5 Types of Cards Entrepreneurs Need to Have in Their Pocket

If you thought that a paper business card is the only card entrepreneurs need to have in their pockets, you are sorely mistaken. Since we live in times when everything which was once in paper form has turned to plastic, it is crucial to keep up with the changes to be able to excel in the world of business. With that in mind, here are the top 5 types of cards every entrepreneur should own.

A travel card is a must for busy entrepreneurs

The life of a busy entrepreneur can at times resemble that of a nomad, because the more your business grows, the more traveling you will do. It would be reckless not to take advantage of the opportunity to acquire quality materials at more economical prices through foreign suppliers or to form a partnership with a foreign brand.

As the time goes by, you will notice that traveling is a necessary means to establish and maintain, from time to time, partnerships that you forged and for the sheer frequency of those travels demands a frugal approach. The right travel card can get you discounts related to the plane, bus or train tickets but also to booking a hotel room, renting a car, free meals and many other features.

Personalized payroll card for a hassle-free payroll process

An age-old question that all business owners have to ask themselves sooner or later is just how much should they pay themselves. Some believe that for their business to thrive, they need to sacrifice their earnings until the business develops enough so they go for the bare minimum.

On the other hand, some pay themselves the amount they think they’ve earned because they believe such a strategy gives them an accurate portrait of their business budget’s state. Be that as it may, the best option for entrepreneurs who pay themselves their salaries are the convenient personalized payroll cards because with them the entire payroll process is automated and there is less room for mistakes. They can also be used internationally and can be used for employees’ salaries as well.

Get one step closer to the future with NFC business cards

If you wish to be seen as someone who is all about investing in technology and therefore providing the best possible solutions for clients’ needs, you should check out NFC business cards. Their size and visual appearance are no different than those of your other cards, business or payment but the crucial difference hides ‘inside’, i.e. in the NFC technology.

Your business associates, partners or prospective clients need only have an NFC-enabled phone or they can install an app to be able to read any information you want them to with a simple tap of their smartphones to your card. You can send them straight to your website, LinkedIn or other social media profiles, share your contact details or anything else that you need.

Separate private and business expenses with a business credit card

When kickstarting a business, among many obligations and requirements, separating private and business expenses is most often the last thing on an inexperienced business owner’s mind. This is why they often purchase business-related material with a private credit card and don’t give that activity a second thought.

However, for the sake of your credit score and having a clear image regarding your business budget, it is more than necessary to charge such expenses to a business credit card. This step is also essential in terms of calculating tax and ensuring everything is by the book.

Medical and travel insurance card for peace of mind

As mentioned previously, business owners tend to travel a lot and that fact is not only important in terms of cutting costs but taking care of their health as well. As with any type of insurance, most people regret not acquiring travel insurance only when something unpredicted happens that causes the need for medical attention which can be complex and expensive if you are traveling abroad.

One unpleasant situation that can put a damper on an important business trip is the loss or theft of your luggage. Also, imagine arriving at the airport and learning that your flight has been canceled and you were scheduled to meet your new clients for the first time. All of these situations are covered by these types of insurance making this card an obligatory asset for every entrepreneur.

Wrapping up

Cards have become a basic survival kit for many individuals, especially business owners who need to keep up with the trends and competition to have a chance to succeed in their industry. However, by having these types of cards on you at all times, you will always be prepared for any situation.

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