Can A BPO Play A Key Role In Ensuring Success For Your Business?

Lately, BPO Services have started popping up in most business ventures as well as industries alike. This growing trend has been made to reality by a combination of two major factors. One being, the need for struggling departments of a business to outsource, and the other being, the ability of BPOs to provide the best possible alternative to specific chores.

As the global platform for business enterprises started expanding, in order to meet the growing demands, many companies relied on the concept of BPO Services outsourcing. This marked a great turn of events in times of globalization. BPOs were designed in a way that would be the closest alternative to certain services that companies most require.

The intimidating growth of Call Center Services has put forth several regions across the world on the map of recognition. Like, due to the lower currency and higher efficiency of work, India is considered to be one of the leading countries to provide call center services. The Philippines and the USA have been leading on technological outsourcing. Whereas, there are other countries such as the UK, Arab, and a few other countries that have their individual standard for outsourcing!

Different Types & Processes Of BPO Services

To know in detail about BPO outsourcing, it is important to know about the classifications and different processes involved in its basic functioning. The standard classification of call centers involves inbound and outbound call center services. This is based upon their individual purpose and the realization of the same.

Inbound Call Center

An inbound call center service is literally involved in receiving incoming calls from customers and strangers alike. A call center executive has to answer the phone call and provide assistance to the caller as much as in their power. These services are basically directed towards forming better relationships with clients and building the company name, rather than worrying about an instant profit.

These services usually include customer support, tech support, help-desk support, indirect marketing, surveys, lead generation, and many more. Most of these services are directed towards the audiences or about the long-term growth of the company. Customer Service Outsourcing is a great way to improve relationships with customers even though there is no chance of immediate business.

Outbound Call Center

Outbound call centers are exactly the opposite of inbound call center services. It is the call center executives that make calls to potential clients, to sell products or services on behalf of the company. The sole purpose of outbound call centers is to create fresh opportunities for increased revenue on a regular basis.

Services such as advertisement, direct marketing, co-registration lead generation, event organization, and other such activities that brazenly promote the company can be considered outbound services. Outbound call centers are naturally more popular than inbound call centers as they provide instant income. Other than that, outbound call center employees are specially trained or convincing clients.

There is another way to classify different call center processes. They are respectively, the Voice process and the Non Voice Process. This one is based on the technological aspect used for communication in each process.

Voice Process

As the name goes, the voice process literally stands for services that consist of any service that uses verbal communication through audible means. To simplify, phone calls, voice messages, surveys, any call center activity involving vocal interaction through any means can be considered as the voice process.

The interesting fact about the voice process is that it naturally insinuates spontaneity in the work environment. The voice process requires immediate attention, whether it is at the caller’s end or the receiver’s end, for that matter. Customer Service Outsourcing or help desk outsourcing can really benefit from the voice process, according to the statistics.

Non-Voice Process

On the other hand, the non-voice process is directly opposite to the voice process. Unlike the voice process, it technically deals in written or other normal methods for communicating with clients. This is to say, the non-voice process is considered to be any BPO activity that does not interact through any vocal exchange of words.

Chatting services, online surveys, order approvals, and cancellations, form fill up, lead generation all can be acquired by hiring a Non Voice Process call center. As it involves no physical duty as such, the technological cost is the only expense the company has to worry about. With the involvement of AI, the cost of human resource has also been drastically reduced.

Key Reasons For BPO Outsourcing

After, all that being said, it still may be a question to some, ‘when should you outsource?’ Outsourcing is a crucial step for the success of any business venture. On top of that, even though outsourcing distributes the responsibilities, the business still has to be involved enough in the matters. But firstly, the business has to identify its requirements, so that, it can choose which services to outsource and most importantly, to which company.

  • There can be quite a few reasons for which a business might have to rely on outsourcing. Customers could be one possible reason. The customers of the company are considered to be assets as through them the entire business is realized. Hence, it is important for the business to keep the customer satisfied at all costs. Customer Service Outsourcing ensures customer satisfaction and maintains the stability of the company.
  • The company could have a special project or short-term propaganda to boost up. These short-term projects are highly effective for company growth but take up extra cost, tanking up the budget. This is why it has been a growing trend as of late, for businesses to hire BPO Services for temporary projects.
  • No matter what the reason be for outsourcing, improvement in the end results is what a company looks forward to. As we have mentioned before, adding a BPO service adds a new dynamic to the system. It not only improves the specific sector it has been assigned for but influences other departments as well to do better.

Benefits Of BPO Outsourcing

The sheer benefits of BPO outsourcing are undeniable and are countless in numbers. Even with the reasoning for outsourcing, there has to be something extra on the table for any business to invest in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services. On the bright side, there are plenty of advantages that a business can acquire simply by outsourcing.

  1. The first and foremost reason for outsourcing remains at large the budgetary solution. Outsourcing shares the risk factor of a business as well as supports it by sponsoring several technical and infrastructural reforms.
  2. BPOs have a great connection when it comes to human resource. They have a special vision for identifying special call center skills and hiring efficient candidates with diverse backgrounds. Access to cheaper talents is made possible by a BPO.
  3. As the BPO keeps supplying the necessary resources the company not only saves a fortune but time, to rethink about the core business with undivided attention.
  4. As mentioned before, businesses often work on temporary projects and for which they hire BPO Services. These are temporary jobs and the candidates are hired only for a limited time period. This flexible nature of call centers makes them all the more viable for businesses.

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