How Chatbots Are Responsible for Providing Good Employee Experience and High Work Efficiency In This “New Normal”?

Due to the pandemic outbreak, organizations are providing work from home facilities to the employees, keeping their safety in mind. However, it is not easier to manage the entire workforce working from their homes, especially when the organization is dealing with a completely new concept. Thanks to the robotic process automation solutions that assure the organizations about an uninterrupted workflow and minimal business disruptions.

In this new normal, when every business is struggling to stay afloat in the competitive market, managing the workforce remotely is another challenge that hit the wave. Even the IT help desk teams face numerous new challenges that need to be instantly taken care of. The introduction of AI chatbots and the implementation of self-service options have provided extended workforce management solutions to overcome such challenges.

In this article, we will come across certain ways chatbots are responsible for providing esteem employee experience and high work efficiency.

Are you ready to dive into the benefits of using chatbots in the workforce system? Here we go!

How chatbots are responsible for improving the workforce system in the new normal?

1. Provide instant solutions: In a remote working environment, employees have the facility to work any time, even while extending the working hours. Therefore, there is a high possibility of having issues anytime and that need to be solved immediately or in less time.

Organizations with a digital help desk handle the job with perfection. No matter what time the hour-hand of the clock strikes, the IT help desk is ready to serve the employees with their best. Instant resolutions to the employee support requests increase the satisfaction level of the employees.

Chatbots, being one of the robotic process automation solutions, handle the employee requests, their issues, and try to solve the problem in no time. For extreme cases, the issue is escalated to the HR manager.

2. Automate repetitive tasks: Regardless of the job role you are talking about, they are repetitive and mundane in nature. To handle such monotonous tasks, chatbots make the best fit. They free the employees from performing dull and routine jobs over and over again.

Not just the robotic software reduces human efforts, they even perform the job faster and more efficiently than humans. This improves the overall work efficiency, providing them with some free time to learn more new technologies or take up new initiatives.

Chatbots build productivity and can solve complex agendas. They are considered more skilled and more powerful than the assigned employees.

3. Comprehend any language: In this new normal, the entire workforce is being shifted home. But that doesn’t mean that their issues and queries are wiped out. The actual challenge works when the employees turn on the laptop to make a query or a request instead of sharing the problem with the colleague sitting beside them.

This is when another responsibility is handed over to the chatbots. An organization is comprised of a large number of multilingual employees. The AI chatbot software & solutions can efficiently handle any issue raised by the employees simply by comprehending their languages.

The chatbots understand the context and give the right solutions interacting with the users in their native dialect. That’s the specialty of AI-enabled chatbots. They are not just designed with an English-only mechanism. Instead, they offer multi-language support so as to handle employees of different regions.

The bots are specialized in understanding the context of the conversation. Hence, they offer a friendly user interface to the workforce. Even if the employee requires training and development, the same chatbots are introduced to manage them. A pro added to its list!

4. Deliver accurate business information: For humans, it can be a difficult task to memorize every new update or vast business-related information. They may skip one or two points while sharing the same with other employees. But this is certainly not the picture with the AI chatbot software & solutions.

In this upgraded working environment, every new employee added to the workforce has multiple queries and issues. Even the existing ones have the same problem dealing with the work-from-home structure. However, all such problems are easily handled with the help of chatbots.

Chatbots, unlike humans, deliver accurate business-related information to the employees. They take the least time to research the raised queries and enhance the business workflow.

Chatbots unify the data of different business processes. Due to their integration with LOB applications like ticketing systems, Microsoft teams, etc., and external sources, chatbots can easily fetch the data from the relevant source and share the same with the employee. However, for this, they identify the permission levels, check out the employee-access level based on the raised query, and make a response accordingly.

5. Eliminate time-consuming activities: Working from home is often challenging as the employee needs to manage both household and corporate activities at the same time. Hence, performing time-consuming activities often irritate the employees a lot.

To help the employees with their time-consuming approaches and to assist them for better productivity, organizations have come up with AI-enabled chatbots. The robotic process automation solutions add a change to the process where employees seek information or perform other tiring jobs.

For example, simple web search. Sometimes a simple web search turns out to be time-consuming when the search results fail to meet the demands of the users. This is because the maximum of the search results is irrelevant, irritating the employees making futile searches. Chatbots, on the other hand, spend minimal time on research and bring out an accurate answer, relevant to the query.

The chatbots have a rich domain with an AI-based interface. Such an IT interface when integrated with any process turns it effective and less time-consuming. Here we have just highlighted one single case of web search. Likewise, there are a plethora of jobs that require more time and more effort. Chatbots perform all the jobs effortlessly.

Such an approach definitely increases employee experience and satisfies them even in this new-normal condition. A big concern indeed!

Final Words

Robotic process automation solutions like chatbots and virtual assistants are engineered with AI technology. The best thing about these applications is they offer round-the-clock service with a self-service framework that obviously complements the employee experience. It takes care of the employee issues and escalates the complex agendas to the human agents if required.

Chatbots are utilized in multiple digital channels to provide the best possible workforce management solutions. They can be teamed with web chat, live chat support, SMS service, phone calls, video interactions, and so on. In other words, they can surely be considered as the cornerstone of business stability and employee productivity. Thus, if you are planning to digitalize your workforce system, nothing can be better than this robotic implementation.

Take a bot and stay afloat!

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