Things to Consider While Developing On-demand Cooking Gas Delivery App

With the advance technology, our life has been diverted to a more comfortable and convenient approach. Thanks to the mobile apps which complete our requirements in just a few taps. From the online food delivery to booking a cab, everything is done just by sitting at your place. Similarly, now the on-demand cooking gas delivery app is playing a vital role in the market.

Now people don’t have to call to visit the agency. Just fill-up the details and the gas cylinder will be at the doorstep. Most of the countries are implementing this kind of scenario.

Are you those developers and planning to build a cooking gas delivery app? If yes then you have landed in the right place. Here we will discuss the important points which you must consider while making this kind of app.

Features to consider for developing an on-demand cooking gas delivery app:

The basic things will be the same as other delivery applications. But few things are different which differentiate it from the rest. Let us understand it.

For the admin panel following features are important:

  • Performance analysis: Having an analysis of the performance is important for the company. Hence, there should be a feature to analyse the performance.
  • Managing the transaction: Manage the transaction is important to make the processing easy.
  • Cancellation fee: The penalty from the customer on cancellation is collected by admin. So this process should also be done automatically. With automation, this could be made a smooth one.
  • Route optimization: The optimization of route features enables the driver to reach out to the exact destination. It saves the time and fuel for the company.
  • Task reminder: Managing and assignment of the task are simple with this feature. It reduces the load on the operation head.
  • Gas leakage detector: This is the most important feature which ensures the safety to the user. Here a device is used to detect the leakage. The alert notification is sent to the customer when there is any leakage. This feature plays an important role in the cooking gas delivery solution.
  • Real-time request: This feature is important because it enables the agents to receive the request via the application.

For the customer panel following features are important:

  • User profile: Every user can make the profile while registering for the first time. This keeps the basic information saved and the user could easily log in using the credentials.
  • Attractive UX and UI: An excellent user interface is another important factor in this type of application. With a good UI, the user experience will automatically improve. The application should be capable enough to offer a great service with a smooth interface.
  • Push notification: The push notification option enables customers to stay connected with the latest trends. It matters a lot when you inform your customer about what is happening in the present time. It also builds up the customer relationship.
  • Fill out the details: In this page, a user will fill the details while booking the gas.
  • Schedule the delivery: A user could easily schedule the delivery date as per the need.
  • Online payment: You must offer many payment options to the user. However, the digital payment is mandatory to integrate. This enhances the customer relationship.
  • Customer support: 24/7 customer support could hike the customer relationship. With this kind of feature, a customer can easily connect and get an answer to their queries.
  • Discount section: Here the customer can easily get the information about the discount section and other loyalty programs.

For the managing staff, the following features are important:

  • Dashboard: The monitoring of online orders, current status, reviews and routes can also be simplified with the dashboard. Hence this feature is also important for the developers to consider.
  • Tracking of agent: The real-time tracking of the agent simplifies the working of the manager. It helps in knowing which agent is available for the task. The manager can easily connect to cooking gas delivery services.
  • Searching: It is convenient for the user to navigate the desired position. A user could search easily by typing. But if you provide voice search it will be like cherry on the cake.

Additional guidance:

  • Always adopt the latest technology
  • If you are hiring the developers always choose for the experienced developer
  • Develop the solution as per the user convenience and supplier’s convenience as well
  • It should have all types of basic features
  • Advance filter, review and rating option
  • Mention every information carefully in the app description
  • Make error-free app so that application runs smoothly

Cost of developing the cooking gas delivery app:

The average cost of developing the cooking gas delivery application is something about $40,000 to $60,000. However, there are many factors on which the cost is depending. This includes the features, time to develop the app, the platform for which you are developing an app.

If the cost matters for you then it is always better to hire the cheaper remote developers. You can also do this by outsourcing the work.

You can also consult with any reputed developing company. It is good if you do deep market research before investing.


So using all the above features you can implement a successful online cooking gas application. Developers must keep in mind that the latest trend and technology are also important.

Right now these types of applications are not so popular but in the coming time it will grow in high demand. So be ready to use your developing skills.

Hope you get useful information from this article. Kindly share your thoughts.

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