9 Ways to Prepare for A New Career Overseas

So you’ve landed the dream job overseas – congratulations!

Preparing to move to another country takes a lot of thought, careful planning, and plenty of financial backing. Fortunately, if you have already secured a job, the financial implications may be reduced, and also, you will not have the stress of trying to find gainful employment in a new country. Here are 9 ways to prepare for a new career overseas that may help make the transition a bit smoother for you.

Find Out a Bit More

It helps to know plenty about your destination before you go, so buy some reference books, read travel blogs, and watch documentaries. Find out about the town or city in which your new job is located and get to know what amenities are in the areas so that you aren’t going in blind and learn a little about your new surroundings.

Learn the Language

If you don’t speak the primary language of your new country, it will make sense to learn it to make daily life more bearable and straightforward. Knowing the local language will gain respect from your colleagues and local residents and make understanding your job easier. Find a night class in your area or complete an online course before you move.

Streamline Your Belongings

Moving overseas is a big deal, and it can be costly, so you should be ruthless when deciding on what possessions to take with you.

Furniture, clothing, books, CDs, linen, plates, and kitchenware, among other things, can be easily replaced when you arrive in the new place, so only pack belongings that are precious to you, such as jewelry, photographs, and other mementos.

Get Your Paperwork Sorted

Before you move, it is crucial that you have all the necessary paperwork in order. Ensure your passport is up to date, you have the appropriate visas, and essential items such as plane tickets are kept in a safe place.

Sort Your Finances

It is worth buying some of the local currency – an amount that should last you for at least a month in case of emergencies. Applying for a credit card that can be used there would be helpful too, or once your move is definite, you could apply for an appropriate bank account online.

Look After Your Health

Your health comes before anything, so look after it. Medical costs can be exorbitant in certain countries, so it is vital that you take out insurance to cover you during your travels and your initial few months of residency until you apply and qualify for medical care. Find the best travel insurance deals online that will cover you in the event of any medical emergency.

Find Accommodation

If you are lucky, your new employer will organize accommodation for you to stay in when you arrive overseas. If not, you will need to sort somewhere to live before you go. You may want to have a few days in a hotel while you find your feet and then look for a rental.

Do research and find out which districts would be most suitable for you to live in and contact realtors or letting agents who can advise you of available properties. Also, opt for a furnished property so you can walk in and sit down without worrying about buying furniture.

Say Your Goodbyes

Once you have your plane tickets, a place to stay overseas, and have shipped your possessions, you are good to go. Moving abroad is incredibly exciting. However, it can also be harrowing as you will have to say goodbye to loved ones, not knowing when you will see them again.

Ensure you have the contact details for friends and family stored safely in an address book or on a computer so that you can contact them as soon as you land on new soil.

Instead of saying lots of heartbreaking goodbyes, you could throw a leaving party so that you can get the deed done in one go. Take plenty of photographs to keep as reminders of those you love, and make a conscious effort to stay in touch with everyone as much as possible. Finding yourself alone in a new country can be disconcerting, so make sure you can contact loved ones when you need a boost.

Make an Effort

When you arrive at your new job, make an effort to fit in and get to know everyone in the company – the more friends you have in a strange country, the better. Attend any extracurricular work events, or throw a housewarming party when you move into accommodation and ask your new colleagues so that you can get to know them.

Ask people at work about the best social clubs, sports clubs, bars, and restaurants in the area, find a place you love, and make it your regular haunt. Soon you will get to know the faces and meet friends.

Above all, try to make an excellent first impression at your new workplace. Some days you will find it all a bit overwhelming and may feel a bit homesick. Stick at it because soon you will settle in and love your new life.

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