How to Choose the Best Applicant Tracking System for Your Small Business

An applicant tracking system assists novoline automaten and any other businesses (large or small) to enhance the experience of the hirers and jobseekers. It even helps them to tackle all extensive requirements of the recruiting activity. The system encompasses all links for hiring, posting vacancies, communication, interviewing, reporting and more.

Selecting the right applicant tracking system

Before choosing to acquire the applicant tracking system, one should know that there are many options. Their features and cost can make it hard for you to determine the ideal one. You will find some with amazing features which will cost you a lot of money. Before you buy one, ask yourself if you need all its amazing features. This is why it is recommended to first identify what your company needs before getting the applicant tracking system. The most important things we recommend looking at are:

1. The right system for the size of your company

If you are running a large organization with over one thousand workers, you will need various features in an applicant tracking system compared to a small company of fifty workers. The hiring managers from a writing service, for instance, might require a mid-range tracking system. This is because the company has workers located in different nations but they are not too many hence there is no need to get a corporate scale tracking system.

When analyzing several tracking tools, ensure to also check the organizations which are utilizing them. The highest popular applicant tracking system for large organizations is not suitable for small of medium-sized startups.

2. User friendliness

The right applicant tracking tool is one which is simple to use for both the hiring team and the candidates looking for jobs. It should be easy for them to access it via any device. When analyzing the amazing features of an applicant tracking system, bear in mind that responsiveness is the main thing that a system like that must meet.

3. Good reporting devices

Many applicant tracking systems perform well when submitting tasks. But when it comes to reporting, they are not that good. Ensure you have extensive reports which will enable you determine the source of hiring, number of applicants and anything else that you require.

4. Adding other functionalities

Should your organization require upgrades, the applicant tracking system must be able to offer additional features. So, we recommend checking the plans to know if they provide progress. It could be you do not require all tools at the moment and you might consider a cheaper option of the tracking system. But ensure it offers a chance to make upgrades.

5. Flexibility

As your company keeps growing, you might require to make changes on the applicant tracking system that you are using. So, ensure to check whether the tracking system you pick will export all records, CVs and any other crucial data. When you end a contract, you must be able to retain the records. From there, you can look for another tracking system which will support the migration of data into its system.

An example of the best applicant tracking toll

Oracle taleo cloud service is one of the best tracking tools that exists.

This tracking system makes it simple for hiring managers to attract applicants. It is suitable for both small and medium-sized companies.

Its best advantage is that it is able to access hiring details any moment and from any place. This tracking system includes sourcing tools for social media, for instance, Facebook and Twitter. Besides that, it can integrate with Microsoft Outlook, iGoogle, and other tools.

This tracking tool also includes an onboard cloud service. This is what prepares new employees to be ready to work from the first day. It also has a customized recruitment portal which keeps details of new workers. Additionally, it offers employers the tools needed to track the progress of new recruits.


The process of hiring new employees is stressful for both employers and applicants. But with a good applicant tracking system, the recruitment activity becomes smooth because the tool streamlines and consolidates all recruitment processes. Did you find our article useful? Write to us if you have any questions.

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