Real Estate International Relocation Guide: 7 Steps to a Seamless Move

Relocating to a new country sounds exciting, but it has a number of challenges. From a new job and school to a new home, you need to search everything from scratch. Most of us have no idea where to begin when moving abroad.

Do not worry! I am here to share an international relocation guide to make your international move much easier. You can make this process easy by following the seven steps mentioned below.

They are:

1. Gather Information

Firstly, you need to collect as much information as possible. You can visit reliable websites and forums, check out the YouTube channels, or ask your friends and family members directly. You can also find out various groups on Facebook; for instance, if you are planning to relocate to Houston, you can join multiple Houston groups on Facebook.

Also, remember your occupation when joining such groups. In this way, you can meet like-minded people and get a chance to extract information easily. For instance, if you are a graphic designer, you can search for Houston Graphic Designer groups.

Similarly, you can check out the local newspapers to know about the politics of the new country. This information is also available on blogs and social media channels.

Which Information is Essential?

Since you are moving to a new place, you will need information about housing prices, basic grocery items availability, transportation cost, climate, schools, their fee, restaurants, hospitals, demographics, culture, etc.

Many people relocate because of their jobs. In some cases, employers assist in relocation. Check out how your employer made this offer. If you have to relocate without any assistance from the employer, you can consult with an international moving company.

2. Select an Ideal Neighborhood

Selecting the best neighborhood looks difficult. But you can do this by splitting it into two steps:

Visit the Place Before Moving: If possible, try to visit the area in person. This will give you the real feel, and you will make a good decision if the place is ideal for your family. If you like the area, try to connect with some of your neighbors and ask about their experiences to get an idea about the neighborhood. Ask about all essentials like transportation, water, schools, hospitals, etc.

Ask Your Real Estate Agent: If you are still in doubt, you can set an appointment with a real estate agent. Select an experienced agent so that you can have a fair opinion about the area.

3. Sell Your Existing Home and Find a New One

After finalizing the neighborhood, your next step is to find an ideal home for you. For this, you will need the services of a real estate agent. But, before contacting an agent, do some homework. Prepare a list of things that you want in your home.

For instance, number of bedrooms, dining room, number of sinks in the kitchen, length of the backyard, etc. Along with this, you will also prepare a list of things which is divided into two sections.

One section will include the things that you are ready to compromise. The other one will include all the essentials. For instance, if you have a large family, you cannot compromise on the number of rooms. However, you can compromise on the patio. This list will also help the agent in searching for an ideal house.

Furthermore, you also need to sell your existing house. You can also give it on rent, if possible. Again, an agent will be helpful for this job. Ask the agent to tell you about the market value of your house. If you have no issue in selling your house at the current market value, tell the agent to make a deal.

Note: Agents are always helpful in setting up the perfect timing for sale and purchase.

4. Departure Preparation

Departure preparation is not a one-day process. Therefore, take your time and prepare beforehand. Here is how you can do it:

Let Your Family Members Prepare Emotionally

Undoubtedly, you and your family must have memories attached to the present home. This makes the leaving process difficult. But, give it some time and try to normalize things. For this, you can sit with your family and tell them about the reason for your move. Besides this, let them know the facilities of the new place.

Pack Up Your Things

Before packing your belongings, bring some packing material like bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, tape, etc. Now categorize your things into four main parts:

  • Take
  • Sell
  • Donate
  • Trash

This will help in organizing things and avoiding unnecessary times. Once you are done, label every box. Then, call the donation center to pick up the things, sell things through social media channels, dispose of the trash carefully and take the essential items with you.

Schedule Your Last Month

Since you are leaving your friends and relatives, schedule a get-together in your last month. Also, visit your most favorite places with family.

5. Prepare for Your Arrival

You can prepare for your arrival in the following ways:

  • Prepare an Essential Box: After an exhausting moving day, you will not be in a position to search for your essentials. Therefore, make things simple by preparing an essential box for the first day after moving. This box will include toilet paper, basic clothes, a mobile charger, snacks, etc.
  • Turn On the Utilities: Contact the utility service centers and tell them about your date of arrival. In this way, you will not find difficulty on your moving day.
  • Register Your Children in School: Be sure to register your child or children beforehand. In this way, children will start going to school after a few days of moving.
  • Make An Appointment with A Cleaning Company: Ask your moving company if it provides a cleaning service too. If not, you can make an appointment with a professional cleaning company to clean your new house.

6. Settle in Your New Home

Since you have already packed an essential box, you do not need to rush for unpacking items. Take your time to adjust to a new place. If you have kids, unpack their items first. This will help them gain normalcy and comfort with the new house.

Similarly, pets can also feel uncomfortable. Introduce them one room at a time and keep all their essentials there. Once they get comfortable, introduce the rest of the house. You must be waiting anxiously to set up your new home. But relax and take your time. Enjoy and explore your new home first.

7. Socialize

Anxiety, depression, and isolation are a few common problems after moving. But, you can always combat such negative things with useful tactics. Firstly, try to socialize with your surroundings. Also, go for a walk, join a gym, and interact with your neighbors. Besides this, take out time to pray regularly.

An Organized Move Is Possible for Everyone

Yes, relocation is a daunting task, but with the steps mentioned above, you can make this process simple and easy. Do not hesitate or overthink about moving. Just start following this moving guide, and you will successfully shift to a new place with peace of mind.

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