How to Choose a Reliable Web Development Partner?

Many web development companies offer reliable, efficient, and satisfying services. However, do you know how to choose one that will fulfill your business requirements? Well, even with the large database of global or regional web development companies, you need to narrow it down to the best.

If you have never engaged with a web development company, then you can’t be sure of the cost of building a website. Some web development companies offer development packages based on the kind of website and required integrations.

In web development, you get both front-end and back-end development. This caters to the aesthetic look and the functionality. How powerful do you want the website to be? This article will cover an overview of what to do before hiring a web development company, how to choose, and questions to ask.

What Should You Do Before Hiring a Web Development Company?

The biggest challenge is finding the most ideal web development company to hire. There are critical things that you need to consider if you don’t want to make a mistake.

1. Decide What Type Of Website You Need

For starters, you need to choose the kind of website that you need. When you approach a web development company, be sure to state whether you want a template-based website, custom-built website, or eCommerce website.

I) Choose The Website Type

Let’s have a look at the three general website types.

  • Template Website

These kinds of websites tend to be a bit quick to create and cheaper. This is where Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and other platforms come in.

A credible web development company will customize the CMS to suit your preference. There are also ready-made templates in which you can customize the code to fit the website requirements.

Custom-Built Website

Do you love uniqueness? Then, you better settle for a custom-built website. The website development cost is relatively fair. Therefore, don’t worry about it!

A custom-built website is created from scratch. The web development team will code the site from scratch using your specified web dev languages such as JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, TypeScript, HTML and CSS.

The website will be tailored to your business needs, functionality, and brand. Unlike the template based websites which are just modified to fit a certain theme, custom-built websites are created from nothing to a highly responsive website.

  • Ecommerce Website

If you are thinking of getting an online store, then you should settle for eCommerce website development. The website can either be template-based, CMS-based using Magento, WordPress WooCommerce, or custom-built.

The eCommerce website should have a reliable storefront, payment methods, smart product search, easy add to cart function, easy checkout system, and fast performance.

If you are not sure, the web development partner can help you choose the most ideal eCommerce platform to use for your online store.

II) Define The Website’s Goals

What kind of functions do you need for your website? What are you trying to build? Whether you want an initial Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or final website, having the goal in mind is important.

Before you approach a web development team, you need to have a clear goal that you want to achieve using the website.

  • Is it an online presence?
  • Is it to make more sales?
  • Is it to bring a new service or product to the public?

You need to be sure of the goal that you have. The key thing is: “Know what you want!”

III) Make A List Of Features You Need

As much as the web development team knows how to make your idea a reality. You need to list some features you need for the site.

  • Do you want it to be a one-page website?
  • How many initial pages should it have?
  • Do you want the website to be interactive?
  • Will you need a chatbot or live chat?
  • Will people make purchases on the site – How would you want them to go about it?
  • If it is an online store, what should the cart and checkout page look like?
  • What payment methods should be inputted?

You need to ask yourself these and many other questions to make it easier to make a list of the website features that you require. This will make the web development team know the kind of technologies to use on the website.

Furthermore, you can provide a web scope of the kind of website you need. Even in the future, if you will need an application, it will be easier to integrate it.

2. Plan Your Budget

Planning your budget will help you determine the web development company to engage. The cost of building a website differs in various companies. Therefore, as a company or business, you need to set a good amount of money aside for the website.

However, at the end of the day, the features you need on the site are the main determinants. Work within your budget to prevent straining on other operational costs. Just discuss it with your team and know how to go about it.

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Website Development Company

Choosing an ideal website development company is not as easy as one, two, three. You need to follow a certain procedure to certify their professionalism. You definitely want to engage a company that has been in existence and operation for a long time!

Step 1: Make A List Of Potential Vendors

Do great online research to come up with the best compilation of reputable web development companies. Here are some considerations that you can make:

I) Web Development Company’s Experience

First, you need to consider the company’s experience. If you want a complex website, engage a company that will give you what you requested.

A company that has been around for many years; has made many websites, encountered various problems, and grown with the various trends and technologies, that’s something not to assume.

II) Check the portfolio

“Your eyes can’t cheat you”. Therefore, you need to check the portfolio of their previous work.

  • What have they managed so far?
  • Is there a website that they have made that has amazed you?
  • Would you want a website similar to one they have ever built before?

The portfolio can talk more than words. Therefore, ensure you peruse as much as possible.

III) Rating And Reputation

If they have a social media presence, check the kind of feedback they get from their clients. How do they engage with their audience?

Moreover, it is important to check the ratings, reviews, and testimonials on their website. If they market their business on social media sites, you will get the feedback you need.

IV) Location

It is better to choose a web development company that is in your location. However, with the development of technology, you can still hire a remote web development team.

If you go the remote way, consider diversifying your communication channels. There are many skilled remote companies. Don’t limit your hiring diversity.

V) Technology Stack

Another crucial thing is to check how equipped their development team is.

  • What languages are they proficient with?
  • Will their expertise be enough for the kind of website that you need?

Once you research that, it will be easier to settle on a reputable website development partner.

VI) Communication

Finally, you need to establish a stable communication channel. If you will be having meetings, when will you hold them? What is the other project software that you will use? Who is the person to contact? Communication is crucial for the success of any partnership.

Step 2: Visit The Company’s Website

Once with the list of potential vendors, you can consider visiting all their websites to get a clear picture of what they offer. With that, you can narrow it down to two and now compare the kind of work that they do.

Also, check their prices. Great web development teams outline their prices based on the different development levels. Therefore, once you settle on one, you can proceed on.

Step 3: Ask For References And Work Samples

Once a web development team has caught your eye, you can consider asking for any of their work samples. You can then browse the various websites that they have made and make a sober decision on whether to engage them or not. Also, their scope of work will help you trust their brand more.

Additionally, to ascertain the quality of work the development team offers, you can request to contact any previous client. Also, scrutinize all the testimonials and client reviews. You can’t miss out on something valuable from there.

For example, delays in finishing the project, communication issues, how they work, the company’s weaknesses or strengths, the collaboration procedure, resources provided, and website maintenance criteria. Anything that you can think of!

Do your research well. If you find that most clients are highlighting specific issues, you can decide whether to move forward with the web development team or stop. Remember the quality of web developers you hire, will determine the quality of the end product.

Step 4: Check Their Portfolio

While checking the portfolio, check how the websites are comprehensive and detailed. Would you want to get an end product like that one?

Also, try and request a quote for the kind of website that you need and see whether it fits your budget. Their previous experience will show you want to expect.

Moreover, you can consider asking them how many similar sites they have made like the site you need.

Step 5: Set Deadlines

Now you can discuss your website needs, structure the development into sections, and point out deadlines. At the end of the day, they will need to provide the website on time. It won’t be fair to get the website three weeks after the deadline elapses.

However, while discussing the deadline, consider asking whether there could be some unavoidable circumstances that could lead to delays. If so, let them specify.

You will be able to reason out with them when an impromptu situation comes up to prevent any kind of disappointment. However, let them assure you of proper communication.

“We are progressing well with the website, however, we have some internal company issues that will lead to a delay. We might delay it by a week, utmost. Thank you for your patience.” A short notification would work well through any of the agreed communication channels like Slack, or Skype.

Alternatively, you can use a software like Trello or Notion that helps to track work. Therefore, the tasks can be segmented based on what has already been done.

A good web development team won’t be hesitant about when they can finish the work. You also need to know the kind of support and maintenance they will offer your site.

Ask The Right Questions

1. How Do You Ensure that Deadlines are Met?

A good web development partner follows a certain roadmap to ensure that a project is finished on time. They segment the project into sections, and even if you request to see the prototype or the skeleton site, you will see it.

In the case that they won’t finish on time, they should communicate prior. They need to show some work etiquette for a great rapport.

2. How Do You Report on Your Work?

A reputable web development team has software, tools, or technologies that they use to report already done work. This is also with the right communication channels to ensure you are always updated on what is going on.

Even when they want to use a substitute technology, you will be updated. A reputable company will have milestones that they aim to achieve in a given timeframe. You won’t have anything to worry about.

3. How Do You Minimize Software Security Risks?

If you engage a good web development partner, they will provide information on how they minimize any kind of software security risks. If they do software testing, then you are assured of good output.

4. How long will you maintain the product?

This is a crucial question. Before you learn how best to maintain the website, they should help you maintain it. Also, remember to get the hosting, domain provider, and admin credentials.

For example, you can agree that they maintain the website for a year, then from then henceforth, you take up the role. However, I still maintain a good relationship with them.

5. What are the steps in your website development process?

It is crucial to know the steps they take in the website development process.

The basic steps are:

  • Project definition
  • Website planning
  • Website design
  • Content creation
  • Website development
  • Website testing
  • Maintenance of the website

The website development partner should follow that procedure.

Choose The Best Web Development Team Of All Time

Before you fully engage a web development partner, ensure they understand your business requirements. When you provide an overview, ensure you communicate enough to get what you want.

Also, be sure to elaborate on your target audience to ensure they create a website that will be appealing to your customers and audience.

A good company will offer a website that meets your needs, brand, goals, and audience. All the best as you choose a reputable web development partner!

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