5 Steps To Manage Remote Employees During This Pandemic Situation

In this pandemic situation, work-from-home or remote working facility is more in demand. You can even call this a trend that marketers are accepting every day to streamline their work process, keeping the health of their employees in mind. Some companies are even utilizing a chatbot for website so that employees find it easier to connect with their managers and team leaders.

Managing a remote team isn’t easier compared to managing a team in person. Thanks to the integration of an employee management software that has comparatively made the job more convenient for the users. Here in this article, we have listed down a few easy steps following which you can manage all your remote employees with perfection.

Steps to manage all your remote employees during this pandemic lockdown

1. Have conversation daily: When you are working remotely, you must communicate with your team members regularly to learn about their work updates and respective issues. Another reason behind this regular conversation is to create an office atmosphere at home.

People often feel lonely and isolated while working separately. To eliminate such feelings, you can use Skype, Slack, or Microsoft Teams to interact with your colleagues daily. Even a chatbot for website helps a lot in setting off the conversation.

2. Use virtual platforms for meetings: Meetings are normal in a workspace, but what about when you are working remotely? Even in this situation you can conduct meetings and manage your work activities simply by using virtual platforms.

Platforms like Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc. are there where you can ask all your team members to join virtually from their individual devices. Both video conferencing and voice call options are there, no matter what you choose. Discussing the everyday agenda, resources required for a project, the deadlines, etc. can be easily handled virtually. No doubt, you can certainly get your hands on the finest workforce management solutions.

3. Access to advanced technology: Being a team manager, your responsibility is to connect all your team members by giving them access to all the advanced technologies. Tools that we have already mentioned above like Skype, Microsoft Teams, etc. contribute a lot to the advancement of employees’ efficiency.

Now, coming to the right resources. Make sure all your team members are well-equipped with the devices like mobile, laptop, headset, speakers, etc. to perform their job remotely. Proper collaboration of tools and access to the right resources aid the managers to manage the entire team and guide them to deliver accurate results.

4. Focus more on productivity, instead of activity: As we mentioned earlier, the best way to manage your workforce is by utilizing employee management software. The software is well-designed for the users to keep an eye on the employee’s performance and aid them with their issues.

When you are working remotely, it is natural that you need to think about your household works simultaneously. Hence, instead of monitoring employee’s activity, it is important to focus more on employee’s productivity. The predefined software exactly does what we said now. With this, you can measure all your employee’s performance through self-assessment tests and optimize the areas where they are weak.

5. Add flexibility: Have you given the flexibility to your workers? When you are asking your employees to work remotely, your initial job to add flexibility in their work. Giving flexibility implies working at your own convenience. In this pandemic situation when everybody is scared and tensed about their health, loosening the string of strict schedules can certainly add a smile to their face.

Flexibility improves employee satisfaction and triggers employee engagement, which in turn develops high productivity in business. In this crisis moment, it is essential to be with the employees, understand their situation, and encourage them with flexible schedules so that they feel great to deliver quality outputs.

The Bottom Line

Managing work-from-home employees is no longer a difficult job for managers. They can easily reach out to them using specific software that allows users to monitor employee activity, track attendance, manage payrolls, improve efficiency, train and develop them for better productivity. The workforce management solutions offered by the software and the incorporated chatbot for website are enough to manage the entire workforce of the organization.

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