, if you want to get more traffic to your website, you need a well-optimized e-commerce site that can raise user engagement and surely, the traffic. There are some in-built SEO friendly features that help to improve the ranking. Find out below:

  • Customize the domain name
  • Meta tags and meta descriptions
  • Caption and descriptions
  • Canonical tags
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • Taxonomy options
  • Automated XML sitemaps
  • Google analytics
  • Robust.txt control
  • Authorship markup
  • High-quality content


Another aspect to be included before choosing the right platform for a website is the integration. It helps to make your business more effective.

Integration is the combination of your business and your backend accounting. The integration enables your business to save a lot of time. It keeps the records from the online business warehouse to track the products to improve logistics. Improving and maintaining security is also one of its USP. This factor reduces administrative overhead, and also it gives access to up-to-date data.


Data security is very vital in website development. The platforms are known for providing security to manage confidential data. They include the necessary security protocols that secure your information from any kind of theft, fraud, or malware.

Another threatening factor is hacking. Anyone can hack the website data and can misuse it. It will, therefore, decrease your website visibility and lower your position in SERPs.

The eCommerce platform arms you the anti-fraud tool such as Subuno, Riskified, Fraudlabs Pro, etc. which prevents the private data of users from any kind of hacking. Some elements are there that need to be considered for more security. Using https, SSL certification and Multi-layered security are some of them.

Mobile Friendly

Creating a mobile-friendly website is crucial nowadays. There are over 4.68 billion mobile phone users in the world. In recent years 52.2% of traffic is generated through smartphones. Make your website mobile compatible so that it can engage more users, including responsive website design, can do wonders.

So, before choosing the platform, check whether it is mobile-friendly or not if it fits appropriately to your screen resolution or not. The platform should be compatible enough that the websites can be open in any browser without any hassle.

Loading Speed

Faster the loading time of your website, more the customers on the website. If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, then there are chances users will abandon your website.

They will move to another eCommerce website; that gives rise to an increase in bounce rate. The study reveals that if the website is taking less time to load, then the probability of bounce rate is 32%.

24X7Customer Service

Customers are the heart of any business. It is essential to take care of the requirements of customers or what they are expected from your brand.

The eCommerce platform is something where you can look after customers 24X7 to give them the services whenever they need it. The assistance could be in the form of live chat, email, calls, or SMS. Your customer satisfaction increases customer volume and raises the retention rate.


eCommerce website development must include insights that are the most crucial part of the business. Insights evolve the past analysis and future prediction of the business.

Marketing analysis is a constant shift. It is crucial to add this feature to the betterment of the business online. To survive and thrive, analytics are equally vital for your website, present, and future.

Order Management

In the competitive era, if you want your orders to be quick in processing, your web design must include better order management in the business.

For better order management, the platform must include features like order tracking, email notification to ensure accuracy in the business. This factor also ensures enough stock that is; the leftovers, and the required.

Pricing and Payment

The payment and pricing are the two features to be noticed in searching the right platform, whether you are running a small business or an enterprise. If you know how much you have to pay monthly or yearly, you can set the budget for your company.

The payment of the platforms differentially, like, some demands monthly, some demands quarterly, and some demands yearly payment. As per the business budget, the best option can be chosen.

When it is about payment gateways, the best platform offers reliable and secure options. Most of the eCommerce platforms prefer taking payment from Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.Net. The best part is that they also customize the payment options so that the customers can pay according to the convenient payment options.

Wrapping Up

Above, we have discussed some of the essential factors to be considered for choosing the right platform for your business. From these features, you can identify the optimal platform for their business. Many platforms are working out-of-box to give the best results to their customers.

It is advisable that rather than trusting on any brand name, consider the factors first. Try not to sacrifice the best things that are required in your business. Always measure the merits and demerits before choosing the features.

We would love to hear from you. Your queries and suggestions are most welcome.

Thank you for reading!!

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